27: Abidjan – Consequences Of Lies

Mr. Jamal lived in lavishly furnished Bungalow.
The two bedroom apartment was small and compatible enough for his age.

Like he did all day, he held my hand as we walked into the sitting room.

“This is where i live” He said in a mixture of English and Arabic accent.

“It is beautiful” I said as i looked up towards a picture of King of Morocco hanging on the wall.

“Please sit down” Jamal said.

He walked into the Kitchen and returned with a plastic bottle of soft drink.

“No, thanks, i have taken a lot of this today” I said with a smile.

He reminded me that it was the only drink in the house.

“Don’t worry yourself Jamal, you have done enough already” I said to him.

It was important to remind him that i was never insensitive to the things that happened around me.

He kept the drink on the table anyway and sat on the long Sofa.

I wanted to tell him to come to my own chair but since his was longer, i stood up and walked to him with a smile.
Jamal seemed to be a shy person.
I had the feeling that he liked me very well but he couldnt say much about it.

“Why are you sitting far away from me?” i said as i sat on his laps and smiled down on his face.

He didn’t say a word, he just smiled and waited.
He knew i was already taking the lead and some men liked things that way.

I personally didn’t see much reason why ladies should not be taking the lead sometimes.
It was on record that some men were very shy.
They usually waited for some kind of miracle to make the move on ladies.
In such situations, ladies were expected to do something but most of us didn’t.

Since he was only on a dark singlet, i massaged his hairy chest and said some romantic words.

“What about you Jamal, do you have a girlfriend?” I asked out of nowhere.

“No, not at all” He said.

“You seem to be shy Jamal”

He denied it but yet did nothing.

I picked her hand from the chair and placed it on my Breast. It was good that i initiated the Romance because during our lunch at the Chinese Resturant, he had brought out his wallet to pay.
I saw some neatly arranged CFA notes in his wallet. He was supposed to give me some of those before i leave.
If nothing happened between us, i could lose the money due to me.
I was a professional prostitute in Europe. If i couldn’t be courageous enough to perform some tricks on an African man, then it would be a shame.

His hand rested on my Breast like the Bra itself. I felt no movement on my chest and i wondered what kind of man he was.

Rather than complaining, i simply unzipped his trouser and grabbed his manhood.
I had felt it bulging slowly while i sat on his laps.

“Have you had sex before Jamal?” I asked as i squeezed his manhood.

“Yes, yes” He said.
The pleasure was already getting to him.

“Do you have a condom?” I asked.

He nodded and said nothing.

“Lets go and get it” I said as i stood up.

We walked into the bedroom which was even more organised.

I wondered how Jamal could be as shy as he was despite the beauty Of his home. I had always thought that men who took time and pride in keeping their place organised and neat also liked women.

Inside a drawer, Jamal brought out a Condom and showed it to me.
I took it from him gently and pushed him down on the bed.

His Zipper was still down and the manhood was still hanging its head outside from an opening in front of his silky boxers.

I romanced the manhood even more before i pulled the trouser out of him.

After inserting his manhood into the rubber, i stood up and removed my own clothes.

Twenty minutes later, we both lay side by side on the bed and breathed heavily.
For some reasons, i had decided to practice some new styles on the Arab boy.

He seemed to be rich and comfortable, he would be good to keep as a side boyfriend no matter how long that would last.

As things stood, the hope of returning to Europe in four days was fading away.
I haven’t heard from Chinedu who left Abidjan to get some goods for me. Jamal could provide some kind of cover if things got worse.

He wasn’t bad in bed as i thought. He was above average. Maybe that was because he had some large amount of energy still in him.

After taking our bath, he asked if i would sleep over in his place.

“No Jamal, only prostitutes do such things. I am returning to my Hotel room. Would you drop me back?” I said.

“Yes, I will take you back to the Hotel” He said as he jumped up and picked up his car key on the table.

We walked outside and entered the car.
Jamal played a song from an unknown singer but it was in English.
He seemed to be more western than most of his Arab brotherhood.
Perhaps that was why he left his Country to Abidjan.

While inside the car, i wondered if he would even give me any money.
I knew when he picked his wallet and put it inside his pocket.
I patiently waited for him to say or do anything about money but he kept quiet.

As i waited, i wondered if i made a mistake by saying that i was from Europe and that i wasn’t a prostitute. He could have believed that i had enough money or that i didn’t care about money.

Right inside me, i decided that i wasn’t going to ask him for any money that day. I would ask for just the phone number and invite him to my room at the hotel the next day.
If he as much as honoured the invitation, he would know that i wasn’t really what i made him believe.

It changed when we got to the front of Hotel Afrique.

“Do you want some money for tomorrow, i will be traveling to Sierra Leone” He said.

I have heard about Sierra Leone in the past but i didn’t know it was around that region.

“Well, yes. I would like to go to the Beach again. I will miss you but make sure you call me when you return to the city” I said at the same time he was counting some money out of his wallet.

I saw some 5000 CFA Notes being counted out and knew that i was getting well paid.

When Jamal left after giving me his phone number, i went to my room and counted the money.

I just made 20,000CFA, whatever amount it represented.

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