22: Nike Shop

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Chapter 22: Nike Shop.

I wrote a quick message to Franca. It read, ”I can see you standing at the line 4 station in Gare du Nord, come up to the Nike Shop, let us finish this business”.
I sent the message at the same time the train was stopping at the first station in Barbes-Rochechouart.

As soon as the train came to a halt, i saw Ernest holding his phone on his left ear while looking into the back coaches. He had looked into the coach 5, 4, 3 and was about to look into 2 where i was hiding, then he had suddenly turned around and jumped into another train heading back to Gare du Nord where we had just come from.
I figured it was Franca who called him and told him that i was at the Nike shop.

I followed the metro train all the way to Simplon station and stopped.
I called a cab standing across the road and asked him to take me to Marne-la-Vallee where Naomi was waiting for me.

She was happy when she saw me. I brought out some new phones from my pocket and she grabbed the Samsung instantly.
”I like this one baby” she said with a smile.
It was the first time i had seen her smile for long. It was almost sad that i was the cause of all the current troubles she was facing. She could have continued with whatever business she was doing but fate had brought us together. There was no need to blame myself. No matter how hard i tried to change things, it still meant that destiny pointed towards the decisions i made. Our destinies was that we must meet someday. If the Gods didn’t wish us to meet, there was nothing we could have done.
”You can have it baby, its for you. We will leave this place by 11pm. I have tickets to Marseille with me” i said.

After resting for a while, i switched on my phone. I had switched it off when i got to Simplon station.
A few minutes later, Ernest called. I switched on the recording application and started recording.
”You stupid man, i didn’t know you are such a loser. They told me everything you have done. I will catch you in this Paris, just watch out” he yelled.
”Ernest, i didn’t know you are also involved in the human trafficking. I should not have gotten involved. But what you people are doing to the girls is very bad. How can you send them to the streets in the cold weather to stand and wait for men, can you allow your own blood sister to do the same”? I asked calmly.
”Is it your business, do you know how much those girls cost to bring to Europe? Do you know what their Madams went through to bring them here? In fact, my own sister is doing the samething in Italy. So if you know what is good for you, you better tell that useless Naomi to return to Franca and beg her for forgiveness or two of you will die soon” he said and cut off the line.

I replayed the recorded conversation to the hearing of Naomi who was busy operating her latest Samsung phone. She didn’t care about what i was doing. She had made up her mind that she no longer wished to be a street sex worker. She had agreed to return to Marseille And start language school rather than waste her young age on the cold streets of Paris.

After arranging our bags, we removed our cloths and played on the bed until it was time to go.

At 10:40pm, I went outside to get a cab and when i returned, we entered and drove to Gare Du Nord. It was time to leave Paris Metropolis for a while.

The documents i applied for wasn’t going to mature until after the interview. It was at the interview that the authorities give out the temporal resident permit card if they believed the story you told them. As it stood, i won’t be going for my interview until after some weeks. I didn’t even have much faith on the interview thing. As days went by in Paris, i discovered that it would have been better if i had processed and applied for the documents by myself instead of using Nonso Ukeh. It was a mistake dealing with him but i didn’t know how it worked.

We got to Saint Charles train station in Marseille around 4:30am. The temperature was different from that of Paris. Marseille wasn’t as cold as Paris but the wind from the Mediterranean Sea breezed past the entire City. We had gotten down and walked into a coffee shop.
”Give us two cups of hot Chocolate” i had said to the lady attendant. She had disappeared and reappeared after a minute with two cups of chocolate.
I paid her and gave one to Naomi who was lying half asleep on my legs.
We drank and waited for the day to break properly.
After thirty minutes at the coffee shop, we walked outside and entered a cab. The cab took us to a cheap hotel near the Station.

We entered and rented a room of €40/day. It was a nice well organised room. Since we were tired, we dropped our bags and changed to sleeping cloths, then we slept until 12pm.

I woke up before Naomi and sat on the only chair in the room. I watched her as she slept. A million things zigzaged through my mind as i watched the little sweet girl sleeping on the bed.
I thought about how the whole thing was going to end. One thing was for sure, I was not going to settle down in France and not in any European Country for that matter. My hope was that when my sojourn around the World was over, i would retire in a small farmhouse in an isolated place in my village where my only close friends would be the birds but there on the bed was another human being who had suspended her life to me. She was not part of the original plan, therefore it was only a matter of time before we go our separate ways but i hoped to make sure that i helped her lay a good foundation before our time was over.
I was an angel because most of the people i knew didn’t care about the sufferings of those girls in Europe. They only minded their businesses and each time the topic came up, they usually maintained that the girls knew it was going to be that way for them. But we ourselves didn’t know how it was going to be for us in Europe, we had hoped for a safe haven where we were going to become rich overnight but it was not to be what we hoped..

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