14: Count your blessings

As soon as we settled in our new apartment, I opened the black bag containing Madam Grace’s Ransom money. I spread the contents on the floor and asked Jennifer to count them while I took my bath.

When I returned, she said it was €13,000. The money was complete.
Our own share would have been 7 or 8 thousand euros but since Jose and Nuno his friend wanted all of the money, why wouldn’t I want all of it as well.

I told Jennifer to go take her bath. As soon as she went into the bathroom, I opened my two phones and removed the sim cards. I opened her own phone and removed the sim card too. When she came out of the bathroom, she saw the phones scattered all over the table. She looked at them and decided not to ask questions about it. She knew I must have had a good reason for scattering the phones.

She applied her make up and wore her cloths, then we went downstairs and into the Historical city of Braga Portugal.

We walked hand in hand like lovers and strolled down towards southeast of the avenue. We came out at the Joao XXI Avenue. We turned right and walked to the busy Immaculate Conception avenue.
We went into a phone shop and bought two Nokia Phones. Then we bought 3 sim cards.
We found a chinese Restaurant and entered.
The incidents of the day made me forget that human beings survived on foods and water.
We ordered fried rice mixed with chicken flesh and fresh crayfish.
After the meal, we called a cab and went into the city center.

I was wondering what to do for my little Jenny to make her feel loved and relaxed. The girl had been through a lot. Running with me like a fugitive from one city to another.
I wondered if she enjoyed the unexpected adventure.
I wondered if she would agree to do the same things if the time was rewinded.
I wondered how she would feel when our paths would follow different routes someday.
I just hoped she would be prepared because as for me, Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin, Circumstances had trained me like a soldier and my mind had been fortified to survive every condition.

We stopped at a busy area and got down.. There was boutique around the corner where the taxi stopped us. We got inside. I told Jenny to start picking cloths and shoes to the tune of €800. It was time to change her wardrobe.
She hugged me in public for the first time and started shopping.
I left her at the shop and crossed the road to buy two small pots, a bag of rice, tomato pastes, a chicken, a knife, a Video Machine with scart cable. Some body creams, and a few more small items. When she finished, I walked back across the road and asked her to pay for the items from the €1500 I gave her in Porto for emergency. I told her to hold the remaining €700 but she insisted on giving it to me to keep.
We called a cab and loaded our new properties, then we drove back to our apartment.
When we got back, Jenny went into the kitchen while I worked on the new mobile phones.
I put a new sim card in one of the new phones and put it on the electric socket to charge. I also put one of the old sims into an old phone and started writing down the phone numbers in it.
Less than two minutes after switching the old phone on, it rang. It was Francis. He asked why my number had not been connecting. He asked when I will return. He confirmed that there was no letter for me.
I was still talking with Francis when a beep came to the phone. I checked to find out who it was.
Damn! Jose was on the line.
I ignored him and continued with Francis. News down in Lisbon was that I had eloped with one of Madam Grace’s favourite girls. Some said they had spotted me with Jennifer in Madrid, some said Valencia, others said we were still in Lisbon.
According to Francis, a search party had been organized in Malaga, Napoli, Lisbon and Paris.
Madam Grace had promised money to anybody who could bring back Jennifer. He said Madam had been boasting in Lisbon about how she would skin me alive anytime I set my foot on Lisbon soil again.
Rumours also had it that some guy had emerged out of nowhere and claimed that he knew me back in Nigeria. He said that
I was a criminal that ran away from Aba, Abia State Nigeria when the Bakassi boys were killing thieves.

I thanked Francis and promised to send him €300 to pay for my room in Lisbon and Keep the rest. The month was ending the next day.
I finished copying the phone numbers that I needed and switched the old phone off again.

Jenny brought out Rice and stew later and we ate together like husband and wife.
It was a delicious home made stew.
Somehow, my love for her had increased.

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