21: Ify, My Emergency wife

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Chapter 21.

”Do you know his name” Dozie had asked.
He was asking of Mr Segun Adewale who had mysteriously disappeared with our drugs. According to the discussion, my own stuff was 300 grams while Dozie had contributed 250 grams. The venue was Dozie’s house. It was necessary that i went to his house to deliver the news properly. I had already called him on the phone and told him that our contact had stopped responding. I had waited for three days before breaking the news. Robin and his friend had followed me to Dozie’s house. I took them along due to the fact that Dozie could decide to get violent. I never trusted him.

”Yes, i know his name. My cousin who lived in London told me his name” i said.

”I thought you said it was Liverpool” Dozie suddenly asked. Smart guy. I Expected him to grab that little lose line. A sinking man always grabbed everything in his way.
”Yes, my cousin IK worked in Liverpool before relocating to London, he was the person who gave me Segun’s contact” i said.

I wrote ‘Adewale Olusegun’ on a paper and handed it to Dozie. He demanded for the phone number and i gave it to him too. He said he would  send it to a lawyer to find out if the man was captured by the Police.

Who cared, one thing with drug business was that as soon as someone began to tell you negative stories, the whole thing escalated from there and it usually ended to nothing. I had sold the drugs at €29/gram and realised €7250. Robin’s friend didn’t know that it was a scam, therefore he got nothing. Robin knew what i did but also refused to accept anything from me. He had called me into his room and advice me to stop that line of local scam, according to him, someone would find out one day and that would alienate me in the entire Bijlmer. He was right. I was done with the local Scam. One thing Robin didn’t know was that it was for revenge. I never ever thought about hurting anybody who didn’t hurt me. I hardly thought about people who were not involved with me one way or the other.

When i got home from Robin’s place, i called Jennifer in Berlin and asked how she was doing with the baby. They were fine according to her. I had also been in constant communication with Efuah, my ex girlfriend who lived in London. Princess had started grade school and was brilliant. We would chat through yahoo messenger for hours. She had given birth to another boy and girl. She sent me their pictures too.
She was also surprised that i wasn’t married yet. She had constantly advised me to forget about money and get married. I had joked that since she left my life, i wasn’t interested in marrying any other woman. She believed i was serious, or maybe i was. Life was such a complicated road with lots of signs.

Ify knew nothing about computer. I didn’t know where to start teaching her. It took her five days to learn how to shut a windows laptop down. She had given up. All she did was ride me every now and then. I was afraid she would get pregnant, which could result in a Tussle between me and Chidi. I wasn’t going to leave any of my issues to anybody again. Ify was about 24. I myself was heading to 27. I could marry her, though i had always wanted to marry someone who was atleast 7 years younger. But things usually didn’t work out the way we planned it.

”What if you get pregnant” i had asked Ify one day after being intimate.
She said she would carry the pregnancy and give birth to the baby/s. I had asked her who would own the baby/s between me and Chidi. She had tactically given me a vague answer.
”Lets wait until then” she had said.
People had started seeing us together around Bijlmer. Since the gossip in the area was huge, i would hire a snoda and drive with Ify to Utrecht or Almere. Utrecht was 30 minutes away while Almere was 10 minutes away. She would buy ice creams and tried to feed me like lovers. I had tried to Make her understand that i was never created to live that way.
We were already in the Summer. I had become lazy and stopped dealing on drugs for some weeks. I was busy spending the money i got from Dozie. I was careful not to make big expenses. I was also not interested in sending drugs to anybody outside Holland. If any of them out there wanted to deal on drugs, he should raise money and sent to me.

Chidi had somehow married Ify for me. I had become an emergency husband. She had stopped sleeping anywhere else except my room. She would wash my cloths and do all the house works. However, she knew that i wasn’t ready to settle down. During one of our numerous escapades, she said that she would leave Chidi and follow me if i found a place of my own. She wasn’t really into Chidi. Europe had confused her. She never saw me dealing on drugs and she wondered how i made my money. Unknown to her, i had mapped out €1500 for her expenses. I would give her €10 or €5 whenever she demanded for it. I would also buy foodstuff since Chidi had decided to abandon her in Amsterdam. Europe wasn’t a place for enjoyment, it was a war front. Anybody could find himself anywhere anytime. It was just as easy as that. The system wasn’t conducive for us. The laws were made to enslave us mentally. It was only through crime that most Nigerians made their living. The minimum wage for unskilled labour was very small. It couldn’t even pay for house rent, health insurance, utility bills and remained for food. Therefore every body embraced drugs, even those who claimed to be born again Christians. I just wondered how those people managed to be at peace with themselves.

I had found a newspaper in Amsterdam that featured African articles. I sent them a mail asking them if they would be featuring articles on comedies. After reading my samples, they agreed. However, they said i won’t get paid for the first two months. I didn’t care. It wasn’t for the money. I just needed an avenue to express the lives of Black men in Amsterdam through Jokes and comedy. It was such a good avenue. Life as a writer started from there.

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