*Some people have been sending me mails and text messages to tell them how to get Eeuropeans resident permits. This is where you get the information on how to go about it. There are back door routes but I will not publish it here.. Atleast learn as much as you can before you get your money involved*

As soon as I returned from the adventure with the two Brazilians ladies, I took my bath and called Francis to come into my room.

News had been circulating all over Europe that Portugal had started accepting applications for resident permit.
The rich European Countries such as Germany, Holland, Austria France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Scandinavians had one way of issuing a resident permit to an asylum seeker; You MUST get involved with a woman or man. Its either you Wed their woman or man or in some cases, have a child with their man or woman.

The Eastern European Countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and others were busy trying to join the European Union. Their resident permits couldn’t even allow you to travel to the Neighbouring Germany or Austria until you have their citizenship.

In Germany and Austria for instance, if you have a child with a Their citizens, the Government would give you what is called ‘ Fathershaft’ or ‘Mothershaft’. The permit Was like a visa. It would be stamped inside your international Passport. ( The process of converting from your country of asylum back to your real country will be in an ebook format layer)
It was a temporal permit which required about seven years to mature into a permanent resident permit.
In those seven years you would be waiting for the permanent permit;
You MUST avoid every illegal business.
You MUST not break any law such as beating the traffic or even fighting.
You MUST be working with the Father/Mothershaft thought out those years.
( there are more, will be I’m ebook too)

Another way of getting resident permit in Germany was Marriage, which also involved a German citizen. You two would be required to travel back to Africa and wed, then the german citizen would return alone while You wait in your Country until the papers were processed. This method was dangerous because if the German citizen didn’t follow up the process as required, you would get stuck in your Country. ( There is a back door to this process as well but will not be published here).

In some Countries such as Holland, having a baby with their citizen will not get you a permit unless you were married to the partner.
( now you can see that there are slight differences in each countries laws, the comprehensive list of how each country operate will be published as an ebook by me and would be made available to the people who need them. A price may be involved, if I will spend many days perfecting things, I deserve some bottles of whiskey)

As I said earlier, Portugal was allowing applications. The rule includes that you must have lived in Portugal for atleast three years before you were eligible to apply. Some people who lived in Portugal but had gotten their permits elsewhere had applied for the permit too. Whenever their application got approved, they would contact people from Germany, Switzerland, Austria etc to buy the approved documents.
In that case, if you were willing to buy the approved application, you would be required by common sense to change your names to the names of the original applicant.
You would go to any Nigerian Embassy in Europe to get an International Passport bearing the names of the original applicant. That meant that you would be bearing another name for the rest of your life as long as Europe was concerned.
Another option was to send your data to Nigeria where a new Passport would be produced for you but with the names on the application you had purchased.

People from other European Countries also applied in Portugal by sending their datas to someone in Portugal to apply for them or traveled there to apply in Person..( I will end the permit lecture here for now. The back door procedures and more will soon be available)

In my own case, Jordan, my friend in Brandenburg had called Francis in Portugal who said there was an approved application that was available. That was the second reason behind my chosing Portugal, the first being that it was closer to Africa.

The following day after I arrived, some set of papers, supposed to have been the approved application was presented to me by Francis. It had belonged to Obinna, a Oji River man who looked and behaved like a scammer. I hated him because I believed in hustling and not scamming.

It was written in Portuguese which made it difficult for me to understood. I was told to pay 4000 euros before the papers would be given to me. The deal was shady and since there was no guarantee whatsoever that it was genuine, I refused to pay.
Rather I asked Francis to help me apply for a new one. I wanted something with my real names anyway and I was not in a hurry to leave Portugal.
I needed rest and Lisbon was perfect. Things were cheaper there, I was paying 200 a month euros for my room inside the flat where we lived. They sold Okro in the open markets just like in Oshodi Lagos. Half of the residents were Black too. Their transport system was cheaper.

Francis agreed to help me run my own application after I promised to pay him 1000 euros. It was a big money for him since they were all hungry over there in Lisbon. They were doing Obra jobs ( concrete and mason) to sustain themselves over there.
They had asked me to join them since I was just idle in LISBON but when I found out that they were paid peanuts, I refused. I had money anyway.

The following day, Francis took me to the Nigerian Embassy to get registered. When we got there, there was only one old woman seated behind a desk. She demanded for 200 euros before she wrote my names down as a Nigerian living in Portugal. They were all hungry, even the embassy workers. The Nigerian government had refused to send them International passport production machine which was the only thing that generated money. People who lived in Portugal were forced to go to other European countries to get their International Passports.
In my own case, I had decided to get mine from Nigeria and it turned out to be the biggest mistake I ever made about resident permit…


After acquiring enough documents to apply for permit, I took them to the appropriate office and submitted them.

Then it was time to wait.
They didn’t tell me when it would be ready or whether they would even grant my request. I just had to wait.

There were some hustlers in Lisbon too but mostly from Angola and Mozambique.
I didn’t want to do anything illegal in Portugal, so I just had to wait.

I had asked my brother in Nigeria to make an international passport for me.
I told him to use passport photograph I left behind in Nigeria.

When the passport arrived, it looked so good. There was no way to detect faults in it or so I thought.

Since I had to wait for an unknown number of days or weeks, I decided to start making cross border visits to Spain.

Spain was a stone throw from portugal. I would take my virgin Passport and the application receipt I got from the office I applied for resident, then enter train and head to Spain.

During one of such visits, I was controlled by the Spanish Police in Valencia. They used some kind of lens glass to check on my passport but they found no faults. They asked for my resident permit and asked me to return to Portugal. They took me to the train station and made sure that I boarded a train to Portugal. They gave my papers to the train Driver and asked him to give it to me in Lisbon.

Since I had nothing to do in portugal, I used that opportunity to learn about Cocaine business. I had a friend in Valencia Spain who was doing the Cocaine business.
I only saw cocaine once in Germany but I wasn’t ready to deal on it then.

It was in Spain I learnt how to cook the Cocaine, how to check its strength, how to mix Ntugwa, a white powdered substance that was used to mix the Cocaine to increase the quantity and reduce its strength.

A man from our Village who lived in Brazil had told me to learn about the Cocaine so that he would be sending it to me in Europe.

I would sneak out of Portugal and go to Spain without my flat mates in Portugal knowing what I did….. They wanted to know of course but I wasn’t interested in telling anybody anything. I would tell them that I was going to Spain to watch football. A lie they all bought.

It was also a lie I learnt from Germany.

I was able to transport drugs in Germany easily because I was a fan member of Hertha Bsc football club in Berlin. I used they home games to move my drugs.

Each time they had a home game, usually every two weeks, I would wear their Jessey which had my name printed at the back. I would also take their small banner and their back bag to watch the matches. Then after the match, I would load drugs inside the bag and mix up with their thousands of fans. It was only Johnson who knew what I was doing. He found out on his own anyway. In the game of drugs, be secretive as much as possible.

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