20: Coal City First Attack

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Chapter 20.

They were apparently waiting for me there and they must have followed me from somewhere. I didn’t know who they were or why they were running up towards me with shotguns. The large flash lights outside the gate had picked them up running up from a dark alley. One of them was sitting inside their car, parked almost opposite where i had faced my own car. He had seen me and had opened his door and was jumping out with his own shotgun.

Fortunately for me, i had been on the look out for criminals. Not only due to the fear of those who kidnapped my elder brother but also for the fact that i was using a flashy Japanese car in town in the night. The criminals in town knew each other and they knew the people who lived in town. It was their town.

I didn’t wait for anybody to tell me that we were in danger. The only thing i remembered saying was telling Queen to put on her belt fast. At the same time, i had engaged the auto Transmission of my vehicle and directed the front bomber of my vehicle on the car door one of the criminals had opened. He was still behind the door, trying to activate his gun when i hit the door. The door in turn hit him hard as i heard him scream while i zoomed off at same time.

A quick look on the side mirror revealed three more of them running up fast towards the one i hit. I didn’t have much time to see what was happening because i was on top speed already. Two gun shots had followed my car which had turned right towards the Government house.

The car i hit was a red Toyota Corolla. It took just a few seconds to see the car behind me. I had ran out to the old Bissalla Road that connected the Okpara Square and Chime Avenue. It was a good marked road with street lights that brightened the night.
We had managed to organize ourselves by locking the doors and putting on our seat belt. Queen wasn’t helping matters as she bombarded me with questions about what was going on.

To avoid too much panic, i had told her that they were Police trying to extort some money from us. She had looked behind and announced to me that they were coming after us.

I didn’t know which way to go. The closest Police post i knew was at Abakiliki road, running there would be dangerous because i was likely to hit some small delay at Otigba Junction.
The all night 8hours joint was already busy with street girls and live music. Some cars had probably been parked along the road and would most likely cause delays.
Another option was to run down the entire length of Bissalla road, turn right towards the Chime Avenue to New Haven where our hotel was located. The road was good but the problem was that i didn’t know if they had followed me from the hotel because that was the last place i visited before going to the eating joint.
In the confusion of the moment, i also forgot that there was a police station opposite the Barry Gold hotel but even if i recalled that on time, i wasn’t going to go there. I had never gone to that Police Station before And i didn’t even know where the entrance gate was located. That was not a kind of thing i would be looking for while four men with loaded guns were behind me.

I saw their headlights running fast behind us and i slowed down as i approached the round about that branched to the Rangers Avenue. They were about 10 Meters behind when i suddenly marched on my breaks, turned left at the roundabout and joined the other side of the road that led to Okpara Square. As i expected, they did the same but i was already back on speed mode.

Opposite Tuscana Hotel, i turned left and joined the Brown & Brown road. They followed about 60 Meters behind me until we busted out to the Enugu-PH expressway. Then at that stage, i knew that it would take the combination of James Bond and Jet Li to catch me.
Rather than heading towards the NNPC Mega Station which led back to Enugu, i turned right and headed towards Port Harcourt.
They came out too but far behind me as we ran the race of our lives.
My Lancer was a Sport version that was designed to run. In about two minutes of joining the highway, their headlamps disappeared from my inner Mirror.
I believed they may have decided to abandon the chase but i also knew that they might have decided to off their lamp to catch me off guard.
Whatever their reason was, i had decided to leave town that night. I was going down to the village to sleep and i was going with Queen. I didn’t care about what people would say over why i returned with a girl to look for my brother. My safety was the first on the list, they could say whatever they wanted.

I drove past 4 corners and two minutes later, i met the Army road block after the UNTH.
After answering some basic questions, i gave them 500 and left. I didn’t want to tell them i was being pursued, that could have turned into another thing.
They just showed me where my front bumper was damaged. I told them i saw it earlier and hat it would be fixed the next day.

I got to my compound in the village some minutes past 11pm.

After opening the gate, my mother asked why i returned so late.
There was no need telling her what happened. She was still battling with the fact that her eldest son was missing. It would be bad to throw in another bad news of me being tracked. Therefore i just told her that i was nearby the whole evening but didn’t want to call her.

She asked who the beautiful girl with me was and i introduced Queen to her.

“She is my friend from Obodo Oyibo” I had said.

“Queen this is my mother and this is my village” I said. “I am sorry for coming here in the night but you know why we decided to come here”.

We had argued about where i was driving to earlier. I had told her the hotel wasn’t safe for us that night and that we were going to sleep in my village. She had asked how long it would take to get to the village but five minutes after her question, we got home.

“I will see her very well in the morning” My mother had said before she retired.

The next day was going to be Q&A.

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