27: Cheating On Myself

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27. Cheating on Myself.

Our romance lasted for over 15 minutes and when i couldnt take it no more, i ordered Eric inside the room to get his condom.
Like a lightening, he returned within 10 seconds.
He already tore one condom on his way and was fixing it on his dick as he rushed inside the bathroom.

“Take it is baby, i am not running away” I joked and laughed as i bent down and held the lower wall with both hands.
My cunt opened up from the back and i waited forever before Eric decided that the condom has settled enough on his dick.

Slowly i felt the huge manhood entering inside of me from th back.

My cunt was tight since i haven’t had sex in the immediate past days.
Zuby was busy running up and down, sending girls to one asylum camp or another and ignored me.
Each time he returned from one of the travels, he would claim to be tired and when i tried to make him understand that i wanted sex, he would ask what i would do if i was locked up in a Prison.
As an ex prostitute, i was never going to live a normal life all of a sudden. It was going to be a gradual process and fucking Eric was part of the reformation.
I also knew that no matter how much i justified my actions, Zuby would be very angry if he found out.

“Oh baby, you are good” I moaned as Eric pumped with fury behind me.

There was no need to ask him to do it harder like i did with most men i have fucked, Eric was already pumping hard like someone who has been starved of sex for a decade.

He held my waist very hard and pulled it towards his dick while he pushed his dick back and forth to meet with the cunt.

It didn’t take long before i climaxed. He noticed that i have released and started pumping hard.
It was difficult to control the pleasure, therefore i raised my voice higher and moaned.

I battled with guilty conscience all through the sex with Eric. Despite every justification i tried to place on what i was doing, i still felt that i was cheating on Zuby. While one part of me shouted that what i did was wrong, the other shouted that it was right since i wasn’t married to Zuby. The battle of conscience raged in my head while i finished taking my bath.

Eric used the towel to dry my body. He was very caring and i loved it. Women were like kids sometimes, we preferred that our men did some little things for us to show love and care.
But Zuby hardly did those small things, he only did something when he finds out that i wasn’t happy or that i was worried. He was a typical African man who only said something when it was extremely necessary. I was sure that he never dried my body with a towel after taking our bathe together. As a matter of fact, we hardly took our bath together. Romantic moves wasn’t for him, it was all about thinking and carrying out one operation or the other.

Eric left the hotel room before me. I decided to wait for my time to expire before i leave. Zuby wasn’t around to know what was happening.

When he called me in the evening, Zuby said he was in Venice Italy. That was where Aunty Joy lived.

“Venice? I thought you said you were going to France. Venice is where Aunty Joy lives” I said as if he didn’t know.

“Yes, i know she lives here and i plan to meet with her” He said.

“Baby i don’t think it is a good idea to meet Aunty Joy in Venice. I just don’t feel comfortable with that” I continued.

He went ahead to convince me that everything was alright.
I trusted Zuby and his ability to evade trouble but i also knew that he was human. It was only a matter of making one mistake and things would change.
If anything happened to him, i would be stranded in faraway Sweden. Things would have been easy if i knew where he kept the money we received from Aunty Adesuwa.
I wouldn’t have been scared for anything to happen to him as long as the money was with me. It would make things very easy for me but the money was not with me, he took all of it.

Before i left the hotel room, i knelt down and said some prayers. I felt that it was time for God to intervene in my life.
Life has been up and down with me and each time i reflected back to the past, i couldnt help but wonder how time flew from the little girl i was back in Ekpoma, to a woman who was running around in a white man’s land.

I returned home and attempted to push what happened at the hotel to the back of my head. No doubt, i enjoyed the sex but then it was over, it was just for one night. It was time for guilty conscience to take over.

There was no immediate thing to be doing except to wait for instructions from the boss down in Venice. I was sure he could require my help to do something, therefore i kept my phone with me at all times.
I waited for him to call but he didn’t. For that reason, i was forced to call him in the evening.
He said he has identified Aunty Joy but that he was with two hefty young men.

“I told you it was dangerous to go there” I said, trying hard to shift blames to him but he cut off the call.
I was trying to play the smart wife which he had warned me twice not to play with him.
According to him, he liked to accept advice before things happened and not to be blamed after it must have happened.
I learnt not to call him back each time he cut his call. The few times i tried it in the past ended up with him switching of the phone entirely.
So i cooked and waited for him to call from Venice with good or bad news. One thing was surely going to happen down there, it was either he was captured or he outwitted Aunty Joy like he did to me back in Italy. But if i was asked to bet on which one that was likely going to happen, i would put my money on the side that he would hit Aunty Joy where she never expected. As long as he has seen Aunty Joy with strange men, i was sure he would take every necessary step to secure himself first. If it meant involving the Police, he wouldn’t hesitate for a second before calling them. And from experience, i was sure he knew where the Police and other security operatives were likely to be found in every city.

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