3: Rest Of The Day

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Chapter 3.

Mrs Queen Zuby was excited all through the day. I didn’t want to ask what the secret was for the fear of spoiling it for her.
We spent almost the entire Sunday at the bar overlooking the swimming pool. I had watched as people came down to swim and returned to their rooms afterwards.
Queen had asked that we joined them in the pool but i refused.
At the back of my head was the kidnapping incident. I thought about it while drinking. I wasn’t on ground when it happened and many days had gone without the Kidnappers contacting us or releasing the guy. It was going to be a very bad investigation from me because the culprits were unknown. It was usually easier when we know our enemies. The case was also complex because the incident happened in Enugu City but the ransom money was paid in Asaba. As i was told, the Police were deeply already involved and that meant that i was supposed to stay very low to avoid jeopardizing their investigations.

I also substituted that thought with what i was going to do in Lagos Island the next day. Nigerians were arrogant sometimes and on top of that, there were rogues in every sector. A crook somewhere was going to demand for a large amount of money from us before he or she could give us what we wanted. I was sure i was going to get angry and  would have loved to get some revenge if that happened but i had also decided to stay low. I didn’t want many people to know that i was in town, i doubted that information would last longer than one day.

“You seem not to be happy, why?” Queen had asked.

I faked a smile and lied to her that i was happy internally.

“I am still amazed at how beautiful you are. I just wish i could follow you back to The UK after acquiring the needed documents” I lied.
I only intended to make her the topic because women generally loved being talked about, especially in positive ways.

“Oh wow! You can do that” She simply said.

I told her that i would love to but the process of acquiring a UK Visa would be stressful for me.
When she started going overboard about the issue, i simply told her that i would come to meet her in the UK later in the year. That seemed to be good enough for her because she stopped disturbing me about it.

Back in the hotel room, i considered how i was going to move the next day. Paying for the hotel was not expensive, i could easily pay for many days or weeks but i didn’t like the idea of leaving my things in the hotel.
The reception had taken our room key when we went down to drink. They had a standing rule of not allowing people to leave the premises with their key cards.

Then an idea came. I was going to leave the hotel room with the key card. I would find a way to do that.

“Angel” I said, “Since we are going to the Island together, we need to go with our room key. I am not comfortable leaving my things here with the management. It would also be risky to go to the Island with all our money. Something could go wrong on the road and we end up losing all of it. I wouldn’t want that to happen to us, would you?” I asked.

“But its against the hotel rule, we can just give it to them and pick it up when we return. I saw them hanging the key on a rafter board when we gave it to them this morning. I am sure they will keep it safe” She said.

I nterrupted her before she finished what she was saying. “This place is not UK or Paris. This is Lagos. People dont trust strangers with their money and other belongings here. All those people you saw at the reception dont have verifiable addresses here in Lagos. Any of them who picked up your money could just quit his job and disappear. It could be possible to track him or her down eventually but the stress associated to that is what i dont want. Another thing is that the money may not be complete by the time we find the thief. So to avoid all this, we are leaving with our key. If anybody managed to enter the room in our absence, then the management must have know who it was because the person must have asked for the room spare Key” I concluded.

She wanted to throw in more logic but i stopped her. “This is what we will do, don’t argue this. I know this country more than you do” i said.

She argued that she knew Lagos very well too because she lived there in the past but i had made up my mind on what to do.

When she stopped arguing, i told her how the plan would go.

“Plan A is this. You will leave with the key and walk out to the road. If they stop you, tell them your Boyfriend is coming down with the key. If they didn’t stop you, go out to the road, walked right until you get to the bus stop. Wait for me there” I said.

“So, what’s the second plan?” She asked.

I told her there was no second plan.
But of course there was a Plan B, which was calling a cab, and packing all our things inside it. Then taking them with us to wherever we go. I would pay the driver for the entire day. But i didn’t want to tell her yet.

“Lets go and take our bathe. Its getting late” Queen said.
It was getting to 10pm and that was usually her bus stop.
The idea of us taking our bath together no longer interested me. I wanted it to stop.
Queen was leaving any moment and i didn’t want to get too used to her.
I suffered a mental break down when Maria left for San Marino. I was depressed for days and would have stopped her if i could.
I didn’t want to repeat such with Queen. But the problem also remained that if i didn’t get too close to her, it would be difficult to do everything she wanted me to do for her.
Human beings are a territorial beings. We knew those who deserved to have all our good sides and those who deserved half. But to treat a man or a woman with hundred percent dedication, there must be an attachment between two of you.
Casual Friendship was never good enough because the way you would want to treat you wife or girlfriend would always be different from the way you treat your casual friends.

“Just go ahead and take your bath baby. I will do mine later” I said.
She refused.

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