23: The Escape – East Coast Of Iberia

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I arrived in Valencia Estacio Nord and threw away everything that connected me with Alicante; tickets, newspaper and even the Magazine i picked up at the hotel.
I also removed my white eyeglasses and put on back the dark ones.
People have been staring at me inside the bus as if they have never seen a wound around someone’s eyes. One silly old man even asked what happened to my eye since the wound was still fresh. I had smiled at him like a fake pastor and told him my girlfriend hit me there. He has cursed girls in Spanish but since i didn’t understand what he said, i didn’t care.

In Valencia, i decided to join the Renfe Fast train to Barcelona. It took us over four hours to cover less than 200km stretch from Alicante to Valencia; i didn’t want to spend that kind of time in a short distance like that again even if i was running from the combined team of Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonapatre, afterall i didn’t kill anybody.

The fast train took 3:15 to get to Barcelona Sant Station from Valencia Estacio Nord.

It was already getting dark when i arrived in Barcelona and as a result, i decided to sleep over in the beautiful city.
The Barcelona beach was rumoured to be one of the finest in the entire Europe. There was a section called Nude Beach where one could go and feed his or her eyes on dangling breasts.
I had seen that kind of beach in Normandy North West of France but the racist management refused me entry.
Since the Spanish were of more North Africans than whites, i was sure nobody was going to stop me from visiting the Famous Nude Beach. I had money with me, if i had to pay even 100 euro just to enter the beach, i would do that without blinking an eye.
As for those dangling boobs, i was going to see them.

There was a man from my Village named Budget who lived in Barcelona. He visited Amsterdam during the first time i lived there and i was among the people who hosted him. He has been asking me to visit Barcelona for long but little did he know that i have been on the run ever since he left Amsterdam.

After settling down in a hotel room, i called Budget.
He was very excited to hear that i was in Catalunya. He directed me to come to a smaller city near Barcelona called Tarrasa.

I hide all the money i got from the ground inside the hotel room and walked downstairs with my wallet and my passport alone.

I located Budget with a cab where he was waiting for me in a Popular African Restaurant. A lot of Africans were there drinking.
The Almighty FC Barcelona had as usual and expected, defeated Real Madrid in what was popularly tagged ‘El Classico’ in Spain.
Samuel Eto’o, a camerounian professional footballer was there buying drinks for whoever wanted to drink. The Police were outside stopping some kids who wanted autograph from Eto’o.

We entered the restaurant and started drinking too. After a bottle of stout, I walked up to Eto’o to greet and shake his hand.
That was something i hardly did in Europe but i was actually impressed with Young man who was almost rumoured to be my age. The other reason why i walked up to him was that i wanted to know if he was really my age.
The place he was sitting with three other strangers were a little dark and it was a bit difficult to find out if he was older or younger.

I returned to my seat and continued my drinks until around 11pm when Budget announced that we were going to a night club.

All through our stay at the restaurant, half of my mind were centered on the money i left in the hotel room. I wondered if i should have brought it along with me or if i was right to leave it behind.
The reason why i released Ikenna was because of that money. I wasn’t sure Clement was going to send any money to me after i left Ikenna and i wasn’t planning to do anything about it except issue threats. It would be a shame if someone stole the money from where i hide it but i didn’t think someone could steal it unless there was a spy camera hidden somewhere in the room that saw me when i was hiding it under the bed.
I never trusted the Europeans when it came to security and spying; they were very good at it, although the Southern Europeans of the Iberia Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) were not yet very interested in spying travelers. They still needed money to feed their hungry citizens and not to spy on travelers.

We returned to the Barcelona Center for night club and continued drinking until well into the early morning of Sunday, the next day.

“Thank you for the hosting Oga Budget. I am tired now and need to go and sleep in my hotel” I said after i made up my mind that it was time to go.

“How can you say you are going to a hotel to pay when i have an apartment here? Lets go to my place” he said.

“I already paid for the hotel and i have their keys. I did that before i found the simcard where i saved your number. I left some of my things there, so i can’t go with you” I told him.

We went outside together and took different cabs to our destinations.

The first thing i did back in the hotel room was to lift the mattress and check my money; sure it was there but due to how the money didn’t allow me to have fun all night, i decided that it would be the last time anything will separate me from the money for even a minute.

I woke up around 9:15am and took my bath. It was time to continue my Journey. There was a small country i have been seeing in European map called Andorra. I have always wanted to visit it due to its history and that was the best opportunity to go there since it was very close to Barcelona. However the problem was that i was traveling with more than 10,000 Euro which was the limit set by the general EU law.
Andorra was another sovereign country, though ruled by Spain and France but i didn’t know how their security network operated. It had no railway and can only be accessed by road. It was a trap waiting to catch me; therefore i decided to forget about it and continue heading to Toulouse France. Another opportunity will come someday.

To be successful you must accept all challenges that come your way. You can’t just accept the ones you like.

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  1. sam

    The Bible says that ;”where the Treasure of man his; there shall his heart be”. The heart of our pilot is where the money his and not to enjoy the fun loving atmosphere in catalonia

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    Nice so u’ve actually met Samuel Eto’o….me go go one day oooo to see Messi or Drogba.
    But Zubby u have stopped asking questions on Saturdays wat happened?

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    Boss has met JayJay at Faro Portugal and now Samuel Etoo Fil at Barcelona Spain. Thumb up Boss. Clement has become a gentleman, he would send the money and dem no born Chigbo well make he touch 1euro from the money. Zuby Baba Werey t’o badt. Ride on Boss.

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    i’m having this feeling that clement will not fulfil his promise

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    Nice and good update but don’t forget to answer the question above ” did you visit the nude beach “

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