26: Italia

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Chapter 26: Italia.

I left Marseille and travelled to Torino in Northern Italy. I wanted to see the Italian landscapes, therefore i decided to use the trains instead of a flight. I was going to Napoli which was very far from Northern Italy but i had time.
I had gotten to Monaco which was close to Marseille and took a night train at Monte Carlo to Torino. Monaco itself was a very beautiful city in the Mediterranean coast but things were very expensive there. I had went to a hotel and asked for the price but was shocked when i was told that a room cost €160. I had went back to the train station and awaited the night train to Turin. It was amazing how the Police and the Immigration didn’t care much when one traveled from France to Italy.

I had called Maria and announced to her that i was coming to Napoli. She was very excited and said she was going out to buy foodstuffs to cook. I didn’t tell her i was going to use trains.
I had found a cheap hotel in Torino and spent the rest of the night. I woke up around 10:00 and went into the city center.
Torino was a massive busy city that hosted Juventus. I had wanted to spend some days in the city but since i was alone, there was no fun. I had walked to the city center and bought beer. After two bottles Rome came to my mind. I had checked the distance from Torino to Napoli earlier and it was discouraging. It was a journey that would take the entire day by rail. I was going to get tired. But as soon as Rome came to my mind, i checked the small Italian map i had picked up at the Porta Nuova train station in Torino, and then i saw that Rome was situated along the way to Napoli.
I called Maria from the Bar and told her that i won’t be coming to Napoli that very day. I made her understand that i needed to do some sight seeing in Rome. It would be such a waste of sojourn if i had visited Italy without stopping over in Rome.
When i was young, i had heard so much about Rome. History taught us that Rome was the city where Vatican City was built. Rome was the Italian capital and the headquarters of the ancient Roman Empire.

I had quickly drank my beer and went back to the hotel. I picked up my bag and took a cab back to Station Porta Nuova. There was a train already waiting to go to Rome. I had purchased a ticket and joined the train.

Four hours later, we got to Rome. We had traveled with Alta Velocita, the fastest train in Italy. It was late when we arrived and coupled with the fact that i was tired, i had located a cheap hotel called Rubino near the Rome Termini station where i had stopped. I needed some rest and some time to study the map i had picked up at the Termini station.
Termini seemed to be one of the largest train stations i had been to. It had more than 28 platforms which hosted trains coming in and going out of the station. It also had two metro lines A and B.

After settling down at the hotel, i took my bath and went downstairs to look for food.
I busted out at the Piazza della Repubblica At the Piazza Della Repubblica, i located a new restaurant and walked in. Two minutes later, my phone rang. It was an unknown number from Dublin. I figured it was from Ify and i was right. She wanted to know how i was making plans to visit Dublin.
”Ify i don’t have traveling documents that can take me to Dublin” i said.
”You can hire a document like you did for me” she countered.
”Listen, Dublin is an Island. I don’t like living in Islands. I sent you there because i wanted to leave Amsterdam. It would have been very dangerous for you to stay in Amsterdam without me. I also did not want you in Central Europe here because you would be disturbing that i stay with you all the time. Here is the deal, if you find a man you like over there, please go for him. Don’t wait for me. I don’t think i would be in that Island anytime soon. I can only come there when i have a good European resident permit. I want you to stop asking when i will come there. If you need anything please let me know” i concluded.

”I don’t need your anything, i just want you here” she was saying, but i cut her off the phone and switched the device off.

After eating some spaghetti at the restaurant, i decided to do a night walk. I crossed a water fountain and headed to Via Nazionale. As soon as i rounded up at the Via Nazionale, i saw them. More black girls were loitering around the area. As an old soldier of the game, i knew what they were doing there.

”I am looking for the way to Vatican City” i said to one of them. She was about 21 years.
”Do i look like Pope to you”. She said.
I pretended that her joke was a powerful one and laughed hard. When i stopped laughing, i asked her what her name was.
”If you are not here for business, please leave this place” she had said.
”What business are you talking about”? I asked.
She ignored the question.

”Alright, lets get down to business. What are you selling”? i asked.
She said she was selling herself.
”Interesting. So how much are you worth”? i asked.
She ignored me again.
”If you don’t want to talk, i am going to approach another girl now”? I said.

”€50 for a quickie and if you want overnight, that one is €200” she said.
”Alright, lets go to my hotel” i said.
She asked where my hotel was located and i told her.

Her name was Elizabeth. She was from Cross River in Nigeria.
As soon as we got to the hotel room, she demanded for money. I asked her why i should pay before service, she said she didn’t trust me and that i looked liked a trouble maker.
After having some laugh, i brought out €500 and kept it on the table.
”This money is for your three days work. I will pay you €200 each day starting from now, if you will take me around Rome tomorrow and next.
After careful gaze at the money, she said she wasn’t interested.
”Pay me my €200 and i will go in the morning” she said.

”Well Elizabeth, i am not too interested in sex or sleeping with you. If you can’t do what i asked, then leave here” I said. She left.

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