22: Welcome to Tedi Town

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I got to Lagos and called my cousin who lived in the apartment I had rented in Ojo area before going to Europe. He said he was at the Balogun market where he traded on ladies shoes. I told him to call me when he returned.

Having nothing else to do, I went to the Books House near Broad street Lagos and took the lift up to the Floor where a stock broking firm were located.
I got there and told them to teach me what stock business was all about. They did and from my observations, it was a dangerous venture. Though some stocks were more dangerous than others but in general, a country like Nigeria where anything was likely to happen at anytime wasn’t really worth investing in their stock business. The risk was high but I managed to buy into three banks and an insurance company.
In total I bought N500,000 worth of stocks. It was the money I got from the Honda civic. It had belonged to my younger brother and that was why I decided to invest the money for him in stocks, though I was never going to tell him.

In the evening, I walked to the Balogun market to meet with my cousin. He was very happy to see me. We went to Mandilas near Idumota and bought some jeans and shirts for him. Then we went back to Ojo area where he lived.

The three bedroom flat was still neat. The TV, DVD and some other items I left behind were still there but wasn’t up to the standard I wanted. As a result, we went shopping the next day to buy a flatscreen TV, a home theater DVD, a play station 2 and some other items.

I refurbished the house hoping to make it a permanent base whenever I returned to Nigeria.

There was not much to do for the few days I wanted to spend in Lagos, therefore I called Elizabeth in Jakande estate. She was very excited to hear that I had returned to Lagos. She said she would come to Ojo the next day. I called liz in Aba. She was alright and still grateful. According to her, her parents had asked for my phone number to greet me and possibly meet with me if I would agree to. She had given them my phone number.
They had been calling me but since I hardly answered numbers that was not registered on my phone, I guessed there were among those. I didn’t want to talk to them at that moment anyway. I told Liz I would let her know when I return to the east.

Down the street where our flat was located, there was a cybercafe belonging to a man from Anambra state. His name was Mr James. The cyber cafe was located in front of his house where he lived with his wife and children. Among his children were Chiamaka, a beautiful young girl whom I admired so much, the only problem was that she was just 16, an age I wasn’t going to degrade myself to no matter what.

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