54: The Bad Teeth

”How old are you Maria” I asked for the sake of asking.

I just wanted to make sure she was above 17. Not that it was going to change anything but just to satisfy my conscience.

The standard European law of intimacy stated that a woman must be Atleast 18 before a man was allowed to trick or force her into having sexxx with him. A law many people disobeyed on daily basis.

”I am 19” she said with laughter. She asked me why I wanted to know her age.
” I won’t kiss or have sexxx with you if you are below 18” I lied.

I said that because I wanted to kill two beds with one stone. I wanted to initiate the sexxx discussion. I didn’t see any reason to continue scratching the topic.
Secondly, I was an American. It meant that I should be arrogantly bold to a fault.

The topic on the ground had become sex and I was determined not to deviate from it or even allow her to change the topic.

” have you had sexxx before” I fired at her.
” Yep, I had a boyfriend but he left Slovakia for Germany to work” she said.

” Have you fvcked an American before” I asked again.
The vodka I had at the club and park was playing some tricks with my brain.
” No, I have never fvcked an American” she said.
She had started being shy.

” You will fvck an American today” I said while smiling.
She nodded in agreement and smiled at me too.
The ball had been thrown in my court. It was left for me to make a move whenever I felt like it.
The problem however was that Jennifer had returned to my mind to torment me. I felt a little guilty but not enough to call off the imminent sexxx agreement I already had with Maria.

*This is time to avenge what Jennifer did with Emmanuel in Bremen* the cheating side of my mind shouted at me.
My head had a way of dividing itself between every given argument. This was not supposed to be a revenge. It could have also happened even if I didn’t catch Jennifer.

I even bought a new simcard in Slovakia which Jennifer knew nothing about. There was no way to give her the new number and the idea of carrying two mobile phones was not envogue then but I did it b.
The brain war was getting too long and I had to do something.

”Come on, come and sit on my laps” I said while pointing on my laps. She got up slowly and came close, then she sat on my laps.
I started touching her bosoms immediately. There was no time to waste.
Each squeeze of the bosoms sent minor shock waves all over her body.

I didn’t like her teeth, it had been binded together with tiny metal wires. I guessed it was to prevent them from falling off. The reason being that she started eating chocolate on time. I had seen similar kinds of teeth on many German kids as well. I had never seen such teeth in Africa.

I shifted her red gown up towards her waist and brushed my hand past her vaginaaa. She shook slightly as I returned my hand to her soft laps through the vaginaaa once more. She was getting excited just like I was,
I caressed her laps slowly up to the Vaginaaa and parted her G-String pant to one side. My middle finger slipped into her opening wet cunnt and manipulated away in ecstasy.

She had started moaning and squeezing her bosoms by herself while the middle finger of my right hand played with her clitoriss.
Minutes later, she started begging me to Fvck her. A plea I had eagerly waited for.

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