31: Amaka and Emeka

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My phone rang ten minutes after I got home, it was an unknown number.
When I answered the call, it was Amaka.

”How did you get this number” I asked. She said she wanted to confirm it was my number, then she hung up.

The following morning was a saturday. I decided to wash my shirts in the morning before going out.

Amaka came again to my house. She was going for lessons somewhere in Satellite town but branched to my house instead.
She said her mother had told her father what happened and that they were very sorry for treating me the way they did. She also said that they would send Emeka any moment to call me so that they would talk with me. According to her, she had heard them from her room.

”Amaka, what did you come here to do again? Even if your parents are no longer angry with me, that doesn’t mean that you are now allowed to visit me. I am going to tell them that you came here again and ask them to warn you” I said.
She stood there and looked at me as if to say ” You can’t do that to me”.

She sat near me as I washed my shirts in the back veranda.
Emeka came less than 20 minutes after Amaka. He had knocked and said it was him. I had told Amaka to go inside my room with her sandals and bag and lock it from inside.
Whatever made me do that was not really clear as at then. I knew it would have been a different ball game if Emeka had seen her in my house again. I didn’t want that to happen anyway. Irrespective of my resolve not to date Amaka at her age, I also knew that her age mates had started Fvcking. If another girl with her features had thrown herself at me the way she did, the story would have been different but I was a family friend and she probably felt more secured with me since the family had adopted me.

Emeka said her parents wanted to see me. I told him that I wasn’t coming. He said they wanted to apologize for what they did and possibly offer me my job back.

My job? I was working for them free of charge. I had even spent my N1500 to recharge their starcomm Internet Modem more than twice. I would start the hard generator and off it when the Government light came. I would go to the station houses to buy gas. I would sweep the office every morning while the children prepared for school. I would power the system house and got it ready for work. All these I did without being paid.
I was happy about it because for the first time, I did something different from trading business. I had even lived under the radar just to concentrate on the computer lessons.

That was what Madam James fired me from doing and ironically, they believed that they were doing me a favour.
I even considered opening up my own cybercafe just to while away my time until I was ready to move again but after considering the stress associated to running it, I decided against it.

Tell them that I will come when I have time. I am washing my cloths now.
He left back home since I was semi-hostile. I didn’t want him to come in and play games. It would mean that Amaka can’t come out. I wanted her to go to her lessons, therefore she needed to come out.

When Emeka left, I knocked on the door of my room, Amaka opened it up. She became a parrot instantly.

”So you have a car and I didn’t know. Daisy’s boyfriend don’t have any car” she said with a smile.

I left her there and walked back to where I was washing my shirts. She came there too and perched on my back like a bird.

The whole thing was all funny. I recalled back when I had read about people who dated without sex for months and even years. I began to think that it could be possible with Amaka. She was all over me and wouldn’t let go even after beating her by the parents. She believed that since her parents had decided to apologize to me, it all meant a go ahead from them.

I begged her to go to the lessons but she gave some flimsy excuses about not being interested in Commerce which was the subject of the day.

When I finished washing, she followed me to my bedroom and sat on the bed beside me. She kissed my lips every now and then while on top of me.
My Dicck had bulged and she knew it. She felt it and touched it.
I was in a sorry state since I couldn’t have sexx with her. I mentally blamed myself for allowing things to get to that stage.

Eventually I started responding to the kisses and even started rubbing her a.rse. She was happy and excited and thought that we were going to do it,

We romanced each other for hours until I got tired. I told her it was time to leave. She said the lesson would close by 4pm, and that was when she would be able to go home.

She would follow me to the parlour, the room, the kitchen and everywhere.

Chiamaka believed to Have found true love and surprisingly, I started to love her in return.

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