22: Only If She Knew

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22. Only If she knew.

“I am going to France this morning” Zuby said.

The news was too sudden and unexpected.
I had a feeling that he would disappear from the eye of the storm but i thought he would stay close to me. Therefore it was a surprise when he said he was going down to France.
I knew there was no way he could stay in the apartment when Adesuwa said she would be heading to Sweden. He was naturally going to stay away from me and the apartment. He was never going to allow Adesuwa to see him.

“What are you going to do in France?” i asked.

“Maria, i need to stay close to Aunty Joy” He said, “She is our big target and the way things are happening, she may be planning something down there in Italy. I need her to believe that i am scared too. Besides there is nothing happening here except that Adesuwa is coming. I need to stay away from her too because she could suspect that we are playing with her and if that happens, you will be in more trouble than anyone else.”

There was no need arguing with him over his decision to travel down to France. I knew him well enough to know that it was not a good idea to attempt to stop him.

Zuby ordered me to pack some clothes for his journey to France. I also watched as he arranged some cash in his jean belthole and when he was done, he called Rose into our room and warned her to stay in peace with me.
He said he could spend up to a week down there depending in how things turned out.
I watched as he lifted his bag and gave me a kiss before he opened the exit door and disappeared.

I had a feeling that Zuby wasn’t going to France; in fact i believed he wasn’t leaving Sweden. His excuses were genuine but knowing who he was, i knew he would have told me earlier that he would travel out of the Country if Adesuwa or Joy decided to come over to Sweden.
Sweden was a big country, almost the size of Germany and Switzerland combined together. There were tens of cities where he could just hide and wait for the two women to leave before he returned.
But like he once told me, it was better that i didn’t know where he would be, just for security reasons.

An hour after he left, i tried to reach him but his phones were all switched off.
Aunty Adesuwa had called and said she was on her way to Sweden.
Aunty Joy had also called and said she would come the following day. I was excited about the latest developments and wanted to convey the news to Zuby but he was unreachable.
I had no option than to wait for his call.
He eventually called and said he had reached France.
He called with a French phone number and at that stage, i believed he went to France for real.

“Aunty Adesuwa is here in Sweden. She said she talked to you and that you told her you were in France” I announced.

“That’s true, we spoke on the phone. Has she given you the money?” He asked.

I told him that i haven’t seen Adesuwa. She had only called on the phone and said she was in Sweden.

“How are my supposed to pick up the money from her?” I had asked.
Zuby told me to calm down first. He said Adesuwa must call him before handing the money over to anybody. “Just remain calm and pretend that you are not interested in the money or the hand-over. Don’t let her suspect anything. Everything will fall in place on its own eventually” He said. Aunty Adesuwa came to my apartment with a cab. She said Zuby promised to allow her speak to Precious before handing the money over to her abductors. I didn’t know how Zuby intended to do that but if that was true, it either meant that Zuby was still in Sweden or that Precious was in France. The two possibilities were clear enough but if i was asked to chose one, i would chose that Zuby was still in Sweden. It wouldn’t be easy to take Precious to France through the air without a convincing traveling document. I just had to wait and see how things unfold. I waited with Adesuwa until somehow a call came into her phone with an unknown number. She answered and spoke with a strange man before the phone was given to Precious. The phone wasn’t on speakout, i was forced to go very close to Aunty Adesuwa to be able to hear what Precious was saying. I overheard her complaining that she hasn’t eaten anything since two days. She begged Aunty Adesuwa not to abandon her. She even suggested that Aunty Adesuwa avoid the Police because the people holding her said they would behead her if they involved Police. It simply meant that Precious was well prepared on what to say. Whoever told her what to say prepared her very well because she sounded so real. If not that i was part of the entire plan, i would have believed that Precious was being held somewhere for real. Ten minutes after talking to Precious, Zuby called Aunty Adesuwa with an unknown number. He asked if Adesuwa and Precious has spoken. When Adesuwa confirmed that she has spoken to Precious, he asked Adesuwa to locate the woman who spoke with him the day before and hand the money to her; the woman was me. Zuby made it look like she didn’t even know me or know that Adesuwa was right there with me. When the phone conversation was over, Aunty Adesuwa handed the money to me and asked how i would give it to the man. “Aunty i don’t know. I am afraid that they may kidnap me as well. I just have to wait and see if he will call me” I had said. We both waited until the call came. “Listen carefully” the voice said, “Go to the Stockholm Central with the money. My men will be monitoring you from there. I will call you in thirty minutes and direct you on the train to enter. Make sure nobody follows you especially the woman who gave you money. If my men sees anybody with you, you will be in serious trouble.” It was Zuby who called and he did that with an unknown number. Since Aunty Adesuwa heard what he said, she decided not to follow me to the Central Station. It was even her who said i should go alone. Her major concern was for Precious to return. Only if she knew that Precious wasn’t returning to her anytime soon.

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