28: Give me my money

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Chapter 28: The Recovery.

”Wait Carlos, this is how we are going to do this. If all of us go to his house, we may not be able to get in” i said.

They sat down again and listened to my plans.
”First of all, my cousin will call him and request to buy more stuff from him. He will ask him to bring the stuff here, then we will all come out from a room when he arrives” i said.
They looked at each other and nodded.

When Robin called and told Ikenna that he needed the whole remaining stuff for his white customers, Ikenna promised to bring it in twenty minutes.

We waited and drank whisky until Ikenna called and said he was at the door, then we moved into a room and waited.

Ikenna entered the house and brought out the stuff.
At that very moment, i opened the door and came out, Carlos and the other two guys followed.

As soon as he saw us, Ikenna instantly knew that he was caught. He had looked from me to Carlos and to Robin.

Carlos picked up the pack of cocaine on the table, it was still inside the original package which had the initials of their Cartel.

”Where did you get this stuff” Carlos asked Ikenna.

He said that he bought it from somebody.
Carlos asked him to give him that person’s house number.
Ikenna didn’t say anything.

”This stuff belong to me. You stole it last night and you are going to pay with your life” Carlos said as he brought out a gun.
Ikenna fainted.

”Hey hey Big C, you can’t shoot anybody here. We found the stuff and that is it. This is my cousin’s house and we can’t mess it up for him” i said.
One of the guys who came with Carlos was already kicking Ikenna who wasn’t even breathing.

I was alerted.

”Wait Amigo, this man is not turning his body. Stop kicking him” i said as i pushed the guy backwards.
He was angered by my push and had quickly brought out his gun.

Wow! Those thugs had come with fire arms.

What exactly did they intend to do with the weapons?. I remembered that when i called Carlos, he told me that he was already in the car driving to Amsterdam. It all meant that they were coming for me. Fortunately, i had managed to locate the stuff before they arrived.

Carlos had said something in Spanish which made the slim guy to put his gun back in his pocket.

”We are going now. Call me when you finish selling the stuff” Carlos said to me as he pointed towards the pack of cocaine on the table.

”Uhm, no Big C. I am not selling it. Take it with you. I don’t like the way you came here with guns. We have been doing this business for long and you came here with guns” i said.

Carlos and his gang where already exiting the house. They left th stuff there and went out to their car.
I followed them to the door and watched as they entered their car and drove away.

Robin, who had been stunned with what happened in his place, gathered the drugs and took them away.

Ikenna was still on the floor.
I went to the bathroom and brought cold water, then started pouring it on him.
He opened his eyes a Minute later and asked what happened.

”They are outside waiting for you to get up. Who sent you to break my house?” i said.
The question seemed to have brought him back to his senses.
”Its your girlfriend oh, he told us that you have market and money” he shouted.

”Us? You and who did that?” i asked.
He suddenly realised what he had said and kept quiet.

I brought out my phone and told him that i was going to call the Colombians and tell them that you are awake now.

”They wanted to shoot you but i told them to wait first. So if you don’t tell me what i want to know, i will call them to return inside the house” i said.

Ikenna knelt down and started begging.
His phone rang.
I took it from him before he could do anything.
It was an unregistered number but it was a combination of numbers i knew very well; it belonged to Ify.
I ignored it.

”Where is the money you stole from my house” i asked.
He said they have shared it into three. According to him, his share was €3000, his co-burglar got the same amount while Ify got €2000.

Robin had returned to the sitting room and was sitting beside me.

”Who is this your friend who got €3000” i asked.

”His name is Ehis. He is an Esan guy who lives in Venserpolder” he said.

”Alright, call Ehis now and tell him that you have sold the whole stuff. Tell him to come here immediately” I said.

Ikenna took his phone and called Ehis. He said he would  come in 15 minutes. We sat there and waited for him.

He came within 15 minutes like he promised and when he entered the house and saw the environment and mood, he knew that something was wrong.

”Are you Ehis” i asked.
He kept quiet and looked from me to Ikenna whose clothes were soaked with water.

”Ehis i believe you saw a car that parked outside, if you looked inside, you must have seen some Colombians. They are the people who own the drugs and the money you stole in my house last night. I am going to call them if you don’t answer my next question. If they come in here and find out that Ikenna is alive, they will kill both of you” i said.

”Ehis please, do what he says, they came here with guns” Ikenna said.

”What do you want” Ehis asked.

”Good question. I want the €20,000 you people stole in my place and i want it here and now” i said.

”We didn’t steal that amount, we only saw €8000” he said.

I asked where it was and he explained that he only got €3000. He initially denied that he didn’t have the money with him but when i started calling Carlos, he produced his wallet from nowhere and brought out the money.

”Where is my money” i asked Ikenna.
He said he left it in his house.

”You can now call Ify. Tell her where the money is and tell her to bring it along with her own €2000” i said.
Ikenna said he didn’t give any money to Ify yet.

When he called Ify, he told her to find some money under his Mattress and bring all of it to where we were.

We waited for several minutes until we heard the door bell.

It was my Ify.

” Successful people are
always looking for opportunities
to help others. Unsuccessful
people are always asking,
“What’s in it for me?”

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