28: Reclaiming old kingdom

News that I had returned to Germany spread fast among the Nigerians in Berlin. Everybody wanted to confirm if it was true. People called their friends who in turn, gave me their phones to talk to one person or the other.
Tony, my master supplier back when I lived in Brandenburg heard the news too.
I had owed him €4000 worth of the last drugs he supplied to me. He had heard how Police invaded our residence too. He drove to the Afro shop where we had stopped to meet with me. He was very happy to see me again. He said he had forgotten the money I owed him and even gave me €500 to help me settle down quickly in Berlin.

After drinks and food at the Afro shop, I called Johnson and told him that I had returned and that I was in Berlin. He was in Brandenburg but promised to come and see me in the morning.
I wasn’t going anywhere near Brandenburg in the near future.

I called a cab and took Jennifer to a cheap hotel facing the Hermanplatz U-bahn station. As soon as we settled down, she began her Q & A session.

” Why were all those people so happy to see you”
”Who are you exactly”
” How come you are very popular in Berlin”
” I heard them say you ran away, what did you do”

It was all genuine questions but I wasn’t going to lay down my past to her in a hurry. She was supposed to be worried about her future in Germany not what I did in the past.
We end up sleeping like enemies that night. It was what I needed anyway.

The following morning, Johnson came. He said he was going to come before 9am and he was punctual. He brought me one of my bags I left in his care before my quick exit from Germany. It was the very bag that contained my smith & weston pistol gun. He never opened the bag.

After hugs and pleasantries, we settled down to business. One thing I liked about Johnson was his direct approach to things. He didn’t like small talks a lot.

” Since you left, the Arabs took over Brandenburg from the Africans” he said.
” I tried to snatch it back from them but nobody was willing to help me. Because of my young German resident permit, I didn’t want to take too much risks. Now that you have returned, we will find a way to change that” he said.

” I am not coming anywhere near Brandenburg soon” I said knowing that he expected that.
” I know, you will stay here in Berlin but we will find a way to take Brandenburg again” he said.
He gave me €15000, the remainder of the money I left with him before going to Portugal.

When he left, I pondered over his proposal. It was good to go back to business but that was not what I had in mind. I had wanted to lay low for a while but after giving his proposals a thought, I decided to have a go at it.

According to Johnson, the Major supplier in Brandenburg was Fadi, the Lebanese snitch who had told the police that I hid drugs in a hole on the wall. The police had opened the walls and found the drugs. It was my reason to run to Portugal in the first place. I liked Germany a lot. The people were very industrious. It was that love for Germany that had brought me back to the country.
I had thought about going to other countries.
-Austria was good but was the same as Germany. If I had gone to Austria, I would have started from scratch , which I wasn’t interested in doing.
-Switzerland was good too but they had refused to join the Euro zone. It made their borders very tight. I had figured that it was better to live in a country where I can easily sneak into the neighbouring country or countries. Europe was good at chasing immigrants up and down.
-Italy was just an upgraded Portugal. The citizens had hijacked the drug business in the country. They wouldn’t hesitate to shoot you if one drug deal went wrong.
-Greece was full of empty islands where majority of Nigerians were selling pirated copies of musics and movies.
I also ruled out the entire eastern Europe. Those areas had not been properly liberated from Soviet Union. The Russians still held lots of grudges against them.
Scandinavia was the next best thing, except that I didn’t know people over there.
-Holland was it, but I had decided to go there after I had settled Jennifer down in Germany:

I hated France and and Belgium. Very trickish set of people who would drink all day and party only to take the money you worked for.

As for England, it was a big ‘No’ from day one. The continental United Kingdom had no borders with anybody. It was just a massive island. Even running from England to Ireland peninsula was by Sea or Air. Running through sea was the slowest run on earth. Running through air was dangerous. The best was through road or rail, which was why I never wanted to travel to USA too.

As soon as Johnson brought up the issue of reclaiming Brandenburg from the Arabs, I knew that my going to Holland was not close.

The plot to reclaim Brandenburg wasn’t so difficult.
There was already a motivating factor; Revenge. Fadi, the yellow rat was going to pay. Since he was their leader and major supplier, removing him out of the way would bring fear among their group. It would destablize their ranks and operations. It was the perfect first thing to do.

But how do we remove Fadi?
I was no longer living in Brandenburg. Operating from outside the city of Brandenburg an der Havel was going to be difficult. I needed to find a perfect way to handle the situation.
Then an idea came. A perfect idea.

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  1. Fadi didn’t tell the police about the drugs in the wall! He told them that you had a gun and they went back to search more thoroughly and found the hole in the wall with the drugs butmissed the 5000 in the light fixture.
    I know it is hard to keep up with the plot.

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