46: Baby I am here now

Four hours later, I stopped at the Bremen central station. It was already 5 in the evening. The camp gate usually closes by 6pm. I walked to a mall near the camp and saw some campers coming out. I stopped one of them and asked if she knew Jennifer Ebot. She said yes and told me that she was inside the mall.

I wanted to walk into the mall and surprise her but on a second thought, I felt that she could be in there with Emmanuel or even another guy. Walking up to them could hold another surprise for me.
But what if I walked up to her and saw her with another guy? Sure they were not likely to be kissing inside the mall.

I made up my mind to bear whatever I saw in the mall. I opened a locker outside the mall and kept my bag inside it, then I locked it, took the key and went inside the mall.
I saw a lean figure bending down towards an Ice cream flat refrigerator. I was coming from the back. She was admiring the big ice cream since she had no money to buy it. She had purchased a pack of cheap chewing gum.

” You can have the ice cream if you want” I said from behind her.

She jumped up in surprise and stood there looking into my eyes as if I was a ghost. She stretched her right hand and touched my left hand.
” Its ok my angel, I am not a ghost, I am not dead yet” I said.

” You look very skinny Angel, did you get sick” I said.
She didn’t say a word. She just stood there and kept her gaze on my face. I moved closer and hugged her. Her eyes had started to water again. The tears had formed and it was only a matter of seconds before some memory triggered its easy flow downwards.

” don’t cry please, I am here now. I have missed you so much and I couldn’t wait until tomorrow” I said.

She was struggling to keep the tears away from falling freely. I entangled myself from her and picked up the biggest ice cream in the Refrigerator. I held her hand and walked slowly out of the mall. We paid at the counter and picked my small bag from the locker.
”You are not going to sleep in the camp today. I hope you have your ID card with you” I said.
She nodded as we moved across the road to wait for a bus back into the city center.

” I hope you won’t get into trouble for sleeping outside the camp” I asked.

She said that people slept outside the camp after their interviews but always returned every week to pick up their weekly allowances.

She herself had done her interview over two weeks back and she would have been coming to Berlin ever since then but the ugly incident happened before her interview.

We got to Bremen Vegesack area and found a hotel. I paid for two nights and collected my keys.
Apart from wanting to see Jennifer again, the Bremen trip was a nice get-away from Berlin. I had felt that some dark cloud was encroaching me in Berlin. Whenever I was in doubt, I usually stopped dealing or traveled out.

We got to the hotel room and opened the door. It was better than I had thought. It had a large bed with white silk sheets. A towel, paper tissues, a small fridge containing some becks beer. ( Becks was a Bremen local product. Every german city had their own beer).

I dropped my bag on the bed, turned around and planted a long kiss on Jennifer’s lips. She didn’t respond fully. I felt she was still not convinced that I had forgiven her.
I sat her down on the bed and opened the ice cream we had brought from the mall. There was a plastic spoon that came with it. I sat on the bed and carried her to sit on my laps, then I feed her the Vanilla cream like a baby.

She looked so hungry and Sick. Her face was going pale. The blood on her face seemed not to be flowing. I was almost scared too. Jennifer was dying slowly and yet she had been crying on the phone and probably off the phone too.

After the ice cream, I removed her Pullover and Bra. I bent down and pulled out her trousers and underwear. She watched as I did all that and when she was Unclad totally, I removed all my clothes too and led her to the bathroom. It was time to give her a hot bath like I used to do back in Portugal.

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