26: Licence To Roam

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26. License to Roam.

It didn’t take much time before the first gentleman showed up.
He was white and tall, a Swedish to the core.

“Hello lady, you seem to be alone here” he said.

I nodded and sipped my drink as he took the chair opposite me.

“I am Eric” he stretched his right hand for a shake.

“Lilian” I lied, it was the first name that came to my mind.

“I hope you don’t mind if i keep you company” he continued.

“Not at all” I smiled.

Eric settled down and picked up the menu. After screening the list, he ordered for a bottle of beer.
I wondered why it took him a long time to decide that it was beer that he wanted.

“Are you staying in this hotel?” He asked.

“Yep” I nodded. “I came from Italy for a business and i am spending the night here” I said.
A charming smile was fixed on my face at all times.

We talked about nothing in particular as we advanced through our drinks.
Eric said he has been to Africa once and when i asked where he visited, he said it was Mauritius.
I didn’t know where Mauritius was located. As a matter of fact, i have never heard of the country.
When he said It was Mauritius, i just nodded and said, “Its a nice country.”

Eric and i spent over an hour in the hotel bar before he proposed that we go to a night club in Central Stockholm.
It was a nice proposal because i have not gone to such places since i started running and chasing after Zuby. Locating and dealing with him was a big task of its own and the moment i found him, the task of keeping up with his pace of life became another stumbling block. There were no free times for enjoyment.

I agreed to follow Eric to a night club. To justify what i was doing, i assured myself that Zuby must be with a girl in whatever hotel he was sleeping that night.
Despite quitting street prostitution, i missed the job somehow. It may not be exactly the sex part of it but the ability to woo men to myself was a good experience.
Sometimes, i needed a fake smile to drag men towards me. Sometimes, i would just open up my shinning teeth and flash them and before the men could think, they were already asking me how much it would cost to either have a quickie or how much it would cost to spend the night with them.
Altogether it was an experience i left behind but missed.

Eric had a car. He said it was bought for him by his father. I wondered if he knew that the African girls preferred it when boys bought their things by themselves but then there was a huge gap between how Africans and whites understood things.

Africans were in mental prisons they created for themselves out of stupidity. Forinstance, if a vehicle with people had an accident and someone survived while others died, A white person would be happy that someone survived while an African would be asking why it was his relative who died instead of the survived person.

At the night club, we sat at the bar and had more drinks while we watched people danced to the soft songs. I wasn’t in a haste to return to the hotel, I wanted to stay out as much as possible. I had been caged with the operations since i arrived in Sweden and didn’t have time to explore the vast and beautiful landscapes of the large Scandinavia country. The only worry i had at the club was that Zuby could call me. It was true that i could go to the toilet or even outside to take his call but he could also direct me to do something else for him and that would certainly crash my party.

Fortunately for me, Zuby didn’t call. I wondered what he was doing down in France or Italy or wherever he might be.
Silently, i prayed that he was safe because if anything happened to him, i would have no other option than to head back to Italy where my past would instantly begin to hunt me. Or may be i could decide to live in another country like Lilian/Alice did but from all indications, Alice wasn’t living fine; she was just there.

It was past 3am when Eric announced that it was time to go. He said he liked me and would visit me when i return to Italy. I believed he was half drunk for making such promise and i also decided to surprise him.

He drove me back to the hotel and when he said he was going, i asked him to come up to my room.

“Come on, i like your company Eric. Lets finish the night together” I had said.

He smiled and agreed to go with me. I sat in the passenger seat and waited for him to park the car properly before i opened the car door to the massive cold outside.

Hurriedly, we walked into the reception and picked up my key.
I held his hand and walked up to my room.

Eric was an amateur when it came to dealing with women. I figured i would have been the same way if not that i had lived through prostitution in the past.

“We don’t have any drink here in the room and we don’t have any Condom too” I said as i looked him in the face.

He smiled and said he was going down to buy a bottle of drink at the ever open hotel bar.
He knew i drank whisky at the club, so he didn’t ask what i wanted.

He just opened the door and walked out.

Five minutes later, he returned with a bottle of Johnnie Walker and a park containing three Durex condoms.
Eric was going to get laid by a black girl in Sweden.
I figured he didn’t see that one coming but as long as i needed a male company that night, he was going to stay with me.

Determined to make the new boy happy, I asked Eric to join me in the bathroom for a hot bath. He hesitated for some moments before he decided that it was an adventure worth taking.

We removed our clothes inside the room and stood there with just the underpants.
I ordered him to open the drink for a sip before we proceeded to the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, the shower rail was old fashioned. It stood over our head and sprinkled the mixture of hot and cold water down our heads as we held each other and touched the sensitive parts of our bodies.

Time stood still when Eric slowly slipped his finger inside my cunt. At that stage, it became clear that i was about to cheat on my boyfriend.

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