26: Time Bomb

“Sir, the name of the town where they posted Precious is Kiruna. I don’t know where it is but you can ask the indigenous people” She was one of the people who went to the camp to find out where Precious was posted.

“Thanks for the information” I said to her as she smiled and stood where she was.
“You can take a burger if you are hungry” I said.

“Thank you sir” She said as she sat down opposite me.

“I am Adla and i am Kenyan” She introduced herself.

“Uhh, where are your friends?” I asked in an attempt to make sure she knew she was running on a speed mode.

“They said they are not coming back here” She said with a smile still fixed on her face.

“Sir, where are you from?” She asked.
“Nigeria, what is the meaning of Adla?” I asked.
“It means Justice in my language” She responded.

“Here is 5 Euro, that is the price of big Mac burger. Go and get one for yourself” I said as i handed her the money.

As she walked to the counter, i stood up and walked outside. It was time to go since i didn’t want to stay and find out where Adla was heading to. Those East African girls knew how to magnet men with bright and smiling faces.

“Excuse me Sir” I heard from my back.
I turned around as i heard her say, “I wanted to ask you something. Are you leaving now?” It was Adler.

What possibly did she want to ask?

“Adla, I am going back to Stockholm to meet up with an appointment. If there is something you want to ask me, do it here and now”.

“Sir, i wanted to ask if you can help me find a job when i come out of camp. I don’t know people here in Sweden and don’t have where to go when i get posted out of the camp” Adla said.

“Oh, I see. Here is my phone number. When you come out of here, call me” I said as i attempted to leave again.

“Can i follow you to Stockholm, they don’t check us if we don’t return. I want to see the city. They said it is very big and beautiful” She said.
That was it.

“Miss Adla, you look like trouble. Does it occur to you that Precious could be my girlfriend?” I asked.

“It doesn’t matter. I just want to go to the city and see it” She said.

“Fine. Lets go” I said without much Conviction.

Adla and I walked all the way across the Police Station and the camp entrance path before getting to the bus station.
It was past 5pm when we arrived at the apartment where Rose lived. I had called her from the train to confirm she was back home. Her tone had made me to suspect that there was some kind of good news. Not that it was a surprise to me because i knew that there were only two kinds of news that came out of Foreign offices across the World; Good or bad.
There was never a middle anything.

“They asked me to go and get international passport” Rose announced as soon as we opened the door.

“Wow, that is a very good news Rose. It seems they want to give you a resident permit finally” I said with a smile.

“Have you pulled another girl out of the street? I have not seen this one before” She said while looking at Adla.
“No, i met her At the camp and promised to show her Stockholm” I stopped there.

Rose offered us food which we declined.
“There is something you are going to do for me. I want our two big bags to be sent to Italy. I believe you know that Yoruba man who owns a cargo shop in the city center. Take the bags there tomorrow and send it to this Address. Maria will pick it up there” I said as i handed her 400.
I also mentioned Maria so that Adla will know that i was somehow involved with a woman but it seemed she didn’t even care.

My original plan was to sleep over in my apartment but since Adla showed up, things changed. She wasn’t acting as someone who wanted to return to the camp that evening; therefore, i started thinking about sleeping over in a hotel. If she was going to stay, fine.

“How much money do you have with you?” I asked Rose.
“I have 4500 Kroner” She said.
“I Think the Passport will cost you more that here in Sweden. Here is another 4500” I said as i handed her more money.
“Go to the embassy first tomorrow before going to send the bags. If you don’t return from the embassy on time, send the bags the next day. Don’t be in a hurry about the bags. When you get the passport, wait for me; don’t go to the foreign office yet” I said to her Surprise.

“Why? They said i should bring it when i have it” She said.

“Rose you need a lawyer to do that. It would be a mistake to trust this people” I said.
She seemed to understand me and nodded.

Adla and I left the apartment and went to a hotel in the city center. We rented a hotel room at 540 Krone which was the equivalent of 60 Euros.

“This is where we are going to sleep this night. You understand there is only one bed in this place. It means that we are going to sleep on the same bed. I wouldn’t get funny if i were you” I said as i pulled her hand and led her outside.
We were going to look around town as i promised.

On our way, i called Maria and asked how she was doing. She said she was fine and was already missing me. She asked for Ngozi’s phone number which i gave her. I didn’t know what she wanted to tell Ngozi but i wasn’t scared of it either.  I also didn’t want to start asking about it while i was with another woman. Irrespective of the fact that Adla wasn’t attached to me yet, there was the need to give her some respects.

We found large Chinese restaurant and went inside it.
She demanded for noodles with fresh vegetable while i went for my usual fried rice with fresh crayfish and corn seeds.
After our food, we found a bar and bought a bottle of Vodka with Pineapple Juice to mix it.
Before i could say jack, half of the contents had been consumed. It seemed my new friend was a master drinker which was a good news to me anyway because i knew that women usually got horny after drinking large quantity of Alcohol.

It was true that i had no intentions of sleeping naked on the same bed with the stranger but Alcohol has a way of changing people’s minds especially when a large quantity was consumed.
We shall see later.

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