3: The first shot

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After over an hour of sexx and more sexx, we cleaned up and watched another movie.
The second movie had a man named Ukwa as the lead actor. His brother Aguiyi had suddenly died and his brother’s wife Susan had decided not to give anything to Ukwa. He had traveled from village to his dead brother’s house in the city where he was bent on troubling the wife until he was given something.

It was a funny movie but my mind was somewhere else.
I had just finished being intimate with a girl I had just met two hours before. I had planned to have fun in Nigeria but never knew how quick it could begin.

I got a call from Johnson’s brother. He said he was coming to the estate in an hour. A lady also called me and said his brother in Germany had asked her to call me for some items and money. I had directed her to the estate and waited.

Elizabeth was not talking about going home. I wondered why she had just relaxed on my laps and watched the movie as if the place belonged to her father.

”What do you do Elizabeth” I asked.
She said she was looking for admission in the University. She also said she was working part time as a hair dresser. We talked until Johnson’s brother came. I asked Elizabeth to go down and bring him to the flat.
When he came, I gave him the €1000 Johnson had given me. He said he didn’t know where to change the money and was scared it could be taken from him. I asked him to give me his account number and leave the money with me.
”I will pay N180, 000 into the account tomorrow morning” I told him. I called Johnson in his presence and explained the latest development to him and he approved it.
Emeka, Johnson’s brother sat with us for an hour or so. He drank some Jack Daniels and confirmed that it was different from the local gins he was used to.
I gave him N5000 from the Naira I had asked Okey to keep for me. He was the happiest man in Lagos as he left the house and went home.

The other lady came too. I didn’t want to invite her upstairs. Women had a history of trying to get more than they needed. I figured she could have wanted to see my bags and know if I had returned with ladies’ bags or shows and would definitely want me to give her some more things.
I settled her downstairs and she left.

I returned upstairs and called Andrew my cousin. He lived in the Tedi Muwo area of Ojo Lagos. He had actually moved to my apartment when I left Nigeria in 2002. He had lived out the two years I paid and continued from there. He was happy that I returned and asked when I would come to the place. He said my properties were still intact as if I cared. He was a nice guy and was still single. I told him that I was going to the East first because I had no car with me in Lagos. He asked if I had bought a car. When I told him that I had bought more than one car, he was overjoyed. He said he would have followed me down to the east but there was a business deal coming for him in Balogun market area in Lagos. He dealt on Ladies shoes. (up till today)

I called my elder Brother. I had called him with Okey’s number the night before and had promised to call him again when I got my own number. He was in the market when I called. He asked when I would return to the east.
”Day after tomorrow” I had told him.

I called my Dad in the village. He had heard that I returned and was already making arrangements for a goat and fowls to kill. He asked when I would return to the village too. He gave the phone to my mom who was the happiest woman that day. She was already making arrangements for my return too. I had left close to three Million Naira in her account and she had asked if she would go to the bank and get me some money..
I told her to go to the bank the next day and pay N180, 000 to an account number I would send to her after the call. I hung up and sent the account number Johnson’s Brother had given me. I had just reserved another €1000.

Elizabeth had discovered that I just returned from Abroad. She didn’t know where it was and how long I had been there. She just knew that I had returned from a place outside Nigeria.

I called Okey in Idumota and asked him to come back home with N100, 000. We were going to party in the night. Elizabeth had agreed to follow me to a club that night. I wondered how her parents could allow her to do that but on a second thought, it was just her word that she lived with her parents. She could have been lying. On the other hand, her parents could have been the type who didn’t care about what their daughters did, either way, she was going with me to a club in the night. I had enjoyed what we did earlier and it would be an injustice to my Joystick if it didn’t repeat what it did before.

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