22: Learning The Ropes

Chapter 22.

“I will go to Guinea to bring in your stuff and start work on it in two days. But before then, i want you to follow me to my place. Bassy said that we need to teach you how to swallow the stuff first” He said.

“When are we going?” I asked.

“Now” He said.

I told him to excuse me for some minutes while i change my clothes.

Twenty minutes later, we were on our way to where Chinedu lived.

Inside his apartment, he brought out some balls that looked exactly like the cocain balls i saw in Amsterdam.

“These are drugs, why should i learn with them?” I asked.

He said they were not drugs, rather they were Semovita, tied in balls just like the cocaine was done.

With Okro Soup, I started swallowing the stuff.
It wasn’t as difficult as it seemed.
There wasn’t much difference between that and the Garri i started eating from childhood.

Chinedu watched as i swallowed one ball after the other.
It became clear to him that i was determined to make money.

He counted twenty pieces as i swallowed.
“That’s enough” He said.

One hour later, he asked me to drink cold milk.

Another hour passed by before i started removing them one after the other from my anus.

I sat on the Toilet WC and waited for the stuffs to tumble out of my stomach one after the other.
I felt joy and excitement at each one of them that came out.
If i managed to take the main stuff back to Europe, they would surely transform to hard currency for me.

Right there inside the toilet, i began to think about returning to Ivory Coast as soon as i got back to Europe.
If i were able to transport 50 balls in each trip, that would give me atleast 4 to 5000 Euros.

There was a sexy Toyota Rav4 SUV i saw in a small town near Castel Volturno. The owner said he would sell it to me if i come up with 5000 Euros.
I already saved up that amount of money back in Italy, but i still required another 900 Euros to ship it to Africa.
I also needed another 1500 Euros for the clearing of the car back in Lagos and other little expenses that would come up.

The picture of me owing a car started having realizable shape.
I, Maria James, The daughter of Mr. And Mrs James Eratobor was going to own a car.

The news that i built a house was still vibrating all around Ekpoma. The news of sending a vehicle to Nigeria would add more vibration to the town.

The Knock on the Toilet door jolted me out of my reverie.

“Are you OK?” That was Chinedu.

The bastard should have allowed me to savour that little moment that happiness engrossed me.

“Yes, I am OK” I shouted back.

He had apparently come to check how i was doing with the excreation of the stuff.

Before the evening, i was able to remove the whole stuff from my body.

While inside the toilet, my phone has been ringing inside the room. I didn’t bother to answer it or even ask who was calling. Since it was my Italian simcard Card, i believed that the caller must have been one of my customers back in Italy.
But when i returned in the room, i checked And saw that it was Ken. I recalled that i gave him the number the night before.

“Who is Ken? he has been calling you” Chinedu asked.

I wanted to ask why he even touched my phone but i quickly remembered that i was at his mercy in Ivory Coast.
People were sometimes stupid and i had no doubt that Chinedu could attempt to frustrate me if i did or said what he considered offensive.

“Ken is my friend” I answered.

“Your friend from where, the phone number is a local one” he said.

“He is here in Abidjan” I said.

“I hope its not that Stupid boy in Hotel Afrique” Chinedu said.

“What’s wrong with him?” I asked.
There was no need nibbling around the truth. He already knew who Ken was.
It was important that i hear what he wanted to say about Ken.

“That guy is stranded here in Abidjan. I don’t want him to come close to you again” Chinedu said.

What a news.
The same guy i just slept with was being blasted and condemned before me.

But for the same reason, i didn’t say a word, i just listened as he condemned Ken.

There was no need being in a haste, Chinedu said he was going to Guinea, i would soon be free in Abidjan. I would soon be with my Ken.

“I didn’t know he is still in that hotel, i would have lodged you in another one” He said.

It was time to ask questions, i was sure Chinedu expected me to say something.

“What do you mean he is stranded” I asked.

“He came here to pick up some stuff but his contact was arrested with cocain in the Ghanaian Border. His hotel rent will expire in two days. He is going back to Europe without anything” He said.

It seemed Chinedu knew so much about Ken. I wasn’t surprised, the Igbo drug nework was connected in West Africa.

After listening to Chinedu, I became a little scared about Ken. I had no clear picture of what he could do to me as a stranded man but i needed to be wary of him.
His big manhood suddenly meant nothing to me anymore.

If i wasn’t a prostitute, i wouldn’t have fallen for him easily but the idea of meeting a Nigerian man a hotel in Abidjan was unexpected and as a result, i believed that i was safe.

Late in the evening, i returned to the Hotel Afrique.
My suspicious Boyfriend was sitting outside the hotel when the cab dropped me.

“I have been flashing your phone to know where you are” He said as he saw me walking towards the reception.

“I saw it” I said.

“OK, where did you go? I knocked on your room”

“Out, i went out Ken” I said.

It was time to show him the other side of me. I was already warned to be careful with him, therefore i believed that it was better i start showing him that i had my own life.

“Why are you talking like this, what is wrong?” He asked.

I turned around and faced him. “Nothing is Wrong Ken, i went out for business. I came here for business, remember”.

He followed me as i walked inside the hotel and picked up my key.

Inside my room, he sat down on the chair while i occupied the bed.

“When are you leaving this place back to Europe?” I suddenly asked.

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