24: Where is Chidi?

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Chapter 24. Where is Chidi?

In life, we were all victims of circumstances. We possessed the powers, strength and wisdom to control some circumstances but some were out of control for us.

The above natural phenomen described what happened when the news filtered in from Spain that Chidi was arrested in Madrid. Chidi left an apartment and Ify behind. Ify, like many other African women in Amsterdam, had no work to pay the house rent. Since i rented only a room in the apartment, it would have been very easy for me to leave but leaving Ify behind wasn’t such a good thing to do. The girl was clever enough to swoop for me, peharps she knew that Something could happen to Chidi. There were always troubles lurking around for all drug dealers.

One thing about drug dealing was that news of misfortunes traveled fast.

It was on a Sunday morning, Ify had gone to a Church in Verein Stuartveg. The Church belonged to an Iranian man.
The call had filtered in from a friend of mine whom i had asked to monitor what Chidi was doing in Madrid.
At a stage in my stay at Chidi’s place, i had started getting worried. Chidi had initially told us that he was going to Switzerland to get his money from his retailer, then he had changed his story. Many weeks had passed without seeing him. I was forced to pay for the entire apartment.
Ify had swooped on me as soon as Chidi left. The whole piece had started to come together.
If they were genuinely in a relationship, Ify must have waited for a few days before making advances towards me but she hit it away as soon as Chidi left.
I hated entrapments and surprises. It crossed my mind once to quietly vacate the apartment but what would be the fate of the Ify?
She would definitely run straight to another guy since she wouldn’t be able to maintain the house alone. Guys were readily available to welcome her and would mess her life up and throw her away in time. As a result, i decided to stick around and watch the way things go.
That was the circumstances i found myself in, it was a circumstances i could manage.

”Chidi’s number is not going since day before yesterday” Ify said one evening while eating in the sitting room.

”Really?, maybe he traveled” i said casually.
”Do you know any of his friends, maybe you should call and ask where he has gone” i continued.

She didn’t know who to call. That was the fate of some of our ladies in Amsterdam, even the married ones. Bijlmer was never a place to live with your wife and raise kids. The chances were, that you would someday, get involved with drugs and as long as you deal on drugs, it was only a matter of time before one trouble or the other knocked on your door.
I knew that Ify had no plan B on what to do if Chidi didn’t show up. Most women were like that.

Since she came up with the news by herself, i decided to explore a little more.

”What are you going to do if he didn’t return here” i suddenly asked.
She didn’t know what to do as i expected.

”I don’t know” she said.
”Alright, we will wait and see what happens in the next few days, just stay calm down and don’t talk to anybody about it” i said.

A day after Ify broke the news about Chidi, i took her to Rotherdam. I had sensed that she was nervous. She needed a break. I believed she was afraid of what would happen to her if she had to vacate the apartment.
We got to Rotherdam and walked down from the train station to the city center.

Rotherdam was a nice city, the second largest in Holland. It was known mostly for its waters which hosted the Europort, the largest seaport in Europe.

There was a small park about half a kilometer from the train station, we walked to the place and sat down. The whether was quiet, the summer was gradually turning to winter.

Right in the park were also a man and a woman. The man looked South American. He wasn’t European. He smoked cigarette and talked with his lady friend.

I had walked up to him and asked him to give me a stick of cigarette. He had given it to me after grumbling in a language that was strange to me.
”Are you Spanish” I had asked.
”Why do you ask” he said.

He was definitely a bad man. Bad men usually ask you questions instead of answers. Europeans usually answered your questions before asking you another one.

”Nothing, i just want to talk. My wife is angry with me. I brought her to the park to talk but she wasn’t talking” i said as i looked towards where Ify was sitting.

The Lady sitting with the man giggled and said something, then she asked if i did something wrong to her.
”I don’t know, maybe i did” i lied.
She laughed and told me to go and kneel down before her and beg her.
I couldn’t help but smiled. I only wanted to get the gentleman talking and i had ended up being told to go and kneel before Ify. I decided to act.

I thanked the lady and walked to Ify, then i knelt down in front of her and said.
”I just told those two people that i did something bad to you. They told me to kneel down and beg you. I want you to smile” i said.
Ify started laughing.
I got up and took her back to where the two people seated.
The man had decided to talk with me.

”Where are you from” he asked me.
”Nigeria” i said.
He looked at the lady seated beside her and nodded.
”I told you that he is Nigeriana” he said.
He asked if i lived in Rotherdam but i told him where i lived. He said he knew two Nigerians in Amsterdam. He called their names. They were people i knew very well.
He said his name was Carlos while i told him i was Milla.
Carlos was from Colombia but had lived in Rotherdam for five years.
We exchanged numbers and promised to call Each other soon enough.

Two plain clothed men walked past us.
”They are Police, its time to go” Carlos said.

As soon as the men were out of sight, i dragged Ify up and left the park towards the Rotherdam train station.

”Excuse me Sir, can i see your Passport” a voice said behind me.
I turned back and faced two men.
They were the two Police men i just saw at the park.

” People often say that
motivation doesn’t last. Well,
neither does bathing. That’s
why we recommend it daily”

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