3: Always A Way Out

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The police after asking more questions to the chief witness, they released the two people they arrested with Basil and Solomon.
The mistake was that Basil and Solomon took the lift at the same time with the two people who lived in the 13th floor. Unfortunately, they were all arrested as they stepped out of the lift.

Thirty minutes in the apartment, we were all taken downstairs and bundled into a waiting Van.
At the Amsterdam Police headquarters, we were separated and kept in different places.

“What is your name?” the Police woman asked.

She was a middle aged Police woman who requested for special permission to talk to me. I figured they thought i was a delicate case.

“Maria, Maria James” I said.
I was no longer crying but anybody who saw my face would know that a little provocation could trigger the tears at anytime. I believed it was the reason why the police woman requested that she treated my case.

“Maria James. That means you are the owner of the Nigerian international passport we recovered from one of the men” She nodded.

I didn’t say a word or make a sign, i just sat motionless and waited for the follow up question.

“I understand you came from Italy, when did you come here?” She asked.

I told her the date i arrived.

“What happened at the apartment?” she asked.

It was a question i waited for. I didn’t like it when she nibbled around where i came from and when i came. That line of Questions wasn’t going to end well for me.

I started my story by telling her that I knew Basil and Bola, I denied Solomon entirely.
According to my Story, i knew Basil way back and he was my boyfriend. However, when he was arrested, i had no means of reaching him. I also didn’t know what he did that got him arrested, therefore i deserted him. I also met Bola two days before in Amsterdam and we got along well. However, after sleeping with me, i had asked Bola to give me money for my train ticket back to Italy. He had said he had no cash and that he was going out to borrow money from a friend. But when he returned, he came with Basil and another stranger.
I didn’t know that Bola went to call Basil and i didn’t even know that they knew each other.
When Basil came, he said he gave me money before going to Prison. I told him that he didn’t give me any money. He said i betrayed him and i told him that i didn’t know what he did and when he would be released.
He seemed not to even understand what i was saying, i think he is sick. When i told them that i wanted to leave, Basil took my passport. He said i must return his money before he give it back.
After that, i decided to go back to Italy without the passport. But when i opened the exit door, the came and grabbed me, pushed me back into the building and started beating me. They said they would kill me if i shout. I was scared, i thought i was going to die until one of them saw the Police cars downstairs. That was when Basil and the stranger ran away.
Bola saw the Police too and wanted To throw away his drugs but i held his legs and make him fall on the floor with the drugs.

After carefully and slowly narrating my story to the police woman, she prepared her notes and excused herself.

My story was a mixture of the truth and lies. I decided to put it that way since i didn’t know what the other group would say.
If Basil managed to mention anything about owing him money, my own statement would be collaborated.
Everything has been mixed up and i was playing the victim.

The European Police had a way of handling issues. I didn’t get to hear what the three arrested men said, i didn’t even see them again because immediately the woman returned, he gave me my international passport and asked me to leave Amsterdam.
I didn’t know what was going to happen to the men and i didn’t really care except for Basil; he has become insane.
As for Solomon, he would have to wriggle his way out by himself. If he managed to land himself in prison for long due to his inability to talk his way out of the situation, so be it.

As for Bola, i would pray that he be kept in Police custody forever. He could die there for all i cared. His actions were capable of getting me killed. If Basil had come to Bola’s apartment with a gun, i might have been shot or possibly killed.

Despite getting to the edge, i liked what happened in Bola’s apartment. It was true that i owed Basil some money, they have made a huge mistake by trying to Harass me. The Police have gotten involved and if they ever did anything to me again in Europe, they would be arrested anywhere in Europe.
However, the truth remained that i was standing on land mines; not one of them but many. One of them was bound to explode at Any given time. My only consolation was that i lived where they couldnt see me whenever they wanted.
People were killed for as little as 5000 Euros, yet i was sitting on a 49,000 Euros land mine.

My last trip to Finland was a massive loss for me, my time and my money were wasted. I was returning to Italy without enough money to eat. My only hope was to report back to the KFC where i worked. The good news was that i asked for permission before i left.

Inside the train heading to France from Amsterdam, i sat alone in a square sub-room and wondered how i mixed myself with what was happening.
Apparently, there was no way i was not going to get hurt along the way of drug business. It was either i was attacked by thieves, or caught by Police and jailed or got myself into a different problem such as the one i was currently going through. But as long as i was part of a drug ring, i was going to get hurt; it was just a matter of one day.

I got to Paris Gare Du Nord and took another train heading to Italy. It was time to return and organise myself once more.
I blamed myself for not taking Bola’s money from Finland to Italy. If i had known that the bastard would sell me out, i would have taught him a lesson he would never forget.

But i must move on with my life.

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