30: Nemesis – You Can Never Hide

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But life inevitably throws us curve balls, unexpected circumstances that remind us to expect the unexpected. I’ve come to understand these curve balls are the beautiful unfolding of both karma and current. .

“Its OK baby, Tears never solved much problems since the beginning of time. You must be strong and decisive, just like the way you confronted me that very night we met in Paris. Dont let the World defeat you because there is no other World out there for you. We will be speaking on the phone all the time until i finish what i came down to do” I said.

I had continued addressing Queen while she cried. I took pity on her a bit because her own departure story was different and more emotional that the others.
Maria had decided to leave on her own, she had claimed that a friend of hers invited her to San Marino, a tiny sub-independent nation inside Italy.
Fatimah’s departure was emotional too but she was never my girl, she was just caught in the war of wits between me and Maria. She had decided to live her life in a Convent somewhere in Southern Sweden.
Jennifer’s was the only one who could have easily won the war of emotional farewells but then she caused her own problems by getting pregnant for another Nigerian Immigrant while i was away in Nigeria.

I didn’t even know i was all that attached to Queen until her tears made lines on my shirt. She was going to miss me so much according to her but that was life for us.

When she was done crying, we held hands and walked from one end of the Beach to the other. People were still playing all over the place and nobody paid any special attention to us until i saw him.

Initially it looked like him from the back. He was someone i knew very well. I had had some bad encounters with him in Paris. However i never imagined meeting him at a Lagos Beach late in the evening.
It was when i was trying to know whether it was really him or not that our eyes met.

“Baby there is trouble” I quickly said to Queen.
She was still weak from the tears of the bad news that we were going to be separated but the way i quickly turned around and told her there was trouble, she instantly knew that things had changed.

“What do you mean?” She asked instantly.

“You see that guy looking at us over there, i knew him from Europe. We are enemies and are likely to start a fight here. That could change things. If things got out of hand and you dont see me, pay for extra two nights at the hotel and keep this key there” I said as i handed her my car keys; then i continued talking while i stared at the two men standing twenty meters away.

Queen, as she took the key from me, asked what was going on.

“Remember what i said. Pay for two more nights, keep this wallet there as well, lock it up and give the room key to the receptionist, the one we met this evening before coming here. As soon as its 3pm tomorrow, take your bag and take a cab in front of the hotel to the airport. Board your flight and go to the UK. Call me when you get there” I said as the two men started advancing towards us.

The way they moved made it clear that I was going to be attacked.

His name was Efosa. I met him in France for the first time during one of the Rescue missions.
I lived in Grigny Center then while he and his girl lived about two kilometers away from my residence, in a small city called Evry.
He was one of the foot Soldiers of the Madams and his main Job was to get monies from the prostitutes for their madams.

As they advanced, i tried to analyse what happened between me and him back in France. I didn’t recall how it all started but i knew that i made a copy of the key to his apartment through George, my Romania friend.
And while he was away, i had sneaked into his apartment and took some of his belongings including a laptop and some phones.
It was due to those facts that i knew there was going to be a fight.

But luckily for me, i wore a pair of sports shoes. I was going to be able to run if things became heated up uncontrollably.

I watched them coming towards us while i talked to Queen.

“What about your car, are you going to leave it here? You know i can’t drive” Queen had said.
She knew there was big trouble because the fury in Efosa’s face could be seen as he and his friend matched down like Zombie Soldiers.

I didn’t like Sand fights. The grains were very small and could enter into the eyes very easily but as the seconds passed by, it became more and more obvious there was going to be a sand fight.

“Leave the car here and do what I said. If we start a fight, go straight back to the hotel and dont look back. Make sure you dont miss your flight tomorrow” I said as i started drifting down slowly towards the edge of the water.
I knew Queen won’t follow me to the shores because she was scared of the Ocean and as a result, i had decided to separate myself from her.

In a matter of seconds. They both walked past Queen towards me. As soon as my shoes started touching water, i walked sideways towards where some people were playing.

“Efosa” I said out loud.
He and his strange friend were still about five meters away from me.

“So, this is where you come down to spend all the money you stole from Aunty Franca” he shouted back at me.
They were still walking towards me.

“If you want us to talk, you better stop there and stand in one place” I said out loud again, “If you start anything here, you won’t get a dime from me”.

He said something to his friend and stopped.

I smiled inside my heart as soon as i threw that money hook to him. I had no intention of giving him anything, i just had to play a gamble card and hoped that it worked.

“I want all our money back now. If you give them to me, i will let you go” He said.

Fool! Let me go? You weren’t holding me before.

“How much?” I shouted.

“You took money from my Madam and told her you will release Naomi but you did not. You took my Laptop and phones from my apartment and escaped with a taxi in Evry. You will pay for all of them here” He shouted.

“Fine, how much?” I asked.

We were all standing where we were. The waves occasionally carried cold waters to my feet and disappeared back into the Ocean.

“10,000 Euros” He shouted.

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  1. Onyebuchi nwankwo

    Guy u don enter one chance,but i trust u ,maka na mkpakana ga ama ozo ,ama ozo ga ama.

  2. Karma is a bitch..

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    Efosa again!

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    Patiently following.

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  10. solomon sly

    Since u are the one that wrote this story that means u are still alive. I Thank God for ur life.

  11. I knew this scenario will occur in Nigeria. Let’s see as the drama unfolds.

  12. Nna mehn, there is war o. Efosa the looser, he got struck by the bait. I wonder how he can be proud of being a foot soldier for a Madam who traffic innocent teens for money and prostitution.

  13. TheOnionHead

    Who would have thought?

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  16. This is just the beginning , as long as Zuby is in 9ar he will certainly keep meeting those guys he hurts in Eroupe one after another , and that means even though he is in 9jar right now his Europe war has not come to an end ! Nsukka guys & co is like to come up soon !!!!

    • Na true oooo. He really can never hide. Anyway, am sure he can take care of himself.

  17. i was even trying to recall the name efosa’encounter’ untill you reminded me. My prediction is that they is going to be a negotiation there at the beach but an empty and void agreement. Meanwhile WHICH OF THESE CAREER DO
    Footballer– 1week- $300,000
    Musician– 2week- $300,000
    Graduate — 100yrs– $300,000
    Teacher—– 500yrs –$300,000 Clergy—-800yrs– $300,000
    Drug dealer– 2days- $300,000
    Politician– 24hrs- -$300,000
    Armed robber- 10mins –$

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