22: By All Means

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Chapter 22.

The next day was scheduled as the day we would visit the Dibia in Ezeagu.

It happened that a man from That part of town lived in our town. It was him who had approached Jimmy with the news that the Powerful Native Doctor would find our brother. He had sold this message to Jimmy in a way that i had no option than to follow them.
Left for me, the man would not even have gotten audience from me but like every other agency, he had gone to Jimmy, someone he knew i would listen to.

My mother didn’t object to my visit to Ezeagu, she just warned me to be careful with the old men. She on her side, wanted just the return of his first son. It didn’t matter to her how he would be found.
Although she was a Catholic and had been praying every morning at the Church but she didn’t mind looking elsewhere for her missing Son.

Before i left for the city, We scheduled to go to Ezeagu the next day.

Back in the city, we drove straight to Barry Gold Hotel and picked up our bags.

“Are you leaving Sir? You paid for one week” the receptionist said as he saw us putting our bags in the car trunk.

“I will be back, i want to go and distribute some of this things” I lied.

Since those who chased after us the night before could have traced us from the hotel, it was time to move. The plan was to leave the entire New Heaven area and that was what I did.

We drove to Agbani Road area. There was a hotel called MIRAGE along that road. It was standard and even better than Barry Gold. At 5000 a night, i paid for just two nights.
I was sure i would move again after two nights, i had decided to be moving from one point to another. It would help protect us.

After settling down, we went to a nearby bar called Village Square and sat there. While we talked, we sipped a bottle of red wine. There were some things to do but i needed some time.

After our drinks, we drove to the site where my brother was kidnapped. The house was heading to the second floor when it happened. Blocks and rods and some other materials could be seen scattered all over the place. Some were being stolen as well and i didn’t blame the thieves. Even vultures eat their own when they die.

I called my younger brother to arrange some workers and put those things in place.

Back in the hotel, i went down stairs to answer a call.

Ify had been calling ever since but due to the fact that the phone was on silent mode, Queen didn’t notice.

“How are you?” i asked

“Why haven’t you been taking my calls since yesterday?” That was our Ify.

I wanted to shout at her that i didn’t have to answer her calls all the time. We weren’t married.
But on a second thought, i decided to play along. There was no need hurting her when i didn’t even know how she understood being hurt.

“I told you i would be busy” I said.

“Even if you were busy, you can answer calls” She said.

“I dont have to answer calls when i can’t. You must learn to live with that” I said.

I was struggling to keep myself from being angry. A lot of things happened to me since the night before and the last thing i needed was for some girl to be pushing me to the wall.
I was almost living like a guy with multiple girlfriends. I was struggling to keep people from using my name badly due to girls but right there at the hotel, i decided that if Ify would continue to hound me, i would come out to the open with Queen and let the Heaven fall.

I eventually hung the call on her and every other attempt at getting me was ignored.

Maybe i was confused but Ify wasn’t my girlfriend yet. Queen too wasn’t classified as my girlfriend. She came down with me to get some documents. Although we were doing one or two things lovers did but still, i didn’t see her as my lover. I liked her, even more than Ify, but the point was that she would return to the UK without me.

There were other sweet things all over the place in Enugu but unfortunately, there wasn’t anything i could do. I was minding my finances because my money was stuck with the missing guy and there was no way i could go to bank to claim anything without producing a death certificate. It was a complex situation for me.

For the rest of the day, we didn’t go anywhere. We ate at the hotel kitchen and watched the TV until night. Queen wanted to go out but i didn’t. She had insisted and i had thrown the car keys at her.

“Baby you can go out, i am tired” I had said.
She didn’t know how to drive and even she did, i would stop her from going out. The key i threw at her was just preamble.

We ended up making love that night and the following day, i told her that i would be returning to the village to have a meeting with the elderly man. She wanted to go with me but i didn’t allow that. Rather i called Uche to pick her up at the Mirage hotel.

Before i left for the village, i gave her another 10k and asked that she use only half of it. I knew she would use all of them anyway.

I filled my petrol Tank and drove to the village. Jimmy and his counterpart from Ezeagu were already waiting for me. I picked them up and headed to Ezeagu. We were going to a native doctor somewhere in Ezeagu Bush to look for my missing brother.
Irrespective of my doubts and belief system, i had to respect the belief of others. I knew our people were backward in reasoning but to carry them along, there was the need to listen to them.

At 9th Mile Corner. We drove past the Nigerian Brewers factory and Aqua Rapha factory too. We headed to Owa via other smaller towns until we ran out of the tarred roads. Then the journey became bumpy from there.
We drove past some unknown towns and after over three hours since we left home, we were still galloping through the bushes of Ezeagu.
Although Ezeagu was in the same Enugu State but i didn’t know such places existed.
It would have been fun visiting such a place if the circumstances were right but we were in a quest to recover a missing human being, that alone took out the fun in the expedition.

Several Hours later, we arrived at the little dirty hut.

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