53: The Americana

”pii pii pii” a Skoda octavia car was blowing horn across the road outside the hotel. I didn’t know the horn was for me. The two girls came with the car.
Anna eventually brought her door glass down and waved at me. I walked across the road and entered the car.
” Where is your Friend” Maria asked.

”He is not coming with us”. I replied her.
She looked at Anna and drove away instantly. We headed to a large shopping mall, the biggest in the city. I wondered what they were going to do in the mall. One thing I was sure was that I didn’t plan on shopping for anybody and nothing was going to change that.
I had decided to follow them and that was it.

They took me to a liquor store and bought a bottle of Vodka, a water-like scotch that originated from Russia. They also bought a plastic cup and orange juice. We took it and left the mall to a park.
There were numerous teenagers in the park drinking and smoking. They were getting high and ready for the night club.
We sat in a wooden chair and opened our vodka. We mixed the juice and drinks together and drank for more than 20 minutes.

Later in the evening, we drove to a club. It was a club for young people. The law in the country was that the young people would go to the club from 6pm to 9pm while the adult club would open from 10pm.

We got to the club and went straight to the dance floor. We had left our jackets at the club hanger where we paid €2 each.
The loud music didn’t allow me to hear anything. I looked around the hall and saw no other black man. Some degree of fear gripped me.

I had no prior knowledge of the level of racism in Eastern Europe, something I should have considered before going to the club. As a result, I decided not to dance with them. I touched Maria on the shoulder and pointed towards the bar.
”I wanna go to the bar” I said and left without giving her any chance to say anything.
I sat on a long stool and demanded for two shots of Vodka. Too many eyes were on me, especially the teenage girls.

”Hey Americana, how are you” the bar tender said while handing the glass of Vodka to me.
I smiled at him and nodded.
He continued saying something I could not hear. I just kept smiling and nodding.

After about an hour of drinking and enduring the loud music, Maria came and tapped me on the shoulder. She said she wanted to go and drop off Anna and asked if I would wait or come with her. I have had enough, therefore I followed her out of the club.
We drove to an area outside the city and dropped off Anna.

I wanted to know what Maria was going to do or say after dropping off Anna. We got back into the city center and she asked if I wanted to go to her house or back to my hotel.

* What kind of question was that. There was only one answer to that anyway*

”Lets go to your house” I said and smiled at her. She smiled too.

We got to her house and walked up the staircase to the second floor. She lived alone in one room apartment.
I sat down and called Johnson.
”I may not come back until early in the morning” I said in Igbo.
He said ”Ok” and hung the call.

”what language was that” she asked. The question took me unaware.

”Its an African language from my ancestral home, my dad sent me to Africa to learn the language and culture when I was young” I lied. She liked what I said and nodded.

I didn’t know where anything was heading to. I sat there and thought about Jennifer.
Was I going to cheat on her?
Was it even cheating if I had sexxx with Maria?
The problem with this world was that we ‘men’ were good at cheating. We always had reasons why we did what we did. The problem started thousands of years ago.
I had even read somewhere in the Bible where a king sent a man to the war front just because he liked his wife. According to what I read, the man was killed and his wife was taken by the king. It was even the wife of the dead man that gave birth to the king’s successor. And yet the Bible claimed that the king born by the wife of the killed man was chosen by God himself. Why was our lives being confused here and there?
We africans were lied to, we were brainwashed to believe what we didn’t know how it came to be. It was not fair. It was all supposed to be crimes. The worst of it all was that our criminal elite Pastors and Prophets took up the criminal preaching and continued where the missionaries stopped. The result was that they became rich beyond every member of their congregation.

”Do you have a girlfriend back in America” Maria interrupted my thoughts.

*Where did that question came from?*

”No, I don’t like American girls” I lied.

*How many Nigerian men would agree that he had a girlfriend in a situation like that. I am not generalizing but I think the situation of Nigerian nation and the way we treat our women made us to become liars when it came to cheating*

She smiled as soon as she heard that I had no girlfriend in USA.

Her wishes of Fvcking an American was getting somewhere.

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