3: My head for 2000 Euros

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Right there before me were picture of me which i had taken at a party in Napoli. It was Maria who took the picture then. It was then that i discovered that Aunty Joy and her thugs went to Napoli to search Maria’s apartment.
I thanked Rose and gave her €200.

I got out of Rose’s apartment and called Maria.
“Baby i am on my way back and i want to see Rose. She said there is something very important that she wants to tell me” i said.
After a little hesitation she said, “Just don’t waste much time there, you know Joy already visited the place and she may go there again”

i wasted about 20 minutes in a coffee shop before i took a taxi to my apartment. Another set of food was sitting on the table. I pretended not to have seen it.
“Look at this” I said as i handed her the pictures.
“Where did you get this? Did you go to Napoli?” She blurted out.
“No, rather Joy went to Napoli and searched your apartment” I said.
“I told you to stop paying for that place and remove your things but you didn’t do that, now my picture is in the hands of the enemies” I said with a little bit raised voice. I wasn’t really interested in raising my voice for Maria, what happened wasn’t her fault. However the raised voice was an excuse to stop her from asking me to eat the food on the table.
“I am sorry baby, what are we going to do?” she said as i walked angrily into my room.
The issue of food was no longer on the equation. I was sure i wasn’t going to eat the food alone.
Right inside the room, i wondered how longer things were going to remain that way between Maria and I. Somehow i was going to run out of excuses to avoid the foods someday. Maria was only trying to act a good girlfriend who wants to get married to me.

When she walked into the room, she said, “You once told me never to be angry when there is an important decision to make. Please we need to make that important decision now and you are angry”
“Get ready, we are leaving this apartment tomorrow” I said and remained quiet.

“I prepared fish perper soup for us” Maria said.
I told her to bring it inside the room.
I decided right there that i was going to start eating her food.
“One thing will kill a man no matter how careful he is”

“What are we going to do with our things in this house?” she asked.
“Nothing in this house is more important than our safety. The way Rose described the moods of Joy and those men, they are here to kill. Imagine going all the way down to Napoli to search your apartment. They gave Rose those pictures and told her they will give her €2000 if she tell them where to find us” I said as i opened the plate and started eating my fish.

“You haven’t asked about money since i returned” I said.
“I am sure you will talk about money when you think it is right” She said.

“Well i was able to force some money out of Joy but i had to settle some people. There was a girl called Alicia whom i sent to withdraw the money in Paris. She was arrested and detained. I invited her to Paris and gave her €2000. There was this guy who runs the underground jobs for me in Paris, his name is George; i gave him €1000. There was this other girl who helped retrieve my appointment letter; I gave her €500. I gave the girls some money for their transport down to Stockholm here. There were other expenses but right now, we have about €13000 in cash. I am making some arrangements to send the girls to the United Kingdom including you” I said.
“Nope, i am not going to the UK. Baby, i already have Italian resident permit. Going to the UK will mean starting all over again. When all this things are over, i will return to Italy; maybe not in Napoli but i will return to Italy” She said.
I didn’t mean it when i told her that she was also going to the UK. I just wanted to pull her legs; i was sure she would prefer to stick with me.
“You are right Maria, you will stick around with me then” I said as i grabbed a chunk of fish and throw it in my mouth. She took the spoon from me and started eating the fish.

We talked through the rest of the evening and slept together after an intensive hot sex without condom. I was beginning to think that she will get pregnant to trap me down but when that time comes, i was sure going to find a solution.

The following day, i went to William my friend and told him that i could move away from Sweden anytime. He wanted to know why but i told him that i found Sweden too cold for me.
“We will close the two apartments and find a one room apartment where i will keep my things. There is also a girl who will stay there; she is my friend” I said.
“I thought we agreed that i won’t be renting a new place for you with my documents” He said.
“You are right. If that will put you into trouble, i can maintain the two rooms and parlour for another six months before we rent a new one” i said.
After considering what i said, he agreed to rent a new one bedroom apartment.
I left Williams and returned to my apartment. Maria was already parking some of her things. As soon as i walked in, she said, “Where are we going?”

“Denmark. It is a very strategic Country situated between Germany and the mainland Scandinavia. The last time i traveled to Germany from here, i was opportune to see Copenhagen; a beautiful city with huge night life. There are too many black prostitutes there with Drug dealers. These are the two businesses i have become an expert on. It will be very good to exploit them” I said.
“But do you know anybody there who will rent an apartment for us with his or resident permit?” Maria asked.
“Nope, but that wont be a problem. We have money which can sustain us in a cheap hotel for months. That would be enough to find someone who can help us rent a place” I said.
“What about those girls in Lulea, are we leaving before they come here?” she asked.
“No, we are heading to a hotel this afternoon. We will stay there and wait for them. It is safer for us because Rose could get greedy and decide to sell us out for €2000, that’s big money for her” I said.

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