2: I Am Your Own Baby

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There was a problem of how we were going to manage ourselves in Lagos. I had no registered vehicle with me and even if i did, i wouldn’t like to drive in that city a day after returning from Europe.

Since it was a Sunday, Queen and I remained indoors until we got hungry, then we walked down to the reception and asked for food.
The hotel cooked its own food but it was expensive. A plate of rice sold for 2500 Naira. That was more than 10 Euros but we managed to eat and paid for them. I wasn’t interested in going to look for food outside the hotel premises. Half of my mind was where i kept our bags inside the hotel room. I was sure they had security operatives in the hotel but i never trusted a hungry man with a valuable thing.

After our food, Queen suggested that we stayed back and get fresh air.
We sat in one of the bars outside the main building and watched as cars drove in both directions. Mostly dirty old cars that moved as if they won’t be able to make it to the next two Kilometers. It was very easy to notice that the kind of vehicles i saw in Europe was no longer there. Old 504 Peugeot and Old Volkswagen buses could be seen moving all over the places.
Conductors could be heard shouting for one Bus stop or the other. Everything was almost chaos and if not that i was already used to it before i left Nigeria, i would have thought that there was riot in Lagos.

“Do you still remember where your school is located in Victoria Island?” I had asked Queen.

She nodded and said she knew the area but also said she could not locate it from Where we were unless we got to Victoria Island first.

“Alright. We will go to Victoria Island tomorrow morning. You better pray that the school session is on, otherwise you could spend much more days in this country” I said and smiled.

Immediately i made that comment, i waited for her response. I wanted to know if she was mentally ready to spend much more days in Nigeria. She had some money which she somehow knew that i wasn’t going to take from her without a good explanation. I was sure she had thought about that money and why i was yet to take it from her.

“As long as i am with you, there would be no problem” She smiled too.

Her response surprised me. Despite being very pretty, she also had a strong heart. The entire conversation showed me that Queen was never happy to find herself in the streets.

We talked and sipped our drinks slowly. I had managed to send Queen upstairs to get me my Jack Daniel which i drank directly from the bottle while Queen drank a bottle of Malt.

Around mid day, some people came down to swim at the pool opposite us. Three beautiful girls that looked well fed and nourished. It was obvious that they came from a wealthy family. I had a feeling that they returned from abroad and lodged in the same hotel.
The presence of Queen couldn’t allow me to steal glances as much as i would have wanted.

We talked about things that were important and those that were not. Queen said she would like to follow me to Enugu State after visiting the British International School the next day.
I had considered that possibility many times since we returned. But couldn’t come up with a conclusion on what to do about it. I wasn’t expected to show up at my village with a girl due to the current situation of things. It would have been a beautiful idea under normal circumstances, but Africans love it more when everybody is suffering.

“You didn’t say anything about what i just told you” Queen had suddenly said.

Her complaint brought me back to reality. I was supposed to tell her whether i wanted her with me to Enugu State or not. Women generally didn’t like when a man takes long time to think about things that favours them.

“You may come with me but we need to finish the School business first” I told her.

She jumped up from her seat and hugged me with a kiss too, people were looking towards us but she didn’t care. She had just been given another guarantee that she was wanted.

“But there are some issues we need to resolve before going to Enugu State together. I am single. It means that i am not yet married to any woman. I am also not engaged to anybody officially but…”.

She interrupted me.. “What do you mean by officially?”

“I will explain to you if you just calm down and pay attention. In Igboland, as soon as a man starts to make money for himself, his people start to look for a suitable wife for him. It usually worked faster if the man lives nearby but in my own case, i have been out of Nigeria for quite some time now. Queen, i started making money for myself since the year 2000. It simply means that my kinsmen must having been asking me to get a wife. I am also sure that they must have found someone whom they believe is good for me. I recall talking to a girl from my town on the phone. She said she was the girl my people said i should marry. The good news here is that i always keep all my options open, therefore i didn’t agree that i will marry her. I only told her that we will meet and discuss that when i return to Nigeria. Well i am in Nigeria now and you know what that means. It wouldn’t have been an issue for me if i had returned alone but since i came back with a stunning beautiful angel, tongues are going to wag. People are going to talk. Someone will get hurt for just seeing you. Therefore, i want you to be as strong as you can be. I won’t let anything get to you. If anybody asks if you are my wife, tell them the truth. Tell them you are not my wife, that answer would calm many nerves. But be rest assured that i am not leaving you for any other girl even though we are not engaged or married” I said and sipped my JD.

“I am confused Baby. What exactly do you mean?” She asked.

“You dont have to worry Queen. Just remember one thing. People would try to find out if you are my wife but just tell them you…”

She was smiling, “I will tell them i am your wife” she said.

‘Here we go again’ i thought and smiled.

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  1. money talks a.k.a obumsway

    loool….. No be small tin @ all…. Ibeg add mre for am hungry !!

  2. capip

    Only God knows for how long i hav waited for this. Was as if the angels say i should check back today.

  3. Delis

    WTH! She is intelligent yet she finds it hard to understand that statement. Explain further oh, though she might get hurt but let her understand the implication of claiming to be your wife.

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