24: The Urgent Vacation

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Aunty Adesuwa didn’t leave Sweden as she promised. She had suddenly decided to wait until the next day. I was careful not to ask her what her major reason was since i didn’t want her to suspect anything.
I was aware that the rest of the time she would spend with me was going to be tense. I needed her out of my place as soon as possible. Things could got messy and if that happened, she would know that i had a hand in what happened to her.

It was during the night that Aunty Adesuwa opened up to me. She said Precious was in asylum camp and that she had called to tell her that she might not be returning anytime soon.
Aunty Adesuwa said that the girl was not allowed to come out of the camp and that she was scared due to what happened.
It was very good that she still followed the part of believing that Precious was really kidnapped.

When zuby eventually contacted me, he said he was going down to France and Italy for real. According to his tone, i believed he was going down there this time. I just hoped that he don’t run into trouble because i somehow had a feeling that Aunty Joy was already suspecting us. She wasn’t calling continuously like Adesuwa, despite the fact that her two girls were missing.

Aunty Adesuwa slept in my room while i slept in the girls spare room. We didn’t have much things to talk about except her proposed visit to the asylum camp the following day. I had a feeling that her hands were tied; she was supposed to go back to Italy and at the same time, she wanted to see Precious at the camp.

The following morning, Zuby called and said he was at the airport.

“Airport, i thought you traveled yesterday night” I said.

“No, i didn’t” He said and kept quiet.

“So where did you sleep last night?” I asked foolishly.

“Hotel of course” He said.

I became alerted. Rose didn’t return in the night. She said she was going to see her friend but she never returned. Therefore it was suspicious when Zuby said he slept in Stockholm too. Rose could have gone to visit him in his hotel room without my knowledge.

It seemed that i was becoming paranoid. I wasn’t like that before. I was getting too attached to Zuby even when i wasn’t sure of his intentions towards me.
Yes, i didn’t know his intentions towards me. He Hardly gave anything away and when he did, it would be interwoven with a lot of codes that were difficult for me to crack.
As things stood, the only thing he told me was that we were just partners in business. If that was the case, i wasn’t supposed to be jealous of how he lived his life. I was supposed to go out there and find my own man to date but then i also didn’t know what he would do or think if i did that.
I was just in the middle of nowhere when it came to relationship.
I wasn’t even sure he knew how much i loved him.

I called Rose.
She answered the call and said she was still with her friend.
I asked when she would return home as if i really cared.
The presence of Aunty Adesuwa alone was disturbing Me. I didn’t need anybody else that morning.
I had foolishly called Rose to see if i could hear the airport background sounds. That way i would have known that she was with Zuby at the airport but i didn’t hear any sound.
Rose wasn’t with him and if if she was, she must have not gone to the airport with him.

Aunty Adesuwa left my apartment around 8am. She said she was going to the asylum camp in Upsalla. I didn’t know how she was going to see Precious but since she knew that the asylum camp was located in Upsalla, Precious must have told her.
The thought of Precious selling us out jolted me for a moment. If she said anything about what Zuby and I did, Aunty Adesuwa would not only return to the apartment to look for me, she would come with either Police or thugs.

Fears began to grip me. I needed to leave the apartment as soon as possible. Zuby who would have told me the best thing to do was not around and it would be bad to call him and start telling him about the current situation when i was sure he knew.

I sat in the sitting room and waited until Adesuwa declared that she was ready to leave. Reluctantly i followed her to the station where she boarded a train to the Central Station where she would join another train to Upsalla.
As soon as she left, i returned to the apartment and picked up the things i would need in the immediate few days.
Among the things i picked up were my international passport, two sets of clothes and two sets of shoes.

The moment i finished packing my things, i walked down to a coffee shop near the train station and called Alice. She said she was at home.

“I am coming to your place now, send me the address immediately” I said.

When Alice asked why i wanted to visit her, i told her that she will know when i come.

Five minutes later, the text message arrived.
I walked to the road near the railway and stopped a cab.
“Take me to this address” I said to the driver as i opened the text message and showed him.

He engaged his transmission and drove off.
As we got closer to the address, i wondered what Adesuwa would do if she found out what happened. I also wondered why Zuby has not covered that part in the operation. Was he finally abandoning me to my fate? What if he had the intentions of not returning back?
But then, a part of me told me that he wouldn’t do such thing to me. From the little i knew about him, he wouldn’t abandon an African girl in faraway Scandinavia. He liked his African sisters so much that he wouldn’t hurt them for no just course.

Alice was waiting for me outside when my cab stopped.

“Why are you with your bag?” She fired.

“Its a long story” I answered.

“I warned you about that Austin. I am sure its about him” she said as she picked up my small bag and lead me towards her room.

“Lilian i want to tell you something. Please don’t let anybody hear it from you” I said as we settled on the bed inside her room.

It was time to tell someone else what i was going through since i came to Sweden.

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