29: Transit in Lyon – The Arrival

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The trains from Marseille to Paris left every other hour but since it was past 6pm in the evening, it reduced to once in every 2 hours.
It meant that i was going to spend an hour and half in the station before my train left.
I went to the information desk and picked up the train routes and timetable. I wanted to know if there was a city between Marseille and Paris where i could just go and take another train rather than sitting inside the Marseille station for more than an hour.
There were cities between Marseille and Paris, The first major one was Lyon. I decided to use the inter city trains rather than the continental speed train. It was night already and i hoped to atleast get to Lyon before the station closed for the night.
The entire travel plan was dangerous because i still had more than €10,000 with me. The only thing that made me not to fear much was that i was inside France. It would be difficult to get into trouble since the authorities would demand for my resident permit card before anything else.

I took the regional train to Lyon and decided to sleep over there. Lyon was the third largest city in France. I have never done anything there and there was no risk or danger of running into any of my numerous enemies.

I walked out of the train station and took a cab to a small hotel.
Inside the cab, i asked the driver where i could pick up a girl for the night. He didn’t answer me. The large cross in his neck made him looked like someone from Vatican City. I believed he was one of the orthodox Christians from Eastern Europe.
I didn’t ask him anything else until we got to the hotel and i paid him off.

It was already past 11pm when i got down to the hotel reception and asked the man there where i could pick up a girl for the night.

“Go to Gerland and ask, plenty of them there” he said.

I stopped a cab in front of the hotel and asked where Gerland was located. He took me to a street near the Ibis Hotel and stopped.

“Go up there and you see them” he said when i asked him where to find African prostitutes.

I walked up towards some girls standing near a street light pole.

“Excuse me girls” I said to nobody in particular.

“What can we do for you?” One of them asked as my phone started ringing, It was Fred from Marseille.

I ignored the girls and answered my call. I also deliberately put the phone on speakout, i already knew that whatever Fred was going to say would never stop me from taking a girl with me back to the hotel. I was the one with the luxury of making demands, not Fred.
“What is it?” I asked.

“I have found him, where can we find you?” he said.

“I am not interested in him, get my €2,600 before you contact me again” I said.

“Please Sir, he has spent some money out of it. That is why i want to beg you face to face” He said.

“How much is missing” I said as two of the four girls concentrated on me while the other two looked away and pretended that they wasn’t aware i was still around.

“He gave me only €2,000. Please take it and leave the others as my payment for the €15000 i sent for you” he said.

“Mr. Fred, you will finish our agreement before you get your documents back. We will calculate your money together and you will get it. You are not authorized to pay yourself. I am in Lyon but will leave this place for Amsterdam any moment. The more time you waste the more your documents travel North” I said and cut the call off.

“Sorry for the interruption” I said to the two girls who were showing interest while i talked with Fred.

“Are you going to Amsterdam Bros? I heard it is good place for our business” One of them said, we laughed.

“What’s your name?” I asked the one with the baby face.
“Maria” She said.

‘No! No more Maria’ i thought.
I was hoping to snatch a teenager and tricked her into going to Amsterdam with me.

Ngozi had called earlier and said she was already in Amsterdam with Precious.
Robin also called and asked while i was piling up Benin girls in Amsterdam.
The plan was to hit two or three more Madams, then plan my movement and head to Murtala Muhammad Airport Lagos. It was time to leave Europe for good; What Ikenna did to me has thought me that i could just die any day in Amsterdam.

“Maria, that’s a lovely name. What about you?” i turned to the other girl and asked.

She said her name was UC. I tried to get her to tell me the full meaning of UC but she refused and insisted that i just call her UC.

“I want someone to keep me company for the rest of the night” I continued discussing with UC.
Maria tried to crash our conversation but she made the mistake of directing whatever she said to me.
Since i knew what i wanted to do, i ignored what she said and asked UC how much she would take from me.
The moment she said 200 Euros, i pulled her on the left arm as she followed me to a few meters from the Pole.

“It is you i like and we will go to my hotel now. Do you need to tell your friends anything?” I asked.

“Yes, tell me the name of your hotel, so i can tell them where i was going” She said.

“Ibis hotel” I lied.

She walked to Maria and said something before she then returned and asked me to lead the way.

We walked down and took a cab back to my hotel room.

“This is not Ibis Hotel” UC said as soon as we got into the room.

“I thought it was, i didn’t know anywhere here” I lied again.

“The guy on the phone, who is he and why did you take his documents?” UC asked.

“I gave him €20,000 to send for me through Western Union but he and his friend ran away with €5000. I have recovered his own half of the money but since i didn’t know his friend, i took his documents and asked him to go and look for his friend. I don’t like people to steal my things, they must ask for it” I said.

“How old are you and how long have you lived in France?” I asked as i pulled off my shoes.

“I am 17 and i came to Lyon last week; i spent two months in Paris before my Madam sent me here to work with one of her senior workers” UC said.

“Who is your Madam?” I asked.

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