28: The Capture – Walking Ghost

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“What can i do to help you find him?” Bako asked.

“I just need you to call his second phone number. If we are lucky, it will still be active because he knew that i don’t have it. If he answers the call, tell him that you want to send some money to your country Ghana and that you got his phone number from a Nigerian man. If he insisted that you tell him the name of the person who gave you the number, tell him his name is Joe” I said.
Mr. Bako said he understood me but asked that we go get a new simcard since the one he uses was for his taxi service.

We drove further down the road and bought a new simcard and a small Nokia phone that cost 30 Euros.

Mr. Bako called Fred and put the phone on speakout.

“Who is this?” Fred said.

“This is Mr. Bako fram Ghayna. Are you Fredo?” he asked.

“Yes, what do you want?”

“Sarry to distarb you. I gat ya phone namba fram Joe. I want to send samthing to Ghayna” Bako said.

“From Joe, Ok. What do you want to send?”

“Sam money” Bako Said.

“How much is it?” Fred asked.

“If you dant want to send it, i will find anather person. It is big enaugh but we don’t have to talk it on the phone” Bako said.

Fred told Bako that there were some police people in the big western union office in Marseille central.

“If you want me to send it, come to Auriol, i am there now”

Bako agreed that he was coming. He told Fred that he will call him when he got there.

Auriol was a town about 20 km from Marseille Central. The bastard and probably his friend ran there to hide from me. They naturally believed i would get frustrated after a few hours or days, then go back to wherever i came from.

“We didn’t discuss about going outside Marseille” Bako said when i told him to head to Auriol.

“I know what you want Mr. Bako. I will add extra 200 for you and also give you some money for beer when we find him” I said.

He smiled and turned the vehicle around towards the town of Auriol.

It took us about twenty five minutes to get to the city center.
I told Bako not to call Fred until we find where the western union office was located in the town.

We were still looking for the Western Union when Fred called. He asked Bako if he was still coming or not, bako said he was almost there.

We Located the western Union office near the road we used when we entered the town. It happened that we missed the large yellow Western Union Sign on our way in.
There was a casino bar opposite the western Union office, i decided to wait for Mr. Bako there while he go and pick Fred up.
Before he left, i told him what to do.
“When you pick him up, drive him to this place because this is probably the only western union outlet here. Lock the vehicle doors from the driver’s central security lock without his knowledge, i will be waiting inside this Casino” I said to Bako before he left.

Two minutes after he left, i walked outside to a small open shopping mall not far from the Casino. I bought a cooking knife and folded it in a small nylon Bag before putting it inside my pocket.
I got back and entered the Casino, changed 20 Euro into 2 Euro coins and started playing the casino machine.

I would put 2 Euro coin and turn the machine, only to loose and start all over again.
When Bako flashed my phone as i instructed before he left, i stopped what i was doing and walked to the door glass.
A minutes later, his taxi stopped in front of the western Union; Fred was sitting alone with him, the second man wasn’t with them.

I ran across the road as i saw Fred fumbling inside the car to open the door.
As soon as i got to the door where he was sitting, he raised his head and saw me.
I made a hand sign for Bako to roll down the side glass and he did.

“I told you i was a Ghost. I won’t kill you if you give me all my money. But if you run away again, i will kill you” i said.

He fumbled in his pocket and brought out some money.
“Oga please, don’t kill me. It was Mikky who said we should run away with the money. I am not a thief, i swear” he said in quick succession.

“This money doesn’t look complete to me” I said.

He said Mikky, the guy who contacted him for me, took half of the money.

“We are going to look for Mikky now but before then, give me your international passport and your resident permit card” I said.

He wanted to say something but when i brought out the knife from my pocket, he handed me the passport.
I opened the passport and saw the resident permit card inside it.

“Your wallet, hand it to me” I shouted.
He did as i said.
“Get down from the vehicle” I said.

Bako pressed a button to release the door from lock. Fred got down as i entered the car and told Bako to move.

“When you get to Marseille, go to Mikky and get my money, then call me for your documents” I said to Fred as we engaged our transmission and drove back to the highway leading to Marseille.

Fred was calling me as we drove back to Marseille. He has decided to switch on the first phone.
There was no need answering his call, i already have his things with me.

Inside the car, i opened his wallet and found some cards; hospital Insurance card, bank ATM card and public transport card.

I didn’t even care if Fred had any money to get himself back to Marseille, he could try to jump the train without ticket and that could cause him more troubles but he deserved it.

The money i recovered from Fred was 2400 Euros.
Apparently he shared my money with someone and has spent 100 euros from his share.

Right there in the car, i gave Bako 500 Euro and told him to take me straight to the Marseille Central train Station.
It was time to go back to Amsterdam. Fred will have to come to Amsterdam to pick up his belongings.
Unfortunately for him, the Nigerian embassy in Paris wasn’t processing new passports. He would have to go to Rome or Madrid or Berlin to make a new passport if he decided to abandon the one i took from him.
His resident permit card would also take a month to make a new one according to the French law.
He was ruined.

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