26: Abidjan – Cocaine Business

Chapter 26.

Jamal took me to the beach. We walked along the sandy beach as if he had just proposed marriage.

Back in the car, it amused me how men found it caring and important to open the car doors for women. It personally meant nothing to me. It was a ridiculous culture, formed by men to confuse some women into believing that they cared for them so much.

A man who opened the door for a woman was considered to be a player by me.
There was no big deal in opening the car door for myself.
Therefore when Jamal opened the door for me, i just smiled and thanked him but right inside me, i considered him to be another player who wanted to get between my legs easily. Little did he even know that the target was his money and the fun i would catch with him.

“How long have you lived in Abidjan?” That was our man Jamal.
He was holding my hand along the beach.

“Two days” I said.

“What? Just two days, wow!” he said.

“Actually, i don’t live here” I said, “I came here on a week vacation” I said.

I went on to tell him that i lived in Europe. I mentioned Italy and Holland as two Countries where i lived. I was sure that i could still remember some Places in Amsterdam where i would mention if he asked me anything about Holland.
The only thing i believed i should not have said was that i had only one week to stay.
The way things were happening, i could spend much more than that.

I haven’t heard from Chinedu since he left. He said he would return in just two days but it was very foolish to believe that things would happen that way.

There were factors that could delay his return in two days.
Though we never prayed for things such as accidents but the truth was that it happened sometimes and if that was to be the case, it was likely that he won’t be coming back as he planned.

Another factor was that he went to Conakry to deal on drugs which was an illegal business. He didn’t go there to deal on just any drug but Cocain which was considered to be the most dangerous of all drugs.

Classified as ‘Class A’ type of drug, cocain was used to manufacture many things.
Most of the pharmaceutical drugs we consume daily contained cocain.
Most of the alcoholic we consumed daily contained cocain.
But the World Governing bodies were against Dealing on Cocain individually because of abusing the stuff. People were known to snuff the Stuff raw which was supposed to fine tune their feelings and take them to another level of being and reasoning.
The truth was that Cocain casually did that.
Yes, it raised the spirit so high that it catapulted human mind to a different plane of existence.
However, it was difficult to measure the level where human minds were supposed to end.
Humans haven’t been able to go that far in their development.

As a result, if the cocain gets one higher than his mind could control, the person becomes an addict instantly.
The moment one was addicted to the stuff, it was impossible to return to normalcy.
The World wasn’t yet ready to harbour high Percentage of such people. As a result, the substance was banned in every country of the World, even in the Countries that manufactured them such as Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela and some other South American nations.

That dangerous substance was what Chinedu Okoye traveled to Guinea to by and believed that he would be back in two days as if he went there to buy a can of Water.

“Do you have a boyfriend in Europe?” Jamal went on.

“Of course I do Jamal” I said.

I didn’t know why he asked, but i wanted him to know that my boobs were owned by someone.
If he wanted to trespass towards that two fine attractive oranges on my chest, he would have to consider losing some of the notes i had seen in his wallet back at the Chinese Resturant.

“But you are alone here in Abidjan” He said.

I didn’t know if that was a question or just a plain sentence but i answered it anyway.

“I am alone here. My boyfriend is white. We actually met a few days ago and we haven’t even known if we will be together for long or not” I said.

My answer was designed to give him a soft landing.
I believed he wanted to sleep with me. It was important to encourage him.
It was easy to make him lose hope but i didn’t want to go that far.

Ken’s sudden traveling created a kind of vacuum and loneliness.
Chinedu wasn’t there as well.
Everyone i knew in Abidjan disappeared at the same time.
It was important to hook someone else up.

If Jamal wanted to take me to his place, i would follow him.
Although he didn’t know yet, but i had made up my mind to stick with him for as long as he himself wanted.

We stayed at the beach, drinking soft liquids every now and them.
I didn’t ask his religious affiliations but i felt he was a Muslim.
He didn’t Say anything about Alcohol, he didn’t request for it either.

Around 7pm, i felt that it was time to go.

“Lets go” I said.

I have also made up my mind that if he didn’t propose where he was taking me, i would ask him to come to my hotel room.
But somehow i felt that he was well to do.

BMW wasn’t an easy car to buy, especially the newer models. That was the Car Jamal drove. He must have been doing something very profitable to be able to buy and maintain such high level product or atleast his parents were well to do or maybe he borrowed the car.
But someone who borrowed a car was always in a haste to go home. I had been in such situation before.

“Alright” He said as he stood up from the sand where we sat and stretched his right hand to pull me up.

We walked to where he parked the car and drove towards Hotel Afrique.
It seemed our Jamal was going to drop me off until he turned towards me and asked “Would you like to know my place?”

‘Not today’
I nearly said but when i remembered how lonely i was going to be that night, i smiled at him and nodded.

“I hope its not far from here” I said.

“No, its not far from here” He said as he smiled back at me.

His Joy could almost be touched with bare hands, That was how happy he was.

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