51: Going to Slovakia

We returned to Berlin the same night and went to the Slovakian Embassy the following morning. A single lady was at work. She spoke a little English as was many of the Eastern Europeans. She confirmed that we needed Visas to Slovakia but asked what we were going to the country to do.
We told her and also gave her the phone number of our host company. She had called them and had confirmed.
She gave us one month Visas at €33 each.

We went to the Train station from the embassy and proceeded to Austria again. We were controlled in the Train as usual but since we had visas inside our passports, it was more convincing to the immigration police. Our passports was getting richer.

We got to Austria and decided to head to Slovakia that same night. We met the same slovakian immigration lady at the border who had told us to go and get visas. She recognized us and stamped us into Slovakia. It was finally a relief but I liked the stressful experience. It also meant that a new visa had been stamped in my international passport.

We got to Bratislava, the Slovakian Capital city at about 7pm in the evening. The city was going to sleep when we arrived, therefore we found a cheap hotel and lodged in. Johnson decided that we share the same room since we were on a business trip.
After settling in the hotel room, we went out of the hotel to look for food. The restaurants were not as classic as the Berlin ones but the good news was that the Chinese people seemed to have invaded the continental Europe with they stylish restaurants.

We located a Chinese Restaurant down the street and entered inside. Their usual rice and vegetables were carefully arranged at the mini kitchen table. We sat down and ordered for fried rice with fresh crafish and vegetables.

” Are you American” A voice said from the table beside our own.
We looked towards the voice at the same time.
It was from a girl. A beautiful girl for that matter. She sat with another lady of about 20. They were also waiting for theory foods.
” Yea, we are Americans” I beat Johnson to it.
”Are you Americans too” I asked.
” No, we are Slovaks but we like Americans” one of them said.

” Why do you like Americans” Johnson asked trying to be part of the conversation.
I didn’t like his question but we lived in a free World. How on Earth would one ask a beautiful girl why she liked him or his country. John didn’t know how to adapt to treachery.
We had declared that we were Americans, and as Americans, we were expected to behave in special manners. Manners such as changing our intonation to America and Being possessive as well. I didn’t think Johnson was up to that but there was nothing I could do. I can’t tell him to shut up.

”What’s ya name” I asked the one who had asked if we were Americans.
”I am Maria and my friend is Anna” She said.
Maria seemed to be the spokesperson of the two. She was very bold, exactly the kind of girls I liked.

” We are here on a week holiday, I hope you gals can show us around the beautiful city of Bratislava” Maria laughed and nodded in affirmative. It was game on.

We ate and chatted about America and Slovakia.
Fortunately for me,, I had heard some things about Houston Texas from an uncle of mine who had lived in USA for 20 years. Naturally I declared that we were from Houston and that we would also visit Moscow before we go back to the United States.

They were very excited. We told them the name of the hotel we lodged and asked them to visit us tomorrow evening. We also agreed that we would attend a night club in the city.

Johnson and I left after the food and went back to the hotel. Johnson didn’t like the idea of inviting them to our hotel. He wanted us to concentrate 100% on the business we had come for. However I refused to be told how to live my life. I had always known that death could visit anybody anytime, therefore I liked mixing business with pleasure. I was just as prudent as my mind told me to be. Gain and loss de.

The following morning, we called the lady manager of Euro textiles Bratislava and told her that we were on the way to the company’s warehouse.

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