30: No One Was Untouchable

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My heart was already beating fast as Zuby told me that he has revealed himself as the man who took Aunty Joy’s girls.
I was definitely going to be linked with the operations one way or the other and that would spell doom for me. It was surprising that Aunty Joy hasn’t called me yet, maybe she believed that i was not involved. But I believed that it was just a matter of time before she linked me up with the incident.

“Why did you have to do that?” I managed to ask him despite he already told me that it was difficult playing the middle man.

“Listen, it was difficult to represent non existent people. It was a matter of time before i say something that could implicate you in the whole matter. Therefore i decided to change my original story so that everything would be on my head. You don’t have to worry about me baby, i am on top of the situation” He said.

I had no other question for him except to tell him to be very careful as usual.

The next call i received was that he was in Bologna. He declined to explain what he was doing there when i asked. In the past, he had warned me not to ask for too much details on the phone. He said it was bad for security.

Up in Sweden, things were gradually getting back to normal. The state of panic in me has reduced by a wide extent. I was no longer afraid of Adesuwa or anybody else. Since Zuby said he ready left Venice, it meant that he was on his way back to Sweden. Soon enough, we were going to be together again to share the fear in me.

Since there was nothing to do in the apartment, i decided to take some adventurous steps around Stockholm.
There was a carnival going on in the middle of the city near the Stockholm Central Train Station. Everywhere was decorated with flowers and fancy light bulbs.

I got to the Carnival and called Alice, she said she was at the market but could come if she can.
Rose on the other hand agreed to show up at the carnival.
Since there wasn’t much to do, i walked around the area taking pictures with my Samsung Camera.
Like a tourist, i beamed smiles on strangers and waved to others.
I was on holidays in Sweden and that was it.

The next wave of danger came while eating cake with Rose who arrived at the carnival thirty minutes before.
Aunty Joy had called me ten minutes before to give me what she termed ‘disturbing news’.
She said that it was Zuby who took her girls and hid them in a place where she couldnt find them.

“Aunty what are we going to do about it? I managed to ask.

“I am going to track him down with Police. I will show him that we own Europe. Just wait and see what will happen to him. If he contact you again, don’t take his calls, he is very dangerous” She had said.

As soon as we stopped talking on the phone, i dialed Zuby’s phone; it was switched off.
There was news for him, i wanted to tell him that he was going to be tracked by Aunty Joy. I had hoped that the information would help him evade whatever plans Aunty Joy has for him but unfortunately, his Phones were all switched off.
The only consolation i had was that Zuby was never going to allow himself to be trapped by Aunty Joy. If that move was easy, she would have done that in Venice where she knew Very well.
Zuby already told me that he was in Bologna which was far from Venice.
It was going to be fun watching Zuby evade every trap from Aunty Joy. For a second, i wished that i was in Italy with Zuby. I would have witnessed first hand, his ways of being ahead of trouble itself.

“Your mind seems to be somewhere else” Rose had suddenly said in the middle of our food.

“You are right Rose, My mind is somewhere else. There was this call i received from Italy. One of the girls who worked with me in the street has gone missing since four days ago and nobody knows her whereabout” I lied.

For some reasons, i felt that there was no need denying that my mind wasn’t somewhere else. It was very obvious that i wasn’t concentrating.
Rose bought my lies pretty well because she consoled and told me that everything would be alright.

We were still in the topic when a strange number called me. With the county code showing +33, i knew it was from France.

“Hello” I said and braced up for whatever news that was about to come.

“Its me baby” The unmistakable voice of Zuby said calmly from the other end of the phone.

“What is happening? Aunty Joy called me earlier. She said she is going to…”

“Listen Maria” He interrupted me, “I am in Paris now and there is trouble.”

My heartbeat increased.

“I am inside a toilet and the Police is after me. I will explain further later. My bag is with William, that my cousin we visited last time. I will send you his phone number after this call. Don’t call him until you are absolutely sure that the Police captured me. If they take me to court, you will need to hire a lawyer for me. The money we received from the Italian Madam is still complete and inside my bag. Use part of it to get the lawyer. I get to go now, i think they are close to me now” He said and cut the call.

The phone call threw me into shock. He said they were close and that meant he was going to be captured. I didn’t have time to ask what happened. But it seemed Aunty Joy has succeeded in setting Zuby up with the French Police. I knew she was a powerful woman with a lot of criminal connections and records but i was made to believe that Zuby would take care of himself. He once managed to evade the thugs i sent after him in Italy and as a result, i felt he was untouchable until that moment he said the Police were already close to him. The good news was that he revealed where he kept the money we received from Adesuwa. If things got to worse, i would simply pick up the money and disappear from Sweden. I would return to Italy but not Castel Volturno or anywhere near Napoli. I would locate a city in the North and pay house rent, then i would find something to be doing to keep me busy. I had no intention of spending any part of the money on lawyers who would do nothing if the authorities decided to put Zuby to Prison in France.

“Rose, i am going home” I said as i stood up.

She stood up too, “I am going home with you, something is disturbing you Aunty”.

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