25: We Are All Vulnerable

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“Why not, if i don’t like you i won’t be here” I said.

She kissed me again and this time, she left her mouth on my lips.

“What about your boyfriend Ngozika?” I asked when she removed her mouth from mine.
“He is standing here with me” She said.

“Wait a moment here, do you understand that Your aunt Maria is living with me?” I asked.

“I know” She said and stole another kiss.

She was holding my shoulder with her hands and smiling at me as if she has been starved of sex,

“What do you want Ngozi?” i asked.

“You, you promised to return to me when i finish schooling. I have finished now” She said.

Here we go.

“I didn’t make such promise unless you misunderstood the context” i said.

“You said it, i don’t forget things like that”

“What happens to Maria if i return to you?” i asked, hoping that she won’t know what to say.

“I don’t know, you will sort yourself out. You are not going to chose a Benin girl over your Igbo Sister” she said.

I pushed her back a little bit and said, “Now listen, i don’t ever want you to talk about Maria in that manner another time”.

She walked back and sat on the bed after apologizing.
I didn’t blame the poor girl, she was like a bird looking for where to perch. It was true that i took her out of the street but that was just the first step of helping her in a society that didn’t care about her.
Sometimes it was very difficult to think about the girls. No Nigerian hustler went to Europe with the hope of marrying a black girl over there.
The girls were just struggling to fix themselves where they were not wanted.

“You are traveling with me to Amsterdam tomorrow. When we get there, i will try to fix you up with an Igbo guy who can take care of you. There are thousands of them there. I am not created for Marriage, atleast not now” I said as i walked to the bed to give her a small petting. She was almost about to cry and that was the last thing i wanted.

I called Precious,”Precious, there is something i need you to do for me very early in the morning. Go to the post bank in Kraianest and send me the resident permit card you are using. I need it for something, i will return it to you. Post it through express delivery” I said on the phone.

After speaking with Precious, Robin took the phone and asked where i was. I told him that i will send a message with the address where they will send the card and that he will know where i was from there.
I also told him that i would be in Amsterdam on Tuesday evening.

I called Maria and told her that i was still in Spain and that i will stop over in Marseille to pick Ngozi up and bring her to Amsterdam.
She was happy that Ngozi was coming. She knew she needed someone to stay with her since one thing or the other was definitely going to take me away from Amsterdam again.

“Why did you tell her that you are in Spain?” Ngozi asked.

“Because i didn’t want her to know that i am in the same hotel room with you. And let me remind you, don’t ever make any silly move on me in

Amsterdam, the house where you are going to stay belongs to her. One silly move on me and i won’t stop her from chasing you out of the house” I said and walked into the bathroom to bath.

Ten minutes later, i came out on my Adidas shorts and singlet.

“Go and and take your bath if you know you are staying here this night and make sure you don’t kiss me again” I said.

She murmured something inaudible and walked to the bathroom.
I was tempted to lock her inside the bathroom until the next morning since i had a feeling she was going to start something funny but fortunately for her, there was no lock on the door.

Fifteen minutes later, she came out on her underpants and Bra and slipped under the large blanket that was enough to cover three people without their bodies touching.

I thought we were settled for the night until a hand found and grabbed my manhood.
At that moment, i knew that either i stopped her immediately or hold my peace forever.
I decided to hold my peace forever. I was going to commit that sin and ask for forgiveness during confession.

She started rubbing my manhood and i didn’t stop her, then she decided that i wanted it too.
Gradually she increased the rubbing until the manhood started to get excited.

As i lay there, i recalled that there was no condom in my wallet. Maria had made sure that i stopped carrying condom around.
What was i going to do?

I wasn’t going out again that night.

She has crawled slowly until our bodies started to touch, then she threw the blanket away and started kissing my manhood.
I was pretending that i didn’t enjoy it when she was rubbing the manhood but the moment her mouth started moving up and down on my manhood, it was difficult to hide the ecstasy.
I moan softly as she sucked for several minutes until i couldn’t bear it any longer.
I pushed her down on her back and pulled her underpants away in one swift move.
I inserted one finger in the tight cunt and twisted it several times before i felt the walls becoming wet, then i added another finger as she moaned and kissed my little breasts to send some sensations down my spines.

Three minutes later, she was begging me to mount her.
I spread her legs and exposed the wet cunt.

As soon as i saw the red tip of the clitoris, there was no more sense to think about condom.
I invited my manhood slowly into the cunt and pushed it in and out slowly until the entire length was swallowed; then i started pumping in and out of her as she moaned and begged me to do it harder.

It took us two rounds of hot sex to get exhausted as we lay side by side and massaged each other’s body.

I thought about Maria and what she would think of me if she found out what i just did.
It seemed circumstances has chained my mind to her and it has become so difficult to do anything without considering how she would feel.

I must find a way to defeat that mental chain in my mind otherwise, the excitement i got from being a street boy would simply disappear into oblivion.

What a World.

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  2. ayobami52

    yes we are all vulnerable….nicely written

  3. Ruffhandu

    No be today na. It’ll be emotionally rough in Amsterdam, so I think

  4. solomon

    u don start again zuby becareful

  5. solomon

    zuby i dey sense wahala for amsterdam with Ngozi and Maria

  6. chorlay

    i told ya i dey smell sex in da air

  7. At that moment , i knew that either i stopped
    her immediately or hold my peace forever .
    I decided to hold my peace forever . I was
    going to commit that sin and ask for
    forgiveness during confession .

    so u are holding ur peace to Enjoy sins to God and unfaithfulnes to ur maria…..

    Intelligence sinner Who know how to sin nd go for confession……

  8. zubis05

    Another wonderful piece from the BOSS

  9. Esperanza

    I’m finally here after running behind. I took a break on November. Oga Zuby, you too much. By the way, did you cum inside Ngozi?

  10. zuby y doing all dis u just dey sample all ya gals too bad of u helping dem out of street and sampling dem is irritating

  11. Amoto Luckie

    Hmmm. Na really what a world… Carry go Zuby! Insurance cover u

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    Wahala up there for you between Maria and Ngozi. Thumps up (y)

  13. seedorf

    what u hv for maria is luv

  14. Bad move

  15. Nothing bad if u ask me because Ngozi has been starved for sex for a very long time.
    Maria is still a wife to be or an acting wife.lolx

  16. Ngozi go carry belle o. Lol

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