28: Time To Pray And Wait

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28. Time to pray and wait.

When the next call came from Venice, Zuby said he was going to visit Aunty Joy in her apartment. He asked if Adesuwa contacted me again.

“Yes, she called and said she was back in Italy. She thanked me for all the help i rendered to her” I laughed.

“That’s great. It means that she didn’t suspect your involvement in the operation” Zuby said.

“Yes, she didn’t suspect me at all. Do you know that..” I was about to continue when he said, “I have to go now. I have spotted my target.”

The phone went dead instantly and there was nothing else to do except to pray that nothing happened to him.
If he managed to succeed in this new operation, it will give us more money to share. I haven’t yet planned on what to do with my share of the money. My reason was simply based on the suspicion that Zuby might play a fast one on me.
Looking at how things were at that time, he had all the money with him. I didn’t know where he kept the first money, he didn’t bring it back to the apartment before going to Venice. His bag was also not in the apartment. His reason for taking his bag with him was that he didn’t want Aunty Adesuwa or Aunty Joy to see the bag. He said he didn’t want them to know that a man also lived in the apartment.
The excuse seemed so genuine at that time until the moment i realised that he may not come back to me.
Every important thing he had was with him. He had the money and his bag and documents. Nothing would make him return to the apartment except if he genuinely cared for me. It was going to be a huge test of his resolve to make me happy for long but it was a gamble that if backfired, i would be forced to beg for money to survive in faraway Scandinavia.
But my biggest consolation was that we still talked on phone. He still called me regularly to update me on how things were happening. I didn’t think he would have been doing that if he intended to disappear from my life.

After cooking my food, i called Alice and asked if she could come. She said she was not in the mood to go out. I called Rose and asked where she has been and why she has not been returning to the house since Zuby left.
Her response shocked me.
Rose said that she felt there was trouble in the apartment and as a result, she decided to hang with her friend in their old apartment for some time. She said she heard me on the phone telling someone that i contacted a man who said he abducted Sharon and Peace.
It was dangerous for Rose to have heard what i said, it was due to my carelessness but in the confusion generated by doing what i wasn’t used to do, i was never going to be careful enough.

“You can return home, there is no trouble” i had said to Rose.

Under normal circumstances, i would not have asked Rose to return. As a matter of fact, i didn’t want her in the apartment in the first place. I preferred to live alone with Zuby. And perhaps occasionally live with the girls that we were rescuing but i never wanted a permanent person to live with us. It Could only end in a bad note. But since there was trouble around every corner of the apartment, coupled with the reality that Zuby was out of town, i suddenly needed Rose to be living with us.

When Zuby called again from Venice, he warned me not to call him. He said he was in Aunty Joy in her apartment.
As i lay on the bed, i wondered what kind of discussion that would be going on between Zuby and Aunty Joy in the same apartment.
How did Zuby manage to hook a meeting with Aunty Joy?
What exactly was he doing in that dangerous woman’s apartment?
That was a woman who pushed a business man inside the sea and took his money.
She was capable of killing Zuby if she has the slightest knowledge of what was going on with her two girls.
I knew Zuby was capable of taking care of himself but it was still dangerous for him to be too close with the enemy woman.
I wanted to call him back and advise him to leave the apartment immediately but he already warned me not to contact him. He was always ahead of every action i would take and that disturbed me.
How could he know every move i would make in the future?
Sometimes i wondered if i could just run away and live my life without him. His mysterious nature was disturbing but after everything, parts of me still begged to stay with him.

I slept alone that night, wondering what Zuby would be doing with Aunty Joy. Was he still alive or has the evil woman killed him?
I was sure that Aunty Joy has thugs who could harm my boyfriend but i swore inside of me that if she did anything to Zuby, i would make sure i killed her.

The lonely night swallowed my thoughts until early the next morning. Rather than staying home doing nothing, i decided to do something unexpected.
I was going to Vadstena Abbey to visit Fatimah again. This time, i won’t cry like a baby the way i did the first time i went there. I would stand my ground and match her word for word. Irrespective of what she had become, she still remained my girl and she owed me money.
According to the prostitution rules, she was still my girl. For the fact that i bought into the Philosophy of Zuby and decided to forgive her doesn’t mean that she was now bigger than me. I spent a lot of money on her which she was yet to return.

As i prepared to visit the Abbey, i thought about calling Zuby to give him the news. One thing i was sure he would say was that i should try that. He believed that i was too emotional to conduct myself if i go there alone. It was true that he practically carried me home the first time we visited the Abbey together but sometimes, we have no other options than to carry ourselves if those who could carry us are not there for us. Life was pretty much that way.
I was going to Vadstena alone, my mind was made up. Anything that would take me out of the scary apartment was welcomed, going to visit Fatimah in Vadstena Abbey was just one of the opportunities to stay away from the apartment and Stockholm entirely. It was a welcomed idea.

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