23: The Useless Incantations

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The tall lanky old chief priest was in the farm when we came. He had no phone, therefore someone was sent to fetch him for us. They said the farm was not far.

One hour later, we were still sitting inside the Dibia’s hut, waiting for him. The delay offered me the opportunity to look around and check out the equipments with which the black Messiah would use to recover or rescue my missing brother. Among the things on a very large old basket were Chicken Feathers that were probably a 100 or more years, Old and Dried Kolanuts that even the rats had refused to eat, a small earthen bowl of Chicken Blood which the gods had also refused to drink, a pair of metal gong and the stick that was used to hit it and some strange sticks that were probably used to deceive people.

I sat beside my old Uncle Jimmy and waited.
Jimmy also took the opportunity to convince me that the native Doctor would find our brother for us. I didn’t blame him, he was a very old man whose era and its believe system had been supplemented and replaced by Christianity. He probably knew that Christianity was in town and he knew that a massive amount of people, especially the new generations had joined the Christianity but still yet, he believed that his old native doctors and their gods still worked wonders.
I would have refused to visit such place because i so much believed in facts and physicality.

I dont believe in magic because they were all geared at confusing people. I knew long ago that no amount of magic would make a damaged Vehicle without petrol move an inch. The only thing that can move it was force and force was a physical thing.

But due to the missing guy, i had no option than to go against my belief system by following them to the Dibia.

As a runner who has been running with me, i believe you know my stand against belief system by now, even against the crooked Churches. People call me to ask why i didn’t believe in Churches. But guess what i tell them, i remind them that there must be a great force out there called God. But that due to the fraudulent nature of Black men, i hated their religious and political styles.

Nothing else would have made me to visit this Dibia, except that ironically, i would become the cause of why my brother had not been found.
During the time we were debating whether i should follow them to Ezeagu or not, someone had as much as blankly said that if i didn’t go, it meant that i didn’t want my brother to be found. Really?

My mother had refused that i should follow them. She was apparently scared something could happen to me and she would be losing two big boys. It took a massive assurance from me, that nothing would happen to me before she was able to calm down and agree.
On top of all that, she had called me inside her room and rubbed me with Olive oil, she even gave me one bottle of it to keep in the car.
That was how we reached a conclusion that i would follow them to the Dibia.

Finally the Dibia returned from the farm. After setting down his farm tools, he drank water and came inside the hut where we had been sitting for over an hour.
We greeted him.

He shook our hands and sat down.
The man who brought us there had returned as well, he was an Ezeagu man living and working in my town. It was him who suggested the Dibia in the first place.
As suspicious as i had always been, i had suspected that he had called the native Doctor and told him that someone was missing and that his people would be coming.
Unfortunately, i didn’t see any mobile phone with the Dibia. I was going to be reading every of their moves until the end.

Every black man wanted one thing; Money. Even the Dibias, the Pastors and every other set of people. Money was the end product which everyone deceptively sorted for.

“Hem! Hem! Hem! Drop the consultation fee on the ground” The Dibia started.

I looked at my uncle to tell me how much the consultation fee was. I knew money was going to be involved, i was already a master in the game of wits.
My uncle said i should drop 1000 Naira. I did what he said.

“Young man” The Dibia continued while pointing at me, “The Spirits wants you to go and sacrifice a Cock and some yams at your mother’s place. You have been having some problems with your business in the city but if you do what i said, your business will begin to thrive”

I nodded as he went on to tell me about how the spirits of my maternal ancestors had been angry that i haven’t gone to sacrifice a living animal to them since i started making money.

Now that wasn’t a bad idea. It was a culture in my place and i believed it was the same all over the Igboland, for a man to visit his Mother’s place for some kind of sacrificial feast. It could just be drinks alone. It could be drinks with some foods. It was just what people did in the olden days but since it was all about eating, it wasn’t abolished like many other cultures. Therefore i understood where the Dibia was coming from.
However, that was not why we came to him. My brother was missing and he totally missed that line.

After over thirty minutes of incantations and counter incantations, he concluded that i must go and do what he said.

My uncle cleared his throat.
“Eze Mmuo, this is not why we came here. Our son and brother was kidnapped over one month ago and he has not returned. We came to know if you can ask the gods to reveal to us where he is” Jimmy said.

Well, our purpose of coming had just been revealed by us. It was time to wait and see how the Dibia would twist and turn the issue around. It was going to be difficult for him. It would have been easier for the more enlightened crooks called Pastors, they would have quickly turned around and find a way to connect 1 and 2 but the old man was going to struggle, atleast to convince me.
He was supposed to correctly guess why we were there but he failed.

“Hem! Hem! Hem! the gods are angry. Was the young man living in the city?” he asked.

Has any villager ever been kidnapped for huge Ransom?

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