2: Wanted

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A day after talking to George about the resident permit card, he called and asked that i sent the pictures of the girls to his e mail address.
Since i didn’t have their pictures with me, there was no other option than to travel to Uppsala and Lulea to get the pictures. I would have called the girls at the asylum camps in those two cities to come down to Stockholm for the pictures but they had no phones.
I hated traveling to Lulea, The city was almost at the extreme end of Sweden which was a vertical country.

On my way to Lulea the following day, i saw an advert about students going to the United Kingdom on  tour. A company was organising it; it meant that the coy will buy the tickets and pay for the five day accommodation for the excursion. The price per each person was SK6750 which was the equivalent of €750. I copied their phone number and address and stored them in my phone. Their office was in Stockholm. After that, i called George again and told him that i needed resident permits from European citizens or foreigners with European passports and citizenship.

I got to Lulea and called out the girls i left there at the asylum camp.
“Listen girls, things have changed. I am preparing to send some of you to the United Kingdom. You have all taken asylum and fingerprinted here in Sweden; therefore if any  of you get controlled on the way, tell the immigration or the police that you came from Lulea Sweden. They will be forced to fingerprint you again and if they do that, they will find out that you told them the truth. That means they won’t do anything to you except allowing you into their country or sending you back to Lulea. If you are interested in going to the UK, please say that now” I said.
Sharon was the first to speak up. She said she was going. Peace and the rest of them agreed to go there.

“Great Britain is a very good destination for Nigerians. The reasons are that they colonized us and they speak English. If you get there, find out how to take asylum quickly. Don’t live for up to a week without doing that. After the asylum, you can find a small job to do to make small money while you attend lessons. In the UK, they organise lessons for immigrants to help them adapt easily with the system there. I don’t want any of you to disappoint me. I have suffered a lot for you and still doing that. The first priority when you get there is to contact me, after that contact your parents back home in Nigeria. Tell them you are in Britain and that you are attending lessons. Don’t call your evil Madams, they were just stepping stones used by God to bring you to Europe. You owe them nothing. The only people you owe anything are Maria and I. If you ever run into trouble there, let me know immediately and i will call people to help you out. I hope i am clear enough” I said as Sharon stood up and hugged me.
“God will keep you for us if you do that” She said.

“I am going back to Stockholm to work on your papers but first of all, i need to Take your pictures” I said as i brought out the small digital Camera I bought some days ago in Champse Ellise Konica shop in Paris.

I took their pictures and stood up.
“I am leaving now. Here is a mobile phone. Don’t ever bring it out in Public. Use it inside your rooms only. I already set the call alert to vibration only, do not switch it to any ringing tone. Remember, don’t ever go outside with it. Here is some money too. This is for your transport down to Stockholm. As soon as i tell you that your traveling documents are ready, jump into the next fast train to Stockholm. One more thing, Aunty Joy is here in Sweden. I don’t how long she intends to stay but i am sure she came here to look for you girls. It is one of the reasons why i want you out of town. Therefore the day you are coming to Stockholm, make sure you keep me updated on where you are at a particular time because i intend to pick you up before Stockholm” I said as i handed SK1500 to them each. It was more than enough to bring them down to Stockholm.

I left Lulea with the Norwegian Airline down to Stockholm arlanda airport before taking a taxi to Uppsala where Precious was.
She was not in camp when i came. I had sent two people to look for her but it seemed she has been transferred to her permanent Heim. It all looked like she was not going to be part of the UK contingent. It was not a thing of worry for me because Precious was not from Aunty Joy who seemed to be the issue at hand.

I found a cybercafe in Uppsala and transferred the pictures into the computer system; then i attached it to the e mail and send them to George. I also asked him to tell me how much all of them will cost.

I used that opportunity to check my inbox for new mails and as i expected, there were numerous mails from people i knew and those i didn’t know. I opened the one from Efuah in London and checked on the pictures of Princess, then i check one more mail from Agnes which she sent before we met in Berlin a few days ago.
On my way back home, George called and said he received the mail i sent.
He said he will start work on the documents as soon as he returned from Romania.

I had also decided to pay Rose a visit; it was better that i visited her on my way back because Maria would never sanction a visit to her if i told her.
“Tell me everything the woman and the men said when they came here” I said.
“They came here and knocked on the door and when i opened, they said they were looking for Aunty Maria. I told them she doesn’t live here. They asked if i knew you and i told them i didn’t. The woman gave me her phone number and asked that i call her if i see you or Maria. She gave me pictures of two of you and said i will get €2000 if i take them to you and Maria” She said.
What! Aunty Joy with my picture? How on earth did she get that?
“Show me the pictures” I said.

Rose brought out the two pictures and handed them to me. Sure it was my picture and that of Maria.
It was a picture i took in Napoli a few months back.

“A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking because A fool must now and then be right by

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