22: The Escape – Foreign Student

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I returned to the road and walked on the pedestrian walkway while waiting for a cab. It was risky walking near the road because that was the street Patrick and Ikenna Lived.

There was a newspaper in the taxi that took me back to the hotel. I scanned through the pages to see if the news of what happened last night was there but it wasn’t.
I believed i saw something in the Alicante newspaper about burglary and stealing money but since i didn’t understand Spanish then, i flipped past the page. I didn’t want to ask the driver anything about that either; i was not involved and that was it.

I returned back to the hotel and picked up my key from the reception. The first thing i checked was the jean trousers i put under the bed. Sure, it was still there with all the money intact.
I counted the money in my wallet and it was still complete.
I switched on my phone and waited for a few seconds before text messages flooded in.
Clement said he called many times but couldn’t reach me, he got my phone number from Chigbo in Amsterdam. He asked why i stopped answering his calls and all that, i called him back.

“I have been calling since yesterday night” he said.

“Why?” I asked him, trying to find out what he knew.

“Chigbo said you released Ikenna yesterday night and that he is in the hospital” he said.

“Yes, he was getting sick and could have died if i didn’t let him go. However, i am still hanging around in Spain. I will go after him as soon as he gets better. If i don’t see him, i will find another way to harm you people unless i get my money. Mr. Clement, if i have to come to London because of this issue, trust me, i will be there. You of all people know that i will come there. I want money for my hospital bills, i released Ikenna because you promised i will get money today. If not, i wouldn’t have released him even if he was dying there. I put on my phone to know if you have sent the money to Chigbo. Have you done that?” I asked.

“The money will be ready by 4pm. Today is Saturday here and it is difficult to gather the whole money” He said.

“I heard your contacts in Amsterdam are sending things to you in quantum. Maybe we will do business when i return to Amsterdam but first of all, i need to go for my operations” I said.

“I will let you know when i send the money to Amsterdam, you can return to Amsterdam” he said.

“No, i am staying in Spain until i am sure you send the money. By the way, your father is a handsome yellow man, why didn’t any of you resemble him?” i asked.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“You heard what i mean”

“You saw my father?” he asked.

“Not really, just the pictures my boys sent to my e mail address” I said.


Although i told Clement that i was staying back in Spain, i knew that i was returning to Amsterdam.

The text messages i received contained two from Maria. He wanted to know when i was returning and what i was doing there. She said she had a dream where i was arrested and cuffed by the Police.
She wanted me back in Amsterdam as soon as possible and also said that if we had to move from Amsterdam, she will not hesitate.
I called her back and told her that i was missing her too and that i would start returning to Amsterdam immediately but that i would be flying from Alicante Airport to  Barcelona for a meeting with a friend, then from there to Amsterdam.

Before telling Maria i was returning with flights, i already decided that i was traveling with Trains and Buses. I did that to throw the authorities off balance if they were tracking me. One could never be careful enough.

It was already 11am when i called Chigbo, i was walking down from my hotel room to the reception.

“Have you received the money?” I asked.

“What Money?”

“Clement said you will settle me” I said.

“He didn’t send any money to me”

“Then call him because it is you i know” I said.

“Why didn’t you ask him to send you the money? I just returned from Hospital for check up and i haven’t eaten anything, now you come up with this one again. Please count me off from all this. Even the 800,000, i don’t want it again” he said.

“Don’t panic yet, just call him and tell him what i said. I am going to Milan now and will return to Amsterdam from there. If by the end of the day i don’t have my money, we will start all over again” I said and cut off the call.

On my way from the morning jogging, i had stopped outside the hotel and bought shaving sticks. Before i left the hotel, i cleared every bear on my jaw and left the ones on top of my upper lips.
I cut it the style of Adolf Hitler and also cleared every single hair on my head. I abandoned my face cap inside the hotel and bought a white pair of eye glasses to compliment the black one i had.

At the Alicante bus station in Muelle de Poniente near the harbour, i bought a ticket heading North to Valencia.
The Renfe train system was more of a security risk than the buses. I had also purchased a plastic file and stuffed some papers i took from the hotel room.
As it stood then, Ozoigbondu the foreign student in Spain was going for an exam in Valencia.

Thou shall not disturb the foreign students.

Some months earlier, University students staged protests across Europe over a new reform that would increase school fees and benefit the wealthier students. University students in Berlin, Rome, Paris, Barcelona and all the other major European cities staged coordinated riots demanding that students be allowed to study anywhere they wanted in Europe as well.

As a result, the European authorities were still very careful on how they treated students.
It was the reason i decided to become a student while escaping from Alicante and Spain in General.
As it stood, I was a student of University of Lille in France, returning from a Holiday in Elche, Valencia, Barcelona, Andorra, Toulouse or Marseille, depending on where i was stopped.
Yes, there was No way to mention Alicante; i never heard of such name since i was born.
Who wanted to be captured.

Dedicated to the Abuja Runners.
Ozoigbondu will be available in town (ABJ) between Sunday evening and Wednesday. I trust my Whisky is available. I am already Guaranteed tilapia at TILAPIA EATING CENTER Plot 601, T.O.S. Benson Crescent, off Ngozi Okonjo Iweala way, (After Caramelo lounge), Utako, Abuja.

Those not invited are : SSS, Italian Mamas, etc.
See you…

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