47: The Movie

I gave her a thorough bath and led her back to the room. There were new cloths inside my bag, I brought them out and selected the ones I thought was the best. I helped her put them on. It was time for Q & A.m.

” How did the interview go” I asked.
She nodded and said nothing. I shifted closer to her and laid her on my laps. I didn’t want to rush the questions. She was in a total shock and required tact to deal with.

I stroked her hair slowly while she laid there on my laps. Then out of nowhere, she started crying again. I decided to let her cry out the sorrow in her heart. It took over ten minutes before she calmed down. It was already 8pm, and I needed to eat something. I took her downstairs and we entered a restaurant directly opposite the hotel.
We ate slowly and quietly, though I chipped in some jokes now and then. The jokes eventually worked. She laughed at a joke I had said and I picked it up from there.
Surprisingly her face started returning to normal. She was coming back to humanity once more. I practically avoided some topics such as What happened with Emmanuel, why I left her etc. I only concentrated on our running in Portugal and how we outwitted madam grace.

We left the restaurant and walked down to a large building. It was a cinema hall. We entered inside and checked on the movies for the night. A movie named ‘Mission Impossible” was going to start by 10pm. We purchased its ticket and went back outside to find a bar.

” I don’t know what came over me. I don’t know why I did what i did. I had promised myself never to cheat on you but it just happened. I never slept with Emmanuel.” she said.

” Its ok. We have all learnt our lessons now. I want you to understand that your life belongs to you. You are free to live however you want but if you do what I don’t like or what I can not deal with, I will just tell you and maybe we can end our relationship peacefully” I said.

” I wonder why you wanted to kill yourself over what happened” I continued.

” What I did was very bad. I should never have done that after everything you did for me” she said.
The tears were beginning to form in her eyes again. I rushed my drink and took her outside.
I told her to stop crying all the time or I would return to Berlin first thing in the morning.

We walked down to the cinema hall ahead of time and sat outside like many other people. We chated about Berlin, Bremen and Portugal. she said she thought she had lost me for good, that she also thought she was seeing my ghost at the mall. She also said she had had dreams of me beating her.
Whether it was true or false, the point was that she went through a bad time and it showed all over her body and mind.

When it was 10pm, we went inside and watched the movie. Tom Cruise was the lead actor. I remembered him from another movie. I didn’t concentrate much on the movie, I just held Jennifer close to me throughout the duration of the movie and when it finished, we went back to our hotel.
She wasn’t in a state of mind for sex, I had no appetite for sex since I met her at the mall.
We just laid on the bed and talked and kissed occasionally.
She had started reasoning well like the girl I knew. It was good. It was only a matter of time before she recovered fully. The good news was that I was going to make sure she recovered before I left Bremen. I worked for nobody but myself.

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