28: Who are you

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Two days went bye without anybody seeing me at the cybercafe. I had decided to misbehave once again.

A day after the cybercafe collective bashing against me, I went to the Diamond bank and withdrew N200.000. It was time to soak myself in women and alcohol again.

After getting the money, I took my car to lekki beach. I parked along the road and walked down to the beach. It wasn’t as lively as it used to be on Sundays but it was crowded to some extent. There were some three girls swimming at the edge of the ocean down the bank. I walked down there with a bottle of Johnny walker in my hand. I sipped along the way until I got to where their belongings were packed. my eyes were covered with deep black sun shades.

”Hey mister, who are you” One of them shouted from down the edge of the ocean. In answer, I sipped my JW and kept quiet. I knew they would come up to either find out who I was or take their bags away.
They did. The bigger one was first to come. She came up and stood in front of me, I was already squatting.

She talked while my eyes were feasting on the mound of protruded cunnt showing itself from her tight pink swimming trunk. The lips of her cunnt showed clearly. It was a beautiful sight to behold and as a result, I made up my mind to go after it.

”I asked who you are Mister” she said again.

”I am Zuby and I have come to admire your beautiful bodies” I said while handing her the JW bottle to take a gulp.
”I don’t need your drink mister, I need you to leave this place” she said pointing to where the bags where packed.

”Oh I see. You are afraid I could take your bags. My bad. Let me come a little closer down the ocean to watch you girls swim” I said as I stood up, walked past her and moved down closer to where the other two girls were standing and watching what was going on.
I waved my left hand at them and sat in the dry sand. A sip from my JW relaxed me. The big one had returned to the water.

They started talking and deciding whether to continue swimming on that spot or shift to another area or even quit swimming entirely.

*The dangerous stalker had showed up and refused to go away*

I motioned for the big one to come closer and she did.

”Please continue what you were doing. I am not here to disrupt your swimming. I was bored in my hotel room and decided to come down and have some fun like you girls” I lied.

She seemed to have relaxed as she started swimming again.
I watched them for several minutes until they finished.
When they finished wearing their clothes, I asked them if they would like a lift back to their residence.

The younger ones declined at once while the bigger one asked why I would want to take them home.

”I just want to know you more and nothing else” I said.
”Where is your car” she asked.
I told her that it was packed along the road.

She agreed to allow me take them to their home in Victoria island.

I grabbed one of their bags as we walked slowly up to where I packed my car. There were several other cars packed in the same area but when I pressed my car open button from the keyholder, the four warning lights flashed on a new Flashy BMW E325i. It was then the smaller brags knew I meant business.

I opened my boot and put the bags inside. They entered the car; the big one naturally took the front seat.

We drove from the Lekki area down to the Ahmadu Bellow way, then we branched right to Akin Adesola Street.

CD 5 had been carefully selected as R. Kelly’s ‘Ignition’ boomed from the speakers inside the car.
We branched right again and entered a small street called Olosa. We came to a house with a dwarf fence and stopped.
It was a magnificent duplex built in the 80s or so.
They invited me in but I declined. The big one insisted that they would like to introduce me to their mother. I eventually agreed after being persuaded to drop my JW in the car.

We walked into the house amidst a roaring greeting from a dog tied to a stake.

We entered the lavishly furnished house. I sat on a sofa. A large picture of a military Colonel hung in front of me.

A military Colonel! Devil had finally caught up with me. We were in that era were we feared the military men like lucifer himself. I was already considering announcing my leave when a closer look revealed ‘RIP’ at the top of the picture.

Great! A dead soldier can’t do anything.

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