25: Abidjan – Jamal Von Sahara

Chapter 25.

Day 3 exhausted itself faster than the previous ones.
I had no option than to start making another arrangement.
The Panic button has pressed itself and there was no way to control it.

I flashed Basil.

“Hello Baby, how are you?” He said when he called back.

I told him that i was not fine.

“I haven’t heard from your friend since three days now, did he call you?” I asked.

“Yes, he called me. He said he doesn’t want to contact Ivory Coast from Guinea for security reasons” Basil said.

It gave me some temporal assurance. However, it sounded like a lie.

Basil was a clever man. He must have known that i was scared and being who he was, he was most likely going to talk positively and give me hope.

The only good news in the whole thing was that he promised to send me return ticket if anything happened.
That promise managed to bring back the life in me because i picked up my phone and flashed Ken.
It was time to have some more fun.

When he called back, I asked him. “Are you in your room?”

“No, I am in Accra. I left Yesterday” He said.

“Ken you left for Accra without even telling me” I said.

“I tried to tell you but i didn’t see you. I came to your room and knocked on the door. I even tried to call you but your number was switched off” He continued.

I asked when he would return to Abidjan and he shocked me with his news.

“I am not coming back. I am returning to Europe from here, i found a new contact” He said.


How could that be happening to me?

I suddenly became more isolated and lonely.
I didn’t know anyone else in Abidjan.

I wasn’t even sure that the money i had with me was enough to transport me to Lagos.
The idea of going to Nigeria suddenly surfaced after talking to Ken.

Nigeria suddenly became a way out.
If things come to worse, i would simply go to Nigeria. I was sure that i still had some money with my mother.
I was also sure that it was enough to take me back to Italy.
What I wasn’t sure was if the money i had with me was enough to take me to Nigeria through the road.

I didn’t know much about African roads.
I didn’t know how far Nigeria was from Ivory Coast.
But from the little news i heard about the man who was arrested at the Ghanaian-Ivory Coast border, i  knew that Ghana and Ivory coast were close.

I also knew that Ghana was not too far from Nigeria.

Back in Edo State, i knew some people who used to go to Ghana and Cotonou and Lome to buy goods which they sold in Nigeria.
It meant that Ghana, Cotonou and Lome were connected in one way or there other.

There was no more need trying to drown myself with tears, it was time to go out there and mix up with people.
It was either that or i sit back in the hotel and cry.

Life was dynamic, everyone has some kind of problems of his or her own.
I may have thought that my problem was the worst because i didn’t know the problems of others.

Few days back, i was busy praying for Ken but he managed to find a solution to his problem while the same problem Just came to me.

I picked up my phone and went downstairs.

There was a pavement in front of the hotel where people sat and watched the major road.

I sat there and waited for no one in particular.
I hoped to go to the beach to have fresh air but it was still early for such.

I was sitting on the pavement when a flashy BMW suddenly swerved left and stopped in front of me.

The man on the wheel rolled down the side glass and said,
“Hello Madamosseile”.

I flashed a fake smile and said nothing.

He killed the engine and walked down from the car.

“Anglis?” he said.

“What?” I said.

“You speak English or French?” He asked.


“Do you mind if i seat with you?” He asked.

“What do you want?” I fired.

Immediately i asked him that question, i regretted it.
I needed to get away from the hotel vicinity and that gentleman seemed to be the way out.
I was supposed to encourage him, not scare him away.

“If i am disturbing you, i could just leave” He said.

Damn! Idiot.
‘I am a lady, i have the right to pretend’ I thought.

“Its Ok, tell me what you want” I said.

He sat down beside me and started his sweet talk.
He said i was beautiful.
He said i was cute.
He said i was a queen.
He said i didn’t deserve to be alone out there.
He said he would be happy to take me out.

That was it, ‘take me out’.
That was the line i waited for but i expected him to ask it as a question, not to make it as a finished statement.

I was a woman, we were designed to hear the questions and answer them.

“Would you want to go out with me?” He asked.

“To where?” I asked.

“Anywhere of your choice, i don’t mind” He said.

“I am new here and don’t know any place” I said.

“Oh OK, then we can go to the Chinese Resturant and eat first. May be from there, we can go to somewhere else” He said.

I wanted to tell him that i wasn’t hungry but the truth was that i was hungry and i was going out with him whether i liked it or not.
I wasn’t going to let that opportunity pass me by.

What could he possibly do to me?
Wasn’t that what i have been doing for the past five years or more?
One more time wasn’t going to kill me.

I stood up slowly as he held my hand and led me to the passenger side of the Flashy grey BMW and opened the door for me.

I graciously sat down in the car as he closed the door and ran to the driver’s side of the car like Hussein Bolt.

Ten minutes later, we sat in a Chinese resturant inside the city ordering Fried rice and Shrimps.

Jamal was a handsome fair man.
He said his Parents migrated from Western Sahara near Morocco.
I never heard about such place but it didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was that he seemed to have cash and cash was exactly what i needed at that moment.

We ate and smiled at each other as if we had known each other for long.
I didn’t know what his next moves were but i was ready to follow him to anywhere. The only surprise was that he haven’t asked what i was doing at the front of Hotel Afrique.

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