21: The Escape – Genuine Sportsman

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Chapter 21.

“Do you sell whisky in bottles here” I asked the lady at the hotel bar who was cleaning up glasses.

“Yes, but much more expensive than the prize outside” She said.

“Tell me the prize of Jack Daniels”

“90 Euros Sir” she said.

“Wow, that is very expensive, just pour three shots for me, i am taking it upstairs, i see you are closing” I said.

“I am just cleaning up, i work until 3:30am” she said as she brought down a bottle of JD and poured three shots in a large glass and handed it over to me.

“Oh, Ok. In that case i will keep you company until you close the bar. I seem not to feel like sleeping this night” I said.

The truth was that i knew the price of a bottle of JD was up to that amount in hotels and even in bars but i already took the risk of spending the stolen money in two places. Those new bills could be traced with their numbers and i would be in a bigger trouble around Europe, though i was able to convince the receptionist that i lost my passport and would report to Police the following day. If i was able to leave the hotel in the morning before any trouble, the cops would only rely on CCTV cameras to identify me as the guy who spent the missing money.

Around 3am, i got sleepy and told my new girlfriend that i was going up. He thanked me for keeping her company.

The following morning was a Saturday. I woke up around 6am and kitted up for a roadwork. It was time for morning sports.

Luckily for me, i had traveled with a short Adidas sports pant which i always wore inside each time i am going out. I liked it a lot because it has two side pockets where i hide some money sometimes.
I also visited Spain with Nike BasketBall shoes.

Since i started running for my life, i preferred leaving my apartment with sports shoes that could allow me to run. I adopted that stuff right from the beginning. The Leather shoes with hard soles were made for Suits which i hardly wore.  The Hugo Boss and Armani Suits i bought in Champse Ellyse Paris never entered my body because i hardly go to occasions such as birthdays or weddings. I didn’t socialize except to drink out with one or two people and i didn’t need suits to drink. All my life, i believed suits were corporate wears made for the westerners to cover themselves from cold. We didn’t need that in Africa due to temperature.

Since i didn’t come with a Sports shirt, i put on my pullover and went downstairs.

I hid all the money in my jean pockets and put the Jean under the mattress.

“I am going for morning jogging, i will return in an hour or two. Don’t rent out my room, i will be back” I said to the new receptionist.
She asked my room number and i told her.

Out on the street, i stopped a cab and followed it to El Monastrel Restaurant.

The street where El Monastrel was located, had other streets that diverted out of it towards the sea.

As the cab driver drove me down towards the El Mon Restaurant, i counted three streets going down to the abandoned railway. The last one was the one I used the day before that went down to the old station.
The first one went down to the railway and so was the second one but it was only the third one that went down to the abandoned station.

When the cab got to the end of the road, i told him to turn around and drive back towards where we came from, claiming that i missed direction.
He stopped me at the first street that went down to the railway.
I paid him and started jogging down the road towards the railway tracks. It took me about three minutes to reach the old railway, then i turned right and started heading towards the direction of the abandoned station.
I knew it was going to take me about ten minutes or more to get to where i got the money yesterday night but it didn’t matter, i was out for morning sports; distance shouldn’t worry me.
Anybody who saw me jogging would know that it has been ages since i did that last.
I would run and walk and run again until i got to the area where the hole was made the night before.

The spot looked like where a tree has been uprooted. Apparently, the people who hide the money there already returned for it but i was sure they didn’t see it.
The gun and the mask has been taken too.

A quick look at my back revealed that nobody was coming.
I quickly diverted right into the dry grasses and located the spot where i hide from the police the night before.

Sure my wallet was sitting on the ground. Small dews has fallen on it but nothing was damaged.
I picked it up and stuffed it in my right hand pocket without checking if anything was missing; then i brought out my manhood and urinated all the way out of the grass to the railway again.

The jogging sportsman was just urinating and would surely start running again as soon as he finished; that was what i did because as soon as i got out of the grass, i started jogging back towards where i came from.
The 10km i intended to cover has suddenly ended and it was time to go back.

I didn’t want to continue running towards the abandoned station, i was afraid that i would be tempted to take a look inside the room where i left Ikenna the previous night and might see what i didn’t expect. Among the things i imagined i could see in the room were the Dead body of Ikenna or may be some traps set up by the Police.
Ikenna could have died if he didn’t get help. I didn’t even check if he had enough airtime to make calls in his phone; i was in a haste to leave the station and as a result, i didn’t make sure he had all the things he needed to contact the outside.
If he died there, i would have preferred to hear it as a news than to be an eye witness.
An Igbo proverb said that “It was where the monkey was trying to see everything in the bush that the hunter’s bullet caught his head”.

I also feared that i could see some yellow police tapes surrounding the station with warnings such as ‘Do not cross’ written on them in Spanish.
Sure, a team of forensic would be there taking pictures.

No. It was better to turn around but to live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong

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    this ur life journey is one big and tactical adventure ooo

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    time to relocate, spread the money in many hand n locations so that it wil be untraceble

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