19: What Women Wanted

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Peace went ahead to tell us how they came to Europe. According to her, Aunty Joy had returned to Nigeria and was hosting a party near the neighborhood.
A few young girls were organised to help share the foods and drinks.
Sharon and Peace were among the girls helping out.
Few days after the party, they were both invited back to Aunty Joy’s house where they were told that Italy was where they should be.
They initially thought it was a joke until Aunty Joy offered to talk to their parents.
That was how they were recruited.

Like many other Edo girls, they went through the North Africa Desert before getting to Ghadaffi’s Libya.
As expected, they also crossed to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea.

Sharon and Peace were 17, I wasn’t surprised. That was the age most of us came to Europe. The reason was that it was very difficult to recruit girls who have not finished their Secondary School. If not, the Madams would have preferred girls of 14 and 15. But since we had to finish the mandatory West Africa Examination Council seating, the Madams usually waited until we were done and by the time we were done, our ages would be between 17 and 18.

After narrating their familiar ordeals, Zuby told them why they were brought to Sweden. He made it clear that they were going to asylum camp in a day or two and that they were never to contact their Madam or even their parents in Africa without permission from him.
He also told them that he would get some money from their Madam to help settle them when they finish from the asylum camp.

Somehow inside my heart, i was not happy that the girls would be leaving for camp so soon. I wanted them to stay around to checkmate Rose for me.
I trusted Zuby to some extent but he was still a guy, he could sleep with Rose in my absence and that was one thing i feared most.
There was this general belief that some Edo girls used Juju to charm any man that slept with them and make them do whatever they wanted.
I didn’t believe it worked but at that moment, i felt that it could be working.
I didn’t want anything to happen to my Zuby and it would be bad if Rose of all people snatched him from me.

In the afternoon, Zuby left the apartment.
It was Rose who left first with an excuse that she was going to get her bags.
Then all of a sudden, Zuby announced that he was leaving too. He said he was going to see William, a man from his village who lived around the area.
I knew William as well but i wasn’t comfortable knowing that Zuby and Rose were out of the apartment at the same time.
The whole experience was a torture to me. I would have asked Zuby to allow me to follow him to wherever he was going but since he didn’t ask me to go with him, it was going to be difficult to convince him.
Peace and Sharon were in the apartment and according to Zuby, we needed to keep an eye on them. The Sharon girl was sturbon enough to do something dangerous that could change our entire plans.

When Zuby left, i received A call from Nigeria; it was my mother. She said that a man who returned from Zimbabwe came to our place to ask for my hand in marriage. She said the man knew me when i was little and that he left for oversea when i was still in Junior Secondary School. Immediately i finished speaking with my mother, i knew that i wasn’t going anywhere near whoever it was. But that was another opportunity to revisit the marriage issue between me and Zuby. Ever since we started living together again, the issue of marriage has not been seriously discussed. It was true that i have said a couple of times that i will never marry Zuby even if he proposed, but then i was a woman. I wasn’t expecting him to believe everything i said. Not that i was even in a haste to get married to Zuby or whoever it was but the truth was that it was important in a young woman’s life to discuss such things regularly. I lay on the bed and thought about how best to approach the matter. The sensitive man that lived with me knew how to poke holes and deflate whatever topic he wasn’t comfortable with. I was sure he was going to come up with an excuse that will make me believe it was a mistake to start the discussion in the first place. When Zuby eventually returned, he met me in the bedroom staring on the ceiling. “I will be taking the girls to asylum camp in a distant land tomorrow morning. The name of the place is Lulea and it is near the Finland border in the North” He announced. I was sure he saw that my mood was not good but he decided to get his message across first before anything else. He preferred that i added the message to whatever was bothering me before he could help to solve them together. I didn’t say anything to his report, i just lay there and kept quiet. “We are going for a movie this night. Just husband and wife, nobody else” He continued as he slipped beside me on the bed and started operating his phone. “I am not going anywhere” I managed to say. Instead of asking why i didn’t want to go to the movies, he said, “You seem not to be happy that Rose is here.” “Its is not about Rose. I receive a call from the village that one man came to ask for my hand in marriage. My mother said he came with drinks and his kinsmen” i said. Zuby didn’t say a word. He just lay there and continued operating his phone as if nobody was talking. “Did you even hear what i said?” i asked. “Yep, i heard you very well baby. Just that i don’t know what to say about it yet.” He replied. When i probed further, he said that there were many problems lined up in front of us and that discussing marriage would be a distraction. Before he concluded his speech, he assured me that if marrying him would make me happy, he was going to work towards that as soon as we got out of the trouble we were currently creating in Sweden. Minutes later, he left the room and went to announce to the girls to get ready to travel to camp the following day. It seemed we were going to start calling for money soon.

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