30: Abidjan – Mapuoka Dancers

Chapter 30.

Like i said earlier, we humans were never capable of knowing when our prayers were answered.

I was sure i asked God to protect me out in the city of Abidjan but the favour came in a different way.
It came in the way of hope.
Not in the sense that the hotel rent was extended. I could have easily paid for more three days by myself.
But whoever paid for the extension, knew that i was already stranded.
He or she knew about Chinedu and his whereabouts.
The hope i saw in the whole incident was that Chinedu was still coming to me.
The whole thing was related to the text message sent by Basil.
He said there was a problem and that he was working on it.
He must have known how many days rent Chinedu paid for me.
He must have been in contact with Chinedu wherever he was.

I didn’t know who paid. I didn’t ask the Hotel Staff. I was too shocked to ask him anything.
The good news at that moment was that i wasn’t going out to the street that afternoon.
I was going to stay where i was and wait for the next move from the invisible syndicate who controlled my life out there in Abidjan.

It was after 2pm that i recalled i haven’t eaten anything for the day.

I left the room and walked down back to the resturant.
I ordered Chicken and rice, my usual meal and eat silently at a corner.

My mind has started to return to normal. The fact that i was rescued gave me massive hope but the truth was that the entire set up scared me to hell and the only thing i wished was just to return to Europe.
Not just anywhere in Europe but down in Castel Volturno.

I had my own apartment down there and nobody would scare me with high hotel prices.

After my lunch, i left the hotel and went to the city Center.
Ken called while i was inside the bus and asked if i still needed someone to sponsor me to Europe.
I told him that i was in a bus and that i would call him when i got down.

Inside a bar, i flashed Ken and when he called back, i told him that i managed to sort myself out on my own.

He said that his contact wished to buy me a ticket to Amsterdam but that i must swallow some stuff for him.

“Did he say how much he would pay me if i swallowed the stuff?” I managed to ask amidst the small noises inside the bar.

“No, he said he won’t pay you. I told him that you are stranded. He only agreed to buy your ticket” Ken said.

The silly friend of Ken wanted me to transport drugs to Europe for him without giving me a dime. His price for my work was just the ride back to Amsterdam where i would still be required to find my way down to Italy on my own.

“Tell him that i am no longer interested” I said to Ken before he cut off the call.

Ken seemed to be annoyed that i rejected the offer. Perhaps he hoped that we traveled together to Amsterdam as husband and wife or Boyfriend and Girlfriend.
History has it that the European authorities hardly suspected such group as drug carriers at their airports. It was always very easy to suspect and arrest a young man or woman traveling Alone from West Africa to Europe, especially those with Virgin Passports.
That was one reason why the dealers preferred to use birds with European resident permits.

I bought a bottle of beer and drank alone in the bar. Men would glance at me and smile while i nodded if i liked the person.
I wasn’t looking for any of them, i just wanted a time out.
I was already tired of sleeping with them in Abidjan. Despite having sorted myself out on the accommodation issues, i was still not in the right frame of mind to mingle with men.
I only needed some space, that was why i went to the city center.

The beach would have been another nice getaway for me but i hated going to the beach alone.
It would be difficult to stand couples and lovers hugging and kissing while i walked alone as if men rejected me.

When i left the bar, i walked to a Cinema and asked if any English Movie would be showing that evening. They said it would start by 10 in the night. Since i wasn’t going to stick around until that time, i decided to try something else.

There was an open bar where people danced and drank.
A live band was playing.
Popular Mapuoka dancers were going to perform that evening.

The fliers around says it would begin to happen around the same 10pm.

It was true that i rejected to watch the movie by that time of the night but Mapuoka Dance was something different.

Back in Italy, i had two Mapuoka DVDs. The way men danced with women were so sexy to the extent that sometimes, they had live sex in the name of Dance.
I believed that the evening event was going to be fun.

I would have preferred if a man took me to the event. We would have had serious sex after the event but since i was alone, i bought one ticket and waited for the time to come.

At the corner where i sat and watched the live band group, i drank a glass of Whisky which i purchased at the bar stand.

The Dance was so good and it reminded me of Kofi Olomide. The dancing girls vibrated their hips and boobs to the extent that i began to wonder if those people believed in God at all. I wondered if they were caged with Religion like most of us who were born in Southern Nigeria.

The beautiful dancers were excited and were all smiles as they danced and raised their legs for men to see their underpants.
The men could be seen shouting and smiling and drinking and having fun while their lives ticked away one minute at a time, the same way it was for everyone even those at the Churches by that time.
Yes, everybody grew older at the same rate whether they liked it or not.

The dance stopped at some minutes past 9pm.

An announcement was made in French Language but since some of the European languages were slightly related, it was easy for me to know some French Words.

The announcer said that those with Mapuoka Tickets should move to the hall.

I followed some people as they moved down to the hall where the main fun was going to happen.

It seemed that i was the only girl walking alone but it didn’t matter.

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