Blood on The Altar – Chapter 5

When the Pastor asked her to tell him her part in the Sister Ruth’s scandal, she remained silent and used the little time to reminisce about how it all happened.


Removing Sister Ruth was just too easy; the case of Sister Joy was more tasking. The plan to remove Sister Ruth came to her without much effort. While she was thinking of how to go about it without getting indicted by the process, the process came knocking without hassle. No doubt, Sister Ruth was very good to her, taking her as a Sister and treating her with respect despite the vastness in age difference. But she wasn’t ready for mercy; she was ready to take over.
Sister Ruth was way older and more experienced in singing and she could even compose songs. She also helped pay many of Blessing’s seminars fees whenever there was an important seminar pertaining to a singing career. But maybe, unfortunately for Sister Ruth, she was not a lesbian like Sister Mary. Maybe if she were, Blessing would have considered soaring together with her. But since the only interest that aligned them was the singing aspect, she felt no real attachment to her since she can always develop that on her own; though it might take a longer time than the shorter while it took with Sister Ruth’s selfless effort over her.
They were not living together; it wouldn’t have made sense if they were since to Blessing, no sexual interaction would have been a waste of space and time with another female. But it wasn’t long before she found out that Sister Ruth was straight in terms of sexual interest. Emeka, then, was nothing to Blessing except a boyfriend to Sister Ruth- her church-mother.
Emeka was an exceptionally handsome guy who loved to stare too much at Blessing, and it didn’t take long for Blessing to note his interest in her. He rarely talks whenever he was with Sister Ruth, but he didn’t disappoint by always staring at Blessing whenever an opportunity arises. She didn’t really like it, being a lesbian; especially when she wasn’t ready to consider bisexualism.
So, a day came by when she went over to Sister Ruth’s for the usual evening vocal lesson. She always went to Sister Ruth’s residence if they didn’t go to Brother Ade’s music school for training. Brother Ade was just an influential Church member because of his music school, and that landed him the office of the Choir Coordinator. This was why most of the vocal practices were done in his school.
But that evil day, Sister Ruth asked to meet at her place, but she wasn’t there. So, Blessing called and Sister Ruth said she should wait up. While waiting, Emeka came along to open the door at the request of Sister Ruth who asked him to come help open the door to her apartment with the spare key with him, so that Blessing won’t be standing outside like a stranded visitor.
“So, you have been waiting for long, right,” Emeka asked while taking a soft drink from the small bedside refrigerator, after he had opened the door to Ruth’s apartment for Blessing.
“Not really,” she replied without any interest.
He came over and handed her a can coke- she declined.
“Wow!” He said, sitting on the bed, preparing to open the can for himself. “You don’t drink coke or you simply don’t want to have anything to do with a stranger?”
“You’re not a stranger,” she replied, leafing through her music notes. She wore a frown, and she hoped he would notice and just shut up. She wasn’t interested in any discussion with him and she wish she could just tell him straight away.
“Well, if it is about me being a stranger, then you might take a drink of your choice from the refrigerator.”
“I have told you, it is not about that.” She raised her voice a little and looked at him sternly, still with the frown sagging over her forehead. “I am not just thirsty.”
“Why didn’t I believe you then?” He pressed further.
“Believe whatever you want,” Blessing snapped at him, “it’s not like I care anyway. Kindly allow me to concentrate on these notes before Sister Ruth comes back.”
“I think you hate me.”
“I don’t hate you.”
“I think you do,” Emeka insisted.
“Why on earth will I hate you? We rarely talk.” She replied, getting angry.
“So, if you don’t hate me, then you dislike me.” He continued, taking a gulp from his can. “Maybe, hate is a strong choice of word.”
Blessing sighed but remained silent. It is no doubt Emeka was only getting on her nerves, so, it will make sense to just be quiet.
“So, why do you dislike me?” He asked, but Blessing remained silent. Leafing through her notes, but not catching a glimpse from it. “Why don’t you just …”
“I don’t dislike you, okay? I mean, what is the meaning of all these? Why do you even think that I hate or dislike you?”
“Good question,” he said and sat up, “I think you dislike me because you have realized that I like you.”
“Wha..? I beg your pardon?” Blessing closed her notes and sat at the edge of her chair to face him properly. “Are you well?” She asked, meaning to offend him.
“Of course, I am. You know I like you, and I guess you like me too.”
“Now, this is too much, okay? Where did you get all these ideas from?”
“See,” Emeka started, “you like me, it’s glaring, and I like you too. You know that. You don’t have to deny tha…”
“Shut up, Emeka!” Blessing got angry and stood up. “I am not going to sit here and listen to you talk like a fool.” She let out a dry chuckle and continued, “For what is worth, I don’t like you one bit, and I don’t give a penny if you did like me, which is your problem.”
“Listen to me…”
“No, you listen to me, Emeka; let this madness stop and end right here, I can’t even be with you.”
“Why?” Blessing repeated his question in unbelief. “Are seriously asking that question?”
“Of course, but I guess it is because you are very beautiful and has this nice voice and maybe, I am not in the league of…”
“Hey, Emeka, excuse me. Do you know Sister Ruth? Do you know the lady with the best voice in the whole world; dark and pretty?”
“Listen, Blessing…”
“I am talking about your fiancé if you want to pretend you do not understand where I am driving at. She’s got the voice and all that. What else do you want? That line won’t sell.”
She picked her book and announced her exit. Emeka quickly stood up and blocked the door.
“What does this mean?” Blessing asked as Emeka filled the door opening like an inflated airbag.
“Just give me a minute, alright?”
“A minute to do what? Rape me?” She laughed.
“No, no, I can never do that, but just a minute to hear me out. See, I seriously love you, okay? There’s almost no day I didn’t wish you are mine. Ruth might have the voice, but you know she is damn too ugly.”
“You are an idiot! What then do you want with her? Why decided to marry an ugly lady if you know you’ll still be chasing the beautiful ones? Besides, she is beautiful; everyone is.”
“I don’t know or care what Ruth had told you about us, but Ruth and I are only ‘fuckmates’, okay? She likes me, told me so, and was all over my neck until I gave in. I never promised to marry her and she knows that.”
“Jesus Christ, you are even more pathetic than I thought. Please, let me go, now!”
“Please, think about it, okay? I promise to do anything you want. I don’t give a kobo about this…Ruth… or whatever. The moment I saw you, I knew you were just what I have been looking for.”
“Listen, Emeka, I am a child of God, and I don’t indulge in adultery or whatever you and Ruth may have indulged yourself in. I am a virgin and I…”
“What?” Emeka asked, bursting out in laughter as he tried not to. “You can’t sell that line to me, okay? How can a sumptuous, succulent,” he demonstrates with his hands as he carefully pronounced the adjectives, “edible and sexy lady at your age claim to be a virgin? You can’t sell that line, never.” He smacked his lips and continued, “Your lovely lips have definitely tasted the apple, and your thighs have made ways severally for the banana.” He grabbed his crotch and moaned. “Or should I say ‘plantain’? I know you will like the big ones. You don’t have to deny.”
Blessing opened and closed her lips almost immediately, no word came out. She licked her lips and she could swear she is already wet at the mention of plantain. He could have said cucumber. She fantasizes for the first time how different a male’s cucumber might be inside her and she was lost in lust.
Before she could realize what has gone wrong, she was kissing Emeka who had taken advantage of her confused state, her hands grabbing the back of his head in ecstasy. Emeka laid her on the bed and brought out her boobs, he bit her hard nipple in a quick sharp movement, and before she could feel the pain, he covered the nipple with his wet mouth, sucked away the pain and turned it into pleasure. She moaned louder and grabbed him tighter. She wanted it, she wanted him.
Emeka slid his hands between her skirts, and it was easier to find his way into her wet, juicy, slippery hairy triangle with the G-string she was wearing. Like an expert that he was, Emeka scuffled her soft pubic hairs, deliberately brushing his fingers with her clitoris. She wished to collapse in a climax that hasn’t come. She held his hands and guided it inside her wet hole; she pushed up for her hole to swallow it all. This went on for a long time, and they both enjoyed it.


Sister Ruth quickly paid the transport fare as she hurried down from the taxi that took her home. She was sure Blessing would have been tired of waiting for her. She tried Emeka’s number for the umpteenth time and he still didn’t pick up; the same with Blessing’s. Sister Ruth started to think otherwise, even though she kept saying ‘God forbid’ every time her mind kept saying ‘maybe they were having sex’.
She wasn’t even sure she did what her Boss asked her to do correctly because her mind was about getting home to find out why none of them was picking. She hurriedly crossed the road and rushed to her apartment. The front door was locked, but the door to the kitchen was left opened. So, she sneaked right in and removed her stiletto, tiptoeing towards the bedroom. Her heart beats louder than a sound system and she could swear she could hear it.
She went over to the door and tried to open it, but it was locked. She could hear voices and moaning from inside as she pressed her ears on the door. She was right! She clenched her fists and shut her eyes- she wanted to cry. Then, gathering all wits, she banged on the door loudly.
“Open up,” she screamed, half crying. “Emeka, open this door!” She banged with all her strength and cried loudly. Then there was this sound of unlocking the door from the other side, she braced herself for the worst. The door opened to reveal a naked Emeka. She didn’t even say a word; she just wailed and pushed her way in.
“What is the matter with you?” Emeka, who has fallen on his butt as Sister Ruth had pushed him, asked.
Sister Ruth stood transfixed at the sight in the room, her wailings clearly abating.
“What is the matter with you?” Emeka asked again, dusting his butts as he got up.
She sniffed and asked, “Where is Blessing?”
“Blessing? Is that the meaning of all these?”
“No, No, that …that is not… I … em…” She stammered for words.
“So, you thought low of me as to be having sex with your church-daughter or what?”
“No, that is not it. I… I am only asking because I…em…” she started stalling herself; looking around the room, maybe she will find any evidence of someone inside the room while selling her lies.
But Emeka clearly knew what she was doing, so, in a bid to distract her, he went over to the bed and lifted it up, he went to the curtain and slide it sideways, went to the toilet and opened the door for her to see,
“Are you satisfied now?” He asked, feigning annoyance for lack of trust. “Is that why you are crying?”
“No, actually, I…we …I mean, I lost a friend. A colleague at work and we… we were very close.”
“Who?” Emeka asked. “Jenny, Bisi, Lola?”
“You don’t really know her,” she sniffed, wiping her eyes. “See, it’s not about you, it was just that I was very close with this person and…” she changed the subject, “why are you even watching pornography on your laptop?” She asked, realizing that was where the voice was coming from.
Emeka shrugged and said, “I was only warming up for your return.”
“Oh, really?” She said and threw him a big hug.
She clung to him so tight that she almost suffocated him. Emeka held her close and stroked her back gently.
“I love you.” He whispered.
“I love you too,” Sister Ruth answered back.
Emeka ensured that Sister Ruth’s back was facing the door opening; the door was already left wide open. Right behind the door emerged the cunning Blessing, who tiptoed gently, picked her note from the chair slowly with her flip flop in her hands. Emeka, who was still holding Sister Ruth so tightly, ensured that her back still faced the doorway. He spoke inaudibly to Blessing as she made her exit,
“I love you.” He ended it with a wink.
Blessing shook her head in pity as she tiptoed away.

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