23: Life In Abidjan

Chapter 23.

“I don’t really know when i am leaving this place. There is a small delay” He said.

I continued probing to find out what he would say. I already knew what happened, i just wanted to know if he would be sincere enough to tell me by himself.

“I came to pick up something here but my contact is being detained by the Ivorian Authorities” Ken said.

I asked him to explain further.

He went on to tell me how he came to pick up a parcel and how the person who was supposed to give him the parcel was arrested at the border. He also said that some efforts were being made by his business partners to free the arrested man.

It was very easy to know that Ken was telling the truth.
Chinedu said exactly the same things but the way Chinedu told me about it, he made it look like Ken was looking for a way to defraud me.

I didn’t have much money with me in Abidjan.
Basil gave me 500 Euros as pocket money. Chinedu gave me some Local currencies which i didn’t even know the value but since a plate of food took as much as 3400 CFA, it was easy to know that 50,000 CFA wasn’t such a big money. It could only cover about 15 meals which i was surely going to eat before my departure back to Europe.
I was determined not to spend the 500 Basil gave me in Amsterdam. It would be added to the money i was going to be paid.
I needed to quickly complete the money for my dream Toyota Rav4.

“So what are you going to do when and if your Hotel rent expires?” I asked out of genuine concern.

“I have my return ticket to Europe. If they haven’t released him after two weeks, i will simply return to Europe” He said.

Ken and I ended up making love again that night. He even slept in my room until the following morning.
The way we were going, it was very obvious that he was going to impregnate me. I was being too careless with him. In just one full day, he had managed to pour his sperms inside of me.

As early as 8am the following morning, i left the hotel and went to search for a pharmacy. I couldnt wait any longer. I had just finished dealing with my menstrual circle and from what i heard, that was the perfect time to get pregnant.

The lady pharmacist asked if i spoke French.
“No, English” I said.

“What want you Madam?” She asked.

I explained to her that i just finished having sex and that i wanted to flush it out of my body.
She looked at me as if i had said something bad.

Before i left, she gave me a mixture of two different drugs and asked me to take them at once.

Back in the hotel room, i drank the drugs and lay on the bed.

Two hours later, my stomach started turning and making noise.
It wasn’t difficult to know that the drugs were responsible.

I eventually went to toilet and cleared my stomach out. I had no way to know if the drugs did its primary assignment or not, i just believed that it did but right there, i told myself that i wouldn closely monitor the situation.
If i suspect anything when i get to Europe, i would definitely go for a more powerful drug.
Ken called while i was in the room. He wanted to know if i could come up to his room.

I told him that i was tired and needed some rest.
He also asked if he could come to my room but i also gave him an excuse.

Around 4pm, Chinedu called. He said he was on his way to a place called Conakry.

“I will be back in two days, remember what i said about that Ken. If anything happen to your documents, you will be stranded in this country” He said before he cut the call.

He was right, if anything happened to my Passport, it would be disastrous for me.
The Passport and the residence permit are the only link i had with Europe.
It was true that i was fingerprinted before the Italian authorities gave me the permit but it was difficult to imagine the kind of stress i would go through if anything happened to the documents.
I would definitely be required to travel to the Italian Embassy in Lagos Nigeria. I would also be required to get a new international passport because no matter the kind of residence permit one had, international passport was still required to travel.

Since i didn’t have the local phone number, i wasn’t able to make international calls. The money i had in phone could only help me to receive calls, especially from outside Ivory Coast.

The day after Chinedu traveled to Conakry, i went to the beach with Ken. We held hands and walked along the side as if we had known each other for a million years.
As was the characteristic of all playboys, he flashed charming smiles at people we walked past.
I didn’t care much, i was just having my fun. I knew that it was just a matter of time before our destinations separate us.
I would be heading to Amsterdam while he would be heading to wherever he came from.

Somehow, Ken still believed that i was in Abidjan for Holidays. I had a feeling that he also believed that i had enough money to spend around.
I managed to change 200 Euros from the 500 i came with from Europe. It gave me a lot of CFA and allowed me to buy some stuff.
I even went as far as buying a shirt for the loverboy.
He seemed to have charmed me with his open teeth but at the back of my head, i already know where we will end up.
If he returned to Europe and searched for me, he would be surprised with what i did in Castel Volturno.
There was no way he could have known the things i did in the past but just like every other Igbo guy who lived in Europe, Ken knew what the Edo girls did i Europe.

Before we returned to the hotel, Ken bought a pack of Condom.
I didn’t tell him that he wasn’t going to sleep with me again, i felt that he needed the condoms because the way he was going, it was just a matter of my absence before he grabbed another woman.

“Ken, i need some rest alone” I said to him as soon as we got to the door of my room.

“Would you call me later?” he asked.

“Maybe, let me just finish resting first. I will try” I said as i flashed a smile to him.

He left and walked to the third floor where his room was located.

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