31: Abidjan – Sex In Public

Chapter 31.

The stage was set.
Beer Cups were being distributed for free to those who wanted to drink it.
Only the plastic cups and bottles were allowed inside the hall.

I rejected the first beer they gave me as i found a seat at the third row.
Two men flanked me.

The taller one on my left greeted me first and a few seconds later, the second one greeted too.
It seemed the Francophones respected women more than their Anglophone counterparts.

The two gentlemen glanced at me every now and then. I could almost feel their tensions as they inwardly struggled for who to make the move on me first.

I could have easily encouraged any of them by a simple smile but i kept a straight face as if i was there for the Dance and nothing else.

At exactly 10pm, the dance started.
Three girls and three men, all naked, emerged at the set stage.

There was no piece of clothe on any of them, not even an underpants. They were totally naked.
The six Boobs dangled on the chest of the girls and yearned to be sucked.
The men obliged by sucking and squeezing them one after the other.

The soft roars made the hall ecstatic.

The Three Manhood dangled in front of the men as if they never heard of fornication in the past.

Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing on Abidjan.

As i sat there and watched them danced, i wondered how God would have dealt with Ivory Coast if it was in the olden days.

I never saw anything like that in the past, not even in continental Europe. That was the height of nude dance for me and i wondered if such things happened in Nigeria too.
Perhaps it happened somewhere in Lagos but then, they would never allow it to be too open as it was in Abidjan.

My phone vibrated in my pocket but i didn’t care to answer it, the person must have to wait until the end of the show dance because it was likely that he or she wasn’t going to hear me well inside the hall.

As the dance progressed, the real thing began to happen.
The first girl suddenly bent down and held the ground with her hands while her arse was raised up.
She vibrated the arse as her Cunt opened up.

People roared from the floor as the first man turned and faced the protruded arse and slowly inserted his manhood into the open cunt.

As i watched and clapped like every other person, i wondered why i was excited over that action.
That was something i have done countless times in the past; holding the ground for men to enter me through the back.

The first man Pumped his woman from the back as the sound of the music changed to fit with the rhythm and movement of the pumping.
People cheered and clapped for the immoral act as if they never heard that such things were not approved by the God.

Being a human, i enjoyed myself too and wished that i was with my own man.
The two men beside me were totally engulfed by the act that they practically ignored and forgot me.

The first group fucked for almost ten minutes before the man splashed sperms all over the girl. They slowly danced their way to The backstage as the second group took over.

A table was produced from the back stage and right before my eyes, the second girl lay flat with her back on it.
The third group danced slowly as the second group began their own public sex.

The two idiots beside me clutched their manhood with their hands as if they didn’t notice that a woman was sitting between them.

I watched as the second man stood near the edge of the table and slowly pulled the girl’s waist towards his standing manhood until the tip of his manhood were on the same level with her cunt, then he slowly inserted his manhood amidst uproars from the crowd inside the hall.
The light bulbs on the stage were rotating and changing colours. It made the stage beautiful but clear enough for us to see what was happening.

I watch as the second group fucked with much energy and passion at the same time.
The sound of the music drowned the moaning from the girl as the crowd also cheered the man to do it harder.

What a world out there in Abidjan. I never knew such things existed.
It may not be the best thing for women to perform such acts but they were clearly having fun and enjoying their lives.

Back where i came from in Nigeria, Women were subjected to all kinds of intimidation either by culture or religion or men themselves.
The only time they were allowed to make use of their cunts were when they were in the room with their various husbands.
According to our useless cultures back there, women were only meant to open the cunt for their husbands, receive the sperms, harbour the sperms for months and give birth to it in a form of human being.

If it turned out to be a man, he would be raised and required to threat women the same way.
If it turned out to be a girl, she would be trained and required to follow the original circle like her mother did.

It was only in Edo State that women revolted without violence, to correct the injustice.
They used their cunts to make money all over Africa and Europe.
Rumour had it that girls in Calabar did same but in local ways.

The Edo women managed to raise their heads above that unwritten rule and the end result was that they dominated prostitution in Europe and Africa.
Even the famous Eastern European Girls from Romania and Russia couldn’t match the Edo Girls.
The only thing that stood between Edo girls and major dominance was the colour of their skin and the illegal immigrant status.

The Mapuoka Sex Dance continued.
The third group performed a different sex style altogether.
They were given something like a pole, fastened into a controlled concrete.
The girl held the pole with one hand and raised her left leg.
The man held the raised leg with his arm and inserted his manhood into the open cunt.
They fucked real and hard to the cheers of the crowd.

The entire thing lasted until 3am when people began to leave the Place.

As i made my way out of the hall, i saw some Police men guarding the hall.
The whole thing was even legal.

Life in Abidjan.

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