25: Men Were Still Men

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“Lilian, i am in a big tro…”

Alice interrupted me, “Please stop calling me Lilian. That name reminds me of all the bad things i did with my body.”

“Sorry Alice, i understand. I am in a big trouble. My boyfriend traveled to France today. He has not even called me, so i don’t know where he is at the moment. But the big problem is that one Madam may begin to look for me very soon” I said and stopped to reflect on what i was about to reveal.

One thing i was sure was that Zuby would be furious with me if he finds out what i was about to reveal to Alice. He warned me to be as secretive as a stone. He said that i must not discuss or reveal our operations with anybody but there was I, sitting next to Alice on the bed and about to reveal what i was warned not to reveal.

But i continued.
“Remember i told you how Zuby came to Italy and took my girls. He also took my money and disappeared. Do you know that he sent one of my girls to a school and sent one to the Catholic Convent?”

“Hmm, Catholic Convent to do what?” Alice asked.

“What else if not to become a nun. I thought he was lying until he took me there to see Fatimah” I said.

“I know he tricked me into bringing your girl Fatimah to Stockholm here but i didn’t know where he sent her.” Alice said.

“Fatimah is in a Convent now.” I chipped in.

“Since you saw her there, why didn’t you tell her to follow you back?” Alice asked.

I looked her squarely in the face, “You won’t understand Alice. If you ever go there at the convent, you will be angry with yourself. You will be tempted to join them. Alice our lives here is useless. Fatimah has changed and she looked like an Angel. I cried all the way back to Stockholm because of what i saw there. But Alice the reason why i came here is that Zuby convinced me to trick two Madams into bringing their girls to Sweden” I said and kept quiet.

“Did you bring them” that was Alice.

I nodded and said nothing.

“You mean the girls are here now?” She asked.

“Yes, they are here but that is not the issue. The bigger problem is that one of the Madams is here too. Zuby forced the woman to pay after promising to send the girl back to her. After receiving the money, he decided to travel down to France to meet with the other Madam to get money from her as well” I said.

Alice couldnt believe what she was hearing.
“You mean one Madam is looking for you here in Stockholm now?”

“No, she is not looking for me yet. She was with me since two days now and this morning, she traveled to Upsalla to meet with her girl at the asylum camp where Zuby sent her” I said.

“I see. He sent the girl to asylum camp and forced the madam to pay for her release. There is something i discovered about your boyfriend. He doesn’t like the work our girls do here in Europe. I remember what he told me the day he came to my shop in the market. He doesn’t want the girls in the streets, so he take them away and ask the Madams to pay before he release them. But after payment, He never send the girls back to the Madams. Now i understand what he does. So what are you going to do?” Alice said.

“I don’t know. I am scared because if the Madam finds the girl in the asylum camp, she may find out that we took her girl and blackmailed her into giving us 15000 Euros. She could return to my apartment and start trouble. That’s why i ran away” I said.

Alice said she understood my plight, but warned me to be careful how i deal with Zuby. She said she believed Zuby was a good man but very dangerous and wouldn’t hesitate to abandon me if things got mixed up.

Alice lived in one room inside an apartment owned by someone else.
According to her, the agreement she signed before she got the room was that she would live there alone. She said the owner of the apartment, who also lived there, asked her several times if she would live with someone else and she said she would live alone.
I didn’t need someone to tell me what she meant.

“I guess i have to find a hotel and stay there for one or two nights. Things will surely be defined by then” I said.

Alice followed me to a hotel which wasn’t far from where she lived.
I paid for one night and we went to the room on the first floor.

When Zuby called, he said he was in France and heading to Venice. He asked if there was any more development.
I told him that Aunty Adesuwa already left for Upsalla.

“Then take your documents and go to a hotel. Stay there and control Adesuwa through phone calls until you are sure she is no longer in Sweden” Zuby had told me.

He was surprised when i told him that i was already in the hotel. He was happy that i did that without waiting for his advice. He also said that i was adapting to his style and that it would help me become more intelligent and clever.

From the hotel room, i controlled Adesuwa. She said she was at Upsalla but Precious wasn’t in the camp. She said she has sent four people to call her out but non saw her.
I believed Precious was right there at the camp but simply refused to come out to meet her Madam. It was a positive news to me because as long as they didn’t meet each other, no secret would be revealed.

The next time Adesuwa called me, she said she was at the airport and that she was returning to Italy without Precious. She had finally given up.

Alice wanted to stay with me in the hotel but around 7pm, i told her to go.
She was making things look like i was scared to sleep alone in the hotel and i didn’t like it.

I would have even returned back to the apartment but since the hotel was never going to refund me, i decided to stay for the night. I had some money from the one Zuby left me. It was time to live a wild life for a few hours.
It seemed i was leaving that kind of life behind and i missed it.

After taking my bath around 8pm, i wore a red gown and went down to the large hotel bar, sat down on a vacant table and ordered a bottle of white wine, then i waited for the first man to approach me. I knew they would come. Men were men.

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