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This is 2014 and in just about seven months
from now,the country would be holding a general
election of unprecedented significance given that
since 1999 except for the brief period of our late
President Yar’Adua, the presidency has been in
the South.
For the North,no other election in the history of
Nigeria is capable of making or marring the
political influence and position of the people of
the Northern region of Nigeria as the 2015
presidential election.
For the majority of Northerners who are by far
more politically conscious of the two broad
regions that make up Nigeria, it would have been
unnecessary to remind our people .
However,we have in recent times been
witnessing a dangerous trend, a divide and rule
tactics by the current government aimed at
weakening the determination of the North to
reclaim its traditional position of providing
leadership for Nigeria polity.
Only recently Alhaji Haliru Mohammed and his
likes met with President Goodluck Jonathan,
Pledging allegiance and promising to betray the
North again for him,come 2015 polls. What a
The likes of Gulak are not relevant when we have
committed elders like Dr.Junaid Mohammed and
others who will not fail the North, like governors
Nyako and Kwakwanso.
The same people like Haliru who benefitted from
the same position and public offices that our
fore-fathers laboured for which the north is being
denied since the time of Obasanjo who betrayed
the North.
The North is only asking for what it does best in
Nigeria;leadership. All regions of the country
excel in one area or the other; the West in
education, Eastern region business, the North
has since independence by divine blessing
provided leadership and administration which
has kept the country stable and secure and
would continue to work for a peaceful country.
This is no accident; it is the Almighty Allah that
has destined it so. However,there is currently a
mediocre interregnum, with an interloper in the
name of a Jonathan Southern presidency .
It is an aberration; for apart from the six months
when Aguyi-Ironsi and his Eastern cohorts took
North unawares, the North has provided
leadership for the country and has even denied
itself by installing a South westerner,Olusegun
Obasanjo twice as a president from the South.
First Obasanjo on the death of General Murtala
Mohammed , even Chief Shonekan when Abiola
attempted unsuccessfully to rule, and later
Obasanjo again in 1999 till 2007 to help fulfill
Allah’s will of the leadership role of the North for
our country.
Obasanjo nearly abused this privilege by
attempting to go for a third term ,after he begged
and pleaded with the North that brought him to
power in the first place to allow him go for a
second term.
For his betrayer of the North , Obasanjo made
amends for his actions making sure that power
returned to North by handing over to the late
Umar Musa Yar’Adua,his friend’s younger
brother in the most rigged election of 2007
election as opposed Gen.Muhammadu Buhari
that Nigerian people wanted.
No matter the arrogance of those in power now ,
the likes of Obasanjo know that without the North
he could not have stepped into the office of the
president where Chief Obafemi Awolowo who
thought could rule Nigeria failed woefully.
Another Yoruba leader who has shown wisdom
and knowledge of history to achieve greater
benefits for his people unlike Awolowo who was
not flexible is Bola Ahmed Tinubu who after
initial reluctance in 2011 ,has since seen the
light and realized the strategic wisdom in
working with the North for a just and sustainable
It is against this background that the 2015
presidential election becomes particularly
significant for the North. For now power is in the
hands of a zone which arrogantly believes that it
is entitled to it by virtue of the natural
resources , in their region ,whereas every region
has contributed its resources to the initial
development of the oil they now claim ownership
They fail to remember politics is a game of
numbers .They thought they can use National
Conference and they blackmail our people that
North is afraid but now the reality of our strength
of number has shown who we are and that is
How can a zone not larger than only two
northern states either in North west or North east
hope to retain power. This can only be if the
North allows it to happen and we shall not allow
the mistake of 1999 to repeat again.
Our carefully selected delegates at the National
Conference have made this clear,the so-called 13
percent derivation should infact be reduced to
5% for only on-shore oil, because all mineral
resources belong to the federal government ,this
has always been the case since the colonial
If the North stands together with it allies in the
South west we can ensure that local
governments get 35% of federal allocations ,
while states get 39 percent . Let those who want
50% derivation get it only from those resources
that were not located naturally.
As for the elections, with the South west under
Bola Tinubu with five states combined with our
population in the North we will show our
superiority on Election Day come 2015.
Teaming up with General Muhammadu
Buhari,who whtever any one might say is
currently the undisputed leader of the North, as
there is no other person whom the masses in
the North are willing to vote or even die for, like
General Muhammadu Buhari , and he certainly
merits it.
Moreover he has over several years also been
working hard to unite the entire Fulani people all
over the world. This is historically found in
several countries across Africa ;from Kenya
through Rwanda , Central Africa Republic, Mali,
Mauritania, Niger, to Nigeria etc.
The Jonathan people in the South believe they
can win in 2015 because they can get the
support of the Middle Belt Christians.Trying to
use religion will not work and in any case how
many Christians are they even in the whole
Nigeria compared to Muslims?
Only naive traitors of the North and from there
will not support the region from the denial
Obasanjo’s betrayal has cost the North. We are
confident that this plan to use our people will
The Middle Belt has always been full of treachery
right from the days of Joseph Tarka and his
likes,yet their United Middle Belt Congress could
not stop the Northern People’s Congress (NPC)
from winning in the past.
The political naivety and narrow mindedness of
some Middle Belt people as always cannot stop
the North from clinching the presidency if only
the APC selects a Northern presidential
The PDP will surely fail as our people continue
to move away from its umbrella.The North can
make its population count and truly show that
politics is a gameof numbers and Allah has
granted us that to provide leadership.
As for Professor Attahiru Jega, we pray that he
does not betray the North in the 2015 elections.
Dr.Yusuf Jubril (President)
Sani Mohammed (Secretary)

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  1. rubbish write up…. Definitely I know zuby doesn’t have a hand in this shit (he is too intelligent for it) ….. A part of the country believing leadership is their birthright.(so much fallacy for a believe). Whoever wrote this shit should quietly sit and watch how 2015 unfolds..

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